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What Are Words

very poor


by simonpettersen USER (18 Reviews)
January 11th, 2012 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Chris Medina is an artist who is loved and treasured by the many, but I fear all the love anyone has to give can’t forgive this album.

It’s been a while since I could say this… but this album is plain bad. It doesn’t fall on its own back either, seeing how it didn’t start that high to begin with. It could have something to with Medina’s song writing skills. His best song, “What Are Words” was a world hit which amazed everyone due to it being such a personal and emotional loaded song, but fact is… It was neither composed nor written by Mr. Medina. Sadly, this is the main thing the album suffers from.

Chris Medina is a fresh musician, and it shows. Sure, he has a great voice, and the album does in fact include two extremely good songs; “One More Time” and “What Are Words”. But two tracks just doesn’t make up for the other nine garbage tracks. I won’t go into any details about them. Why" None of them are memorable. Some of them are passable at best, while the others make you want to skip it before you’ve even heard half of it! There are some songs that are above average and actually not that bad, like “Beautiful Eyes” and “Possible”, but again… not memorable. Most of them sound embarrassingly alike, and at times it’s hard to keep them apart. Most of the tracks are slow, like “What Are Worlds” and “Falling in Deeper”, while some are more upbeat and faster, like “Dream Tonight” and “We Can Change the World”.

I don’t mind albums being dedicated to a special someone, but this is taking it too far! With “What Are Words” the world was amazed of what a big heart he had, writing a song about his paralyzed fiancé, and how he always will stay with her. This was heartbreaking, and the music video served a big deal in optimizing this aspect. Even when his second single “One More Time” came out. It was also all about Juliet, but a whole album" This is a sad album, everything this album touches (when talking about the lyrics) is his relationