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January 14th, 2005 | 23 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

This is an awesome DVD by an awesome band. This DVD isnt just a concert, it also has a section called "fans rule." its a pretty long section with interviews with fans. its pretty cool to watch, but after a while it gets kinda boring. Anyway, on to the concert itself.

It starts off with Disciple, one of my favorite Slayer songs. Instruments are strong. It is defintetely a loud concert. Vocals are a little different (not lyrics), but its live, so what do you expect. Quick solo, to the faster part of the song. it leads into a slow repition of "I reject this f***ing race, i despise this f***ing place!" Great song 4/5

War Ensamble: If youve heard this song, it sounds almost exactly the same, except Araya's vocals have gotten deeper. Overall a great song, nice and fast. I think this song is about war as a game. Before the solo he screams WAR!! and it still sounds great. Solos ok, but not the best. 3.5/5

Stain of Mind: Starts off with a nice intro. Not as fast as other, but great to headbang to. The singing is great, i love it. King puts in a nice slow solo. at the end of his solo he bends the strings insanely, making it really high pitched. Its a great song. 3/5

New Faith: Starts off fast, but not really fast. Then it gets slow, and really headbangable. I love the lyrics to this song. "I keep the Bible in a pool of blood so none of its lies can affect me." I really like this song. 4/5

Postmortem: Nice intro. King switches to his V guitar. This isnt a very fast song, but its still pretty cool. At the end it gets fast, and the double bass comes in. Good song, but not their best. 3/5

Raining Blood: My personal favorite Slayer song. Starts off really fast, then the drums triplet the toms. After a while of that, they come in with a really cool intro line. Then my favorite part of the song, guitars playing triplets, the drummer flying with double bass all the way thru. Gets really fast again, and Tom starts singing. Goes into a slower part after the verse. Then it gets really fast again, lotsa double bass. His vocals are great on this song. Then, the solo part at the end. Dual solos of mostly creepy little riffs. 5/5

Hell Awaits: Intro to this song is so great. Slow, double bass, is very headbangable. Build up to a really fast verse. Tom sings really fast in this song. The chorus is awesome: "Hell Awaits!" in a kinda slow voice. Mr. Hanneman plays a cool solo full of whammy. After a chorus, King plays a solo, and its over. 4/5

Here Comes the Pain: Slow, downtuned intro. Cool drums give an almost tribal feel. It leads to an awesome part with slow doublebass. The chorus is very slow (for them at least). Good for just headbanging. King provides a nice solo. As i said, this song is great for headbanging, not fast, but really heavy. 4/5

Die by the Sword: An old Slayer song, off their first cd Show No Mercy. Starts off fast. Vocal style is different than later stuff. His voice is a lot deeper now, so it sounds kinda wierd. Its a great Slayer classic tho. King has a cool, almost Metallica-like tapping solo. 3.5/5

Dittohead: Whoa, this song is FAST! Not just the guitars and drums, Toms singing is extremely fast. Slows down for a bit. Hanneman plays a nice solo. Then a really cool scale into another solo, this one by King. Tom starts singing really fast again, then it just ends. Good, but weird. 3/5

Bloodline: One of Slayers most know songs. Its not a really fast song, but is nice and heavy. Starts off with King, then Hanneman joins in. Then they all go for it. Vocals are great on this song. King plays a weird solo, then it repeats the chorus again. Great song. 3.5/5

God Send Death: Slow ominous intro. I think its Hanneman using a wierd effect. it sounds cool. Suddenly, it gets fast, then slow again. Does this again into a wierd little guitar bit with a cool effect. Tom sounds crazy as he screams in a high pitch that you wouldnt have known he could make. its really weird. Nice short little solos. This is a cool wierd song. 4/5

Dead Skin Mask: Tom starts off singing the chorus without guitars or drums. Then the song starts. It has a cool guitar intro. Tom sings a little, then they all rock out. Its a fun song just to headbang and rock out to. King and Hanneman trade off solos. Not much else, but still a great song. 3/5

Seasons in the Abyss: Starts with chunky guitar riffing. A moderately paced song. Nice double bass rolls. Solo by King, short but pretty good, then into a solo by Hanneman. Good song, but not their best. 2.5/5

Captor of Sin: This song starts off fast with a nice lead riff by Hanneman. Its really cool This is the first fast song in a while, and its nice to have it. A cool fast solo by King, and this one is a little longer than the others. Cool song, best in a while. 4/5

Mandatory Suicide: Nice slow intro. Riffing gets faster, then Tom starts singing. Chorus of wierdly placed "Suicide!"s. Solo by Hanneman. Good song, but nothing special. 2.5/5

