As We Die
The Right Choices



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January 28th, 2012 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Highly recommended EP for metalcore fans (if they still exist).

I'm no good at writing intros (-_-') so, let's dig in:

The emotion-ridden death growls and cleans make for some highly memorable lines. Every chorus is sugar coated with irresistible lines. Take example the passionate pleading tone in the chorus of "Angel", a sentimental pledge of union (love) in "My New Star" and my personal favorite, the sweet cadence of "The End is Coming" all make for a highly replayable experience.

Another positive for vocals is the satisfying use and alternation between cleans, growls and duo, providing a refreshing break from genre-standard long block of growls separated by predictable all-clean sections. Check out the opening minute of "My Fire Will Burn Again" and "Angel" for a taste of versatile vocal switchin' fun.

Guitar riffing is a huge consideration in my taste of music (MDM anyone" Don't sneer please). This EP's guitar riffing falls under my definition of 'not-so-technical but insanely catchy' category. In other words, simple, yet highly effective riffs. The guitarists constantly throw in catchy melodic lines to hook the listener's attention and keep the music interesting. I recommend "My New Star" and "Nightmare" as examples.

Accompanying drums is equally competent as with the other instruments. The succulent drumming, thumping bass drum and occasional blast beats infuse energy into the already high-octane songs. "My Fire Will Burn Again" showcases all the described points.

There are however, two things that I should point out:
1. The album features a 50/50 split of cleans and growls. Some may dislike the radio friendly cleans, tainted by some fake emotions and catchy hooks.
2. The album is of the highly accessible (by metalcore standards) type, using medium tempo and simple rhythms which lack technicality found in Unearth, As I Lay Dying and Heaven Shall Burn.

I'm incompetent in writing conclusions too >.>

+ Catchy vocals and choruses
+ Simple yet memorable guitar riffs
+ Succulent drums
++ Short 'n sweet

- Too short too sweet

* An intro track. Some dislike it but I find it to be one of the better intros for its somewhat haunting guitar melody.

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January 28th 2012


The cowbell in My Fire Will Burn Again was stupid and corny, same as the part with the choppy ah ah ow growl part. These songs have terrible ineffective structuring and the clean vocals don't sound right in alot of parts. The guitar playing is pretty atrocious throughout, this band is putting me in a bad mood.
Decent review but this isn't very good at all, definitely not a 4.5, this reads like you wanted to think it's this good but to be honest everything feels off this is more like 1.5 or a 2. Sorry bro, try Amarna Reign's - Atonement, much much better than this.

Digging: Organectomy - Domain of the Wretched

January 29th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5


I have no idea why you recommended Amarna Reign's Atonement because the use of synthesizer and other sound effects sounds horrible.

Their song writing and use of cleans appears spontaneous; whispering sections are atrocious; and the chugga-chugga rhythm guitar gets very old very fast.

The guitar sounds more like prog metal riffing than metalcore.

Just a little nod to the fact that there is a significant rift between what we find to be 'enjoyable'.

January 29th 2012


this isn't worth my time to argue about because this band is about as solid as a limp dick. they have potential but they are far from it. no song went anywhere and the cleans didn't vary at all, i honestly don't know what you think you are hearing, it's cool if you don't like amarna reign but they are definately more solid than this, them and many many other bands.

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