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Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Twiggy Ramirez and the Master of Reality give birth to an eclectic smorgasborg of sounds

The story is that Jeordie White and Chris Goss just got together and formed Goon Moon. Two veteran musicians, with somewhat different rock music resumes, working together made this.

This record is much different from the later release by Goon Moon and comes off as more experimental, and less accessible. Many of the songs are more like short soundbites of noise. You could go through this album in a jiffy or not get through it at all, due to its cacophony.

Track-by-track briefings

1. The Wired Wood Shed - 4.5 - Begins with some drumming, and a voice repeating a short howl-like sound. A nice, liquid-like-flowing sound starts halfway, with some light background drumming. Only a minute long.

2. Mud Puppies - 5 - Loud beginning, follows with a groovy-sound guitar and drums. Some vocals of Goon Moon sort of chanting something. Halfway the liquid-like-flowing sound from "The Wire Wood Shed" returns and the song is rather quiet from there. Some pipe-like noises play in the background.

3. Inner Child Abuse - 5.5 - Begins with a sound that sounds like the inside of a spaceship in Perfect Dark. This probably was a bad description. Continues with a spacy background noise, with some rock sounds. Manic drumming follows with some complementary bass playing.

4. The Smoking Man Returns - 5 - Same manic drumming from previous track comes in here. An organ-like sound is also present in this track. Drumming seems to be even more rapid fire. Some laser-like synths are heard and sound every so often. Ends with a somewhat shrill sounding laser going off.

5. At the Kit Kat Klub - 4 - Very short song. Groovy sounds pervade here with some random lispy whispering.

6. Rock Weird (Weird Rock) - 5.5 - Begins with a soul groove and has some computerized voice saying "Weird Rock" and "Rock Weird" every so often. This goes on in a somewhat calm manner, with some light whistles in the background. Halfway into the song, White starts singing one line, with the computerized noise as well. The first real singing to appear in the record. Some "ELO - Mr. Blue SKy" sounds take over in the end.

7. Mashed - 7 - Here we go, I like this one. Some quick drumming begins the song, with some nice resonant bass guitar. The vocals have Goss singing a computer-like line over and over, like from "Rock Weird." Not as abrasive as the previous tracks, this one is rather mellow. Quality track.

8. I Got a Brand New Egg Layin' Machine - 5.5 - Begins with a guy working at an auction saying the title. The song continues with some manic drumming again with some Goss vocals interspersed. Blended together, this sounds most desert rock out of all the tracks. Just a lot of drumming and some other sounds. Guitar picks up near the end and gets louder.

9. No Umbrellas - 9.5 - Begins with a bubbly noise than gets louder. Follows with some howling in the background. Then some guitar riffs and this song is off and running with the drums and bass. White sings this song well but the lyrics are repetitive. Most normal-sounding song on the record and most enjoyable rock song. It probably is not that great of a song, but it's placement in this album seems to push it over the top. Near the end, the song slowly ends and we hear a voice (White probably) saying to "come here baby."

10. Apartment 31 - 9 - The final track is a slow, sad-sounding track. Another normal-sounding one. A computer-enhanced voice (Goss) is singing some words, that have some actual song structure. This is followed by a non-enhanced voice (White) and some like chanting in the background. This song melds great and is very mellow. The lyrics actually are decent in this track and may have some meaning.

Cohesiveness - 5 - The hodgepodge of cacophonous tracks can't ever really sound cohesive. The normal sounding songs at the end of the track will come as a surprise.

Cover Art - 9 - Simple, with the band name. Nice color scheme and works well. I actually own a t-shirt that has this cover on it.

Upshot - A very experimental record that touches many different genres, and seems to be better near the end. I tend to only listen to a couple of these tracks. Most random sounding tracks are like Desert Sessions songs that are rather weird. A lot of different flavors and is not for everyone.

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Staff Reviewer
January 20th 2012


decent review, you've got the ideas but try and not to make a track by track review unless you really have something important to say about each one. synthesize your ideas into a few paragraphs, mentioning the best songs, or the worst songs rather than just scattered paragraphs like these. besides this, the album is really odd but it's kind of cool, like the Desert Sessions.

January 20th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

Thanks for the constructive comments. Yeah writing these reviews take me a long time, since I do the track-by-track thing. I have seen different reviews on Sputnik, some with the summary + favorites, and others that are track-by-track. I just like the idea of giving a score to every track, which would average out to my final out of 5 stars rating. But I probably would not do this for a record with a lot of short tracks.

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