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Undoing Ruin



by Apathy USER (11 Reviews)
January 15th, 2006 | 93 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Darkest Hour did something new with their latest album Undoing Ruin. They made metalcore, only without the core. I’d read many, many reviews on this prior to firing up my P2P program and downloading it, and believe me, I read them well. Some were biased (I’m looking at you, Kripes.: p) some were fair, and some sucked. So, against my better judgement, I got this piece of “poser” metalcore.

All that said, it’s still a great album. Catchy riffs, heavy-ass drums, and great barked vocals meld perfectly to make this baby. There are some really great tracks. As a matter of fact, they are all good, and yet very boring. But at the same time, interesting. Confused" Pick up the album. That’s all I can really say for now. But on to the good and the bad:

The Good:

The Vocals

Vocalist John Henry has a very Mikeal Stanne (Dark Tranquillity) like voice. It’s phlegmy, yet mot disgusting. It crafts a nice atmosphere, and it’s a great metalcore voice. Then again, it does say the same throughout the entire album, and you may end up getting awfully sick of it.

The Guitar

The two guitarists Kris Norris and Mike Schleibaum aren’t very technically proficient, but they craft some great melodies and some seriously brutal riffs. At times, the guitar parts become tedious and repetitive, albeit quite rarely.

Convalescence and Paradise

The single of the album, “Convalescence” is a powerful mainstream metal song with some pop-punk influences. Pop-punk hater though I am, I still love the song endlessly. Its half-sung chorus of:

“Oh confinement binds you and nothing scares me nothing thrills me
I've fooled myself into believing that nothing ails me
nothing kills me”

is catchy as hell, and it’s a damn good thing it’s repeated. Even the poppy chords at the beginning of the song are lovable. If you are going to download on song off of this album, make it “Convalescence.”

The latter song, “Paradise”, would be an exquisite choice for a second single. It is also somewhat mainstream, it involves power chords, and is overall one of the greatest songs I have ever heard by a NWOAHM band. As usual, John is at the top of his game vocally, the guitars are fairly simple and yet heavy. Overall, it’s great.

The Bad:

The Bass

I feel very, very sorry for Darkest Hour’s bassist Paul Burnette. He is drowned out completely in every single song on this album. There’s not much else I can say about the bass, as I can’t hear a single note of it.

The Drums

Here’s the problem with nearly every non-death metal band: bad drumming. Trivium, Carcass, In Flames, Unearth, and He Is Legend all suffer from this ailment. Being somewhat of a drummer myself, I really appreciate some crazy fills, blast beats or even double bass rolls. Oh no though, none of that for this band. Ryan Parrish seems perfectly content with his “do ca” (bass drum-snare) beat, as he utilizes it on each and every track.

With A Thousand Words To Say But One

I’ll be perfectly honest with all of you: I honestly hate this song. It tries to hard to be melodic death metal and fails nearly completely. It sounds like a crappy rip-off of a two-bit Dark Tranquillity song. A VERY crappy rip-off.


On Undoing Ruin, every song sounds similar, if not exactly the same. The two guitarists put the same method of riffing in most songs, with the exception of the aforementioned “Convalescence”. John’s vocals are indeed redundant in many of the songs, and the bass and drums are nearly always below the norm of this genre.


Well, after I listened to this for the first time, a 56% seemed very, very appropriate. The next time, 79% seemed just peachy. Well, now that I’ve written this review, and rid myself of a few opinions that were aching to escape, a


seems appropriate.


*Resubmitted after the crash*

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January 16th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

this is a great band

January 16th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

i disagree with a lot of what you said. the guitarists are definitely more than competent in their musicianship. there's some really good licks in a few of the songs.

if you can't hear the bass, get a better stereo and turn the bass up. he may not be the flashiest bass player, but he is definitely solid and helps give structure to the songs- the main job of the bass player.

bad drummers in unearth and he is legend? you absolutely have to be joking. the drummer in unearth is amazing. DH's drummer isn't all that diverse but he is by no means a poor drummer. there are PLENTY of fills and double bass kick rolls throughout this album, although he does use that one drum pattern way too much.

anyway, i think darkest hour is awesome and i like this album a lot. they get better with every album and i think they are a very promising band. i look forward to seeing them at the end of february and to their future releases.

January 16th 2006


Like I said before, their singer doesn't compare to Stanne at all, and DH bores me.
Good review anyway though.

January 16th 2006


Yes. This crash sucks.

January 18th 2006


i like convalescence alot. good song.

January 20th 2006


i know for a fact that Kris Norris is an amazing guitarist(check his website he has a preview of a instructional vid he is sell) but i feel this album doesnt stand with thierprevious release this is alil mroe waterd down, the previous records were heavy into the gothenburg style riffing and really heavy in that sense this album really lost touch in wat darkest hours prime aspects were

January 20th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

^^^^^^maybe they wanted to try something new while keeping with their roots

January 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Im A Bassist and this album sucks for bass but if you like guitar and dont care much for drum its gonna be awsome but Drum suck( Drum Snare Drum snare ....) Bass( drill the fuckin 00000 until your pick break) Guitar ( nice Melodic nice distortion..) That It !

January 24th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Learn to spell, dude

Two-Headed Boy
January 27th 2006


Okay review, but i found it not interesting enough and hard to keep interest. The musicianship is pretty bland (other than guitar), but otherwise it's pretty good.

January 30th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

having listened to this album extensively myself, this has to be one of the worst reviews ive ever read. I thought you were way off on pretty much every point you made

January 31st 2006


bad drumming?! i'll second ActAppalled's point - the drummer in unearth is insane!

March 11th 2006


Ryan Parish (DH's drummer) is amazing. It may not really show on this particular album, but after having seen DH live 4 times, he has never failed to impress. Sure, his choice of beats could be a little more diverse, but the guy has some serious chops.

And to say Unearth's drummer is bad? Wha?

March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

darkest hour is one of the better hardcore bands ive heard everything sounds like it fits. the drums give it a fast pace feel to it. the guitar isnt real technical but it sounds so good. and the vocals are different than what everyone sounds like

i am the robots
April 15th 2006


Darkest Hour is not hardcore at all. That always gets a good laugh out of me when people say they are though.

Some bands they sound like:
Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, In Flames, Dimension Zero, Killswitch Engage

Some Hardcore bands:
Minor Threat, Black Flag, Kill Your idols, Get To The Chopper, Kids Like Us

It's not me being an elitist saying they aren't hardcore. It's just me not being a fucktard in realizing that things that sound completely different are usually not the same style.

April 16th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Darkest Hour has amazing guitar playing and drumming. And some songs can be somewhat repetetive but I don't think any of them really sound the same at all. And I think they lean more towards melodic death metal than anything else. (at least on this album, it's the only one I've heard).Sorry dude, pretty crap review.This Message Edited On 04.16.06

April 16th 2006


I really, really like With A Thousand Words To Say But One. It's perfectly structured and filled with nice riffs that aren't very technical but sound cool.
Convalescence is also qute good.
The fact that Devin Townsend produced this album is what makes it sound different from their older stuff...he admits that this style of music isn't his thing, but he helped them write more concise songs with better structures than they previosuly had.
It's a decent album, anyway, although the vocalist is a bit annoying.

May 7th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

you have to agree, not their best album but undoubtedly still a great one compared to the sh*t we are being bombarded with at present.

May 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

bought this yesterday, im loving all of it, especially "sound the surrender" and "tranquil" and the two instrumentals.

May 21st 2006


i agree that the drumming isnt good but Trivium and In Flames have great drumming, at least come up with an equal drummer.

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