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December 30th, 2005 | 57 replies

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Lamb of God are one of the forerunners of NWOAHM; their latest album (Sacrament) reached #8 on the charts in the first week. Before this was released however, they had been on tour supporting their third full length album [I[Ashes of the Wake[/i]. They had been touring for close to two years prior to the filming of this concert. The idea of a DVD had been floating around for a while, so during their two day stay in Philadelphia, the cameras were a rolling, and thus we have Killadelphia.

Note: This section of the review is for the CD, not the DVD. There is a difference, the CD has the entirety of the performance, with the whole version of Vigil, and Randy talking in between tracks. I'm not going to try to talk about the instruments to much, other than how clean the people who play them are, or the tone, or things of that nature, seeing as how this is a live album. If you'd like to find out about that other stuff, then your best checking out the individual album reviews.

This was my very first time encountering any live Lamb of God material, but when I first heard this I was blown away. The guitars were spot on at almost every moment of the show. At points it almost sounded better than on record. Tonality it was pretty good too. Think As The Palaces Burn-esque sound (for the guitars), but a little bit more choppy. Overall a great performance from both Willie and Mark. Though each them did miss a few parts here and their, and the harmonies didn't really shine through to much they were solid.

I had liked Ashes of the Wake for a while, so I wasn't expecting to hear much in the bass department, and I was right. It's almost like he's an unnecessary part of the band. I'm glad he's with them, without the bass it would probably sound horrible, but they could at least turn him up a bit. Chris Adler however is mixed perfectly in with the band. He's not incredibly high in the mix, but he is still always audible. Sometimes though it can be a bit tedious. For example the very beginning of Laid To Rest, his opening fill completely overshadows the guitars, but after that everything was fixed and it sounded fine.

Vocally Randy was superb. His voice is just as brutal live as it is in the studio, if no more so. His voice is incredibly powerful, and when he screamed the songs from As The Palaces Burn it sounded much better than it did on the album. My one complaint from him is that his higher pitched screams don't sound as good live. At points he just doesn't bother to use it, and others he just does a sort of weak scream. Don't get me wrong when he uses it, it sounds awesome. Rarely though he'll hold a high note for more than a second or so, unlike the album which can be a bit disappointing.

The crowd was incredibly energetic this night as well. From the opening seconds of Laid to Rest, to then chanting the chorus of Now You've Got Something To Die For you can tell that are enjoying every minute of the show. Luckily though, they don't overpower the band at really any points, and they don't take away from the performance. They also respond very well when Randy tries to get them pumped up.

This section will talk about the DVD features of Killadelphia.

The camera angles on this DVD are very professional, and varied a lot. During the solos the camera are on the guitars, the fills on the drums etc. The one complaint about it is the song lengths, the entire opening clean section is edited out on the DVD, and you can't see/hear Randy talking between tracks. However it has its ups. Along with a live performance you also get to see behind the scenes of Lamb of God during their Ashes of the Wake tour. Including John putting exploding cigarette loads into Chris' cigarettes, the band skydiving, and the band being completely shitfaced.

Another good thing about the DVD portion is each member (crew included) has their own special video where the rest of the band talks about them. And, each member shows you how to play a part of each one of their songs! Willie shows some of Hourglass, Mark of The Faded Line, John of Laid to Rest, and Chris shows the Ruin fill, and the intro to Now You've Got Something To DIe For.

Conclusion: This is an extraordinary DVD/CD. Not only is the live concert very good, but the behind the scenes is interesting, and incredibly funny at times. You learn a lot about the band's personal lives. If kind of helps you understand the craziness that makes up Lamb Of God. You'll understand why Chris doesn't drink a huge amount, or why Randy seems so incredibly angry all the time. I definitely recommend this DVD if you're a fan of Lamb of God, or even if you're looking a laugh.

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December 30th 2005


Another well written review, ive seen hundreds this evening! I have heard segments of LOG, and i didnt know what to think. Chris Adler seems like a wicked drummer. Is this album really really worth buying if i havnt heard any LOG?

December 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

This was a great show and DVD. However, the band didn't play some of my favorite LoG songs which left me a little dissapointed (The Black Dahlia, Blood Junkie, Blood of the Scribe).

Great review, too.

December 30th 2005


You should go out and buy some studio albums so that you get a taste of what to expect on the live album

December 30th 2005


Awsome DVD, the actually show and the little side parts of the bands life aside of playin. I thought it was great i learned alot from this DVD. Randy Blythe is the god of Metal voices.

December 30th 2005


Good review.

Lamb Of God is good for a song or 2, then they become crap. They don't variate their riff patterns or song structure AT ALL.

I thought about getting this it worth it?

January 18th 2006


Lamb of God is one of the coolest bands "I" have ever heard, "in my opinion."
I am sick of corporate america just fucking everything up. The previous albums were pieces of art, this is a piece of crap being passed off as a Lamb of God Montage.
I emphasized I and in my opionion because it is wrong of me to oppress my opinion on anybody in an act of trying to conform. O' good job on the history.

January 18th 2006


Ya, ya good review
But I totally disagree with the releasing of this album. This is coporate america selling out lamb of god. The first 3 albums of Lamb of God were pieces of Art, this is crap being passed of as a LoG montage, and it is sickening.
I think Lamb of God is a respectable band an shouldn't back this album.

Drunken Viking
January 25th 2006


Why? It's a very good live performance of them and is really raw. And I hope you realize that they play songs off of the albums they have released, not off of other bands.

January 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

ShadowsFallen, Lamb of God isn't that bad. This DVD surely doesn't deserve a 0.

January 27th 2006


The 0 vote was an error. I tried to vote what I really thought, but I got a blank white screen. I tried playing with the votes to see which numbers worked and which didn't, and 0 worked. Now that it's fixed, I've edited the rating.

I'm giving New American Gospel another chance too.This Message Edited On 01.27.06

January 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

When alot of you are rating this DVD it's because of the music you have heard on the other albums. This DVD was actually very entertaining during and in between songs. It shows that the band can still play their best while putting on a great show, and trust me they do sound ALOT better than other live performances.

Great review

January 30th 2006


This seems like way too many cons for a 4,5 album...

Drunken Viking
February 14th 2006


The cons make Lamb Of God what they are, without them they wouldn't be themselves.

February 14th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I like The DVD... I like how they mix thrash with metalcore sound..

February 14th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Has anyone else here seen the extra features when they hang out with Children of Bodom? It's pretty funny.

Drunken Viking
February 16th 2006


Yeah, that was funney, mainly Roope. "I lost 75 cents" with Willie cracking up right next to him.

Have you guys seen the Easter eggs, when they find the prostitute its so funney,

February 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

great stuff, love this dvd.

Drunken Viking
March 9th 2006


I know LoG has a bigger audience then this, Ashes of the Wake has 92 coments.

south_of_heaven 11
March 19th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

good review of a good dvd...the first time i watched it though it was on a portable dvd player that i took on a charter bus...yea, didnt sound too good...wouldve liked to see more songs off of ATPB (such as A Devil In God's Country), but u cant get everything you want.

March 26th 2006


if i havent heard LoG recently, should i buy this?

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