Love Is Here



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January 14th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Love Is Here

Released January 8, 2002

James Walsh (guitar/vocals)
James Stelfox (bass)
Ben Byrne (drums)
Barry Westhead (keyboards)
Since getting this album shortly after it came out, I find myself often listening to it. The foursome from England may turn some away, while others will really enjoy this album. The singer of the group has a definite Jeff Buckley-type influence and the songs themselves are rather standard folk/soft rock type songs. The album may not be entirely unique, but it is definitely a great piece of work with many emotional songs and some memorable songs. Think: Coldplay or Travis, but without much of the uplifting feel.


1. Tie Up My Hands 5:46
Great start to an album; it really sets the mood for the most part. The song starts slow and a bit enchanting. The chorus is not necessarily catchy, but it’s a good one that will probably stick in your head. Every instrument shines on this track, providing for one of the fullest sounds on the album. This is easily one of the best tracks on the album.
2. Poor Misguided Fool 3:51
Another good song. Not much else to say. Most of the song is pretty straight-forward, but well constructed.
3. Alcoholic 2:56
A depressing song, much like a number of songs on the album. I can’t say it’s a bad song, because it’s rather good, but it is one that I personally got bored with pretty quickly.
4. Lullaby 4:13
Starts with a great intro with some nice guitar and bass parts. Many of the songs have a similar consistency, mostly evident in the vocals. I’ve found this song to be a good showpiece for the vocals. The guitar “solo", although I really don’t think it can be called a solo, is rather enjoyable near the end.
5. Way To Fall 4:29
Another very depressing and gloomy song. This is a great track though. There’s a section near the end where the song gets much harder and completes the song. One of my personal favorites for its great melody and transition from morose, to hard, and back again.
6. Fever 4:03
Another great track. Feelings of repetition may start to kick in here, but the song itself is very good. The keyboard particular helps add to the song. The organ effect in the chorus really helps carry the melody.
7. She Just Wept 4:12
Nothing bad, but nothing too great. Really not much variety here compared with the rest of the album. As can be said for most of the tracks, it’s “nice".
8. Talk Her Down 4:11
What a change of pace, one of the first uplifting songs in awhile. The piano playing throughout the song helps to drive the piece along with a steady but simple guitar and drum part. The chorus again is good, but nothing incredible or fresh. The transitions between chorus and verse are actually rather nice though.
9. Love Is Here 4:41
These last three tracks are three of the best on the album. The title track is another slow, somber piece, coming right after probably the hardest piece on the album, but it’s filled with raw emotion and soaring melodies. There’s some small details in this track that have made the song one of my favorites. I at first didn’t find this song so great, but it has grown on me over time.
10. Good Souls 4:53
The most “rock" song on the album, and possibly the best. A great song all around; memorable guitar and bass parts, a relaxed but groovy in a way drum line, and some nice keyboard effects. The vocals are also at their best in this song. This song will probably be most people’s favorite on the album.
11. Coming Down 14:30
I think this is such a great acoustic piece. The vocals are probably most dominant in this song, although there are some very pleasant guitar work. Don’t be fooled by the length of the song; it’s really no longer than three minutes, but a fairly worthless hidden track is found at the end.
Final Words
Some people will probably hate this album. They’ll think it’s a boring piece of crap that is just 11 tracks of the same song over and over. Upon listening to this album though, there’s a presence of great emotion and well-constructed songs that make it an enjoyable experience. Don’t get me wrong, the album isn’t a masterpiece, but it is a beautiful work of music. Many will enjoy the sound of Starsailor, that is, if they haven’t already. Love Is Here may sound like it's full of repetetive material on first listen, but after a few listens, it becomes apparent that each song is great by itself and all help to complete the album. Therefore, I’d give the album about a:


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April 2nd 2004


I liek your review. I havent listened to this in a while actually, but its so much better than their dire new stuff. Good souls is an awesome song...and in some parts i can definitely here a jeff buckley influence.
Nice review in which i agree with

April 28th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

Good review but a little harsh. i dont think they are boring at all!! you should try coldplay for boring. i think that there are some extremely subtle pieces of melodic and rythmic composition on this album. the drums in "talk her down" if you listen to the bass drum carefully you can hear it going very quickly (more on quavers than crothcets or half beats).

great album


February 8th 2011


I've only listened to 'Way To Fall' because it played during the credits of Metal Gear Solid 3. That song is fucking amazing though.

May 23rd 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

^Ya thats how i found this album aswell, i think its great and not boring. but thats me.

January 31st 2012


pretty good album i think

needs a better review but it's kinda godforsaken

Digging: Rob Mazurek Octet - Skull Sessions

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