Chemical Warfare: Cool opening riff, drums follow. Goes into a fast song, which is needed. Tom sings about the atrocities of, of course, chemical warfare. pretty cool lyrics. Tom screams as it goes into a crazy trade-off solo again. Singing again, then another great solo first by Hanneman then King. Great song, the speed and solos were really needed. 4/5

South of Heaven: I love this intro. This is my favorite slow Slayer song. The lyrics are great, also. This is one of their slowest songs, but is also one of their best. Picks up speed a little, then Tom starts singing again. It builds up and up, then suddenly goes back the intro. More singing, then verse again. This time, after building up, it lets go. Solo by King. Its sped up quite a bit by now. Chorus again, "On and on South of Heaven!" Solo by Hanneman. Really great song. 4/5

Angel of Death: Extremeley fast opening riffs. Tom screams, but its not the high pitch wail we are expecting. He tries, but cant get it. Still sounds good tho. One thing about this song: lots and lots of double bass and massive riffage. This is definetely one of the greatest thrash songs ever. It has a slower part too, giving it a more harmonic or melodic feel. The lyrics are very graphic and gory. The songs about Dr. Mengele, a Nazi doctor that would operate on his "patients" without anesthesia, and would perform gruesome experiments. After slow part, it speeds up the 242 bpm, which is extremely fast. Great solos first by Hanneman, then a scarier one by King, then back to Hanneman, then King, the Hanneman again. Suddently all guitars stop for a double bass solo, which is performed greatly. One of my favorites of all time. 5/5

Well i hope you like this, it took a long time. I highly recommend this to any Slayer fan, or someone interested in Slayer cuz it shows a lot of their greatest songs. This is a very good DVD, and i have never regretted buying it.

Slayer is:
Tom Araya: Bass, Vocals
Jeff Hanneman: Guitar
Kerry King: Guitar
Paul Bostaph: Drums

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April 2nd 2004


Wow, I sure aint a fan of Slayer, but you did great on that review.

April 2nd 2004


kool review this is definatly on my wish list

April 2nd 2004



Postmortem is a great song! Why did you only give it 3/5?
Chemical Warfare and Raining Blood are their best ones though.

April 2nd 2004


postmortem is teh pwnors. 2nd best song on reign in blood . cool review though

April 2nd 2004


^ Whats the frist, Raining Blood? I'd put it Raining Blood > Angel of Death > Postmortem/Criminally Insane > the other ones.

And on a grander scale, Chemical Warfare > Raining Blood > Black Magic

I forgot how The Tormentor goes I haven't listened to it for a long time.

April 2nd 2004


^ Tormentor ****ing owns.

War at the Warfield is such a good dvd, high quality as well. You gave most of the songs I really like such a low rating. :p Heh. The Fans Rule section = :lol:

April 3rd 2004


for me in reign in blood: jesus saves > postmortem > angel of death > altar of sacrifice

grander scale:
the antichrist
jesus saves
chemical warfare
evil has no boundaries

April 3rd 2004


ya jesus saves has my favorite lyrics of all time, but i love the music in reign in blood. and the antichrist is awesome, i need that cd.

April 5th 2004


Eh, so manu, you would have loved that Live version of The Antichrist from back in the Hell Awaits days!!! Did you check it out? It's on

April 6th 2004


^^ ive got it man. its ok theres no bass though

April 6th 2004


i heard it, its really cool. that site is cool. i like that band nevermore. that sites perfect for showing me different genres. thanx dood.

April 8th 2004


I think I found my next CD!

July 11th 2004


i think someone might of said this already, but if they did im just agreeing with them


raining blood > angel of death > postmortem > criminally insane

July 11th 2004


I'm hoping to see if my video rental store carries this DVD, and if they do I'll rent it out in the near future.

I can't wait for the new album from Testament and possibly a DVD from them.

I heard Slayer is coming out with a new album too.

January 31st 2006


seasons in the abyss is my favorite, great review.!

January 31st 2006


slayers new album falls in july i believe. its supposed to just be a continuation of god hates us all. I hope its even better. I borrowed this DVD from a friend a while back but i wanna buy it just so i can watch it againThis Message Edited On 01.31.06

April 18th 2006


Toms' voice has aged alright I suppose. However, I did get the oppurtunity to hear a live version of "Angel of Death" in 2003. Man did his voice crack in the beginning...

south_of_heaven 11
August 11th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Slayer is the most amazing band I've ever seen live...and I've seen quite a few like a handful or two...yeaThis Message Edited On 08.11.06

October 18th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

Bostaph's always changing the ****ing termpo on this concert, it annoys the sh*t outta meThis Message Edited On 10.18.06This Message Edited On 10.18.06

December 20th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

the perfect music dvd. bow to slayerThis Message Edited On 12.20.06

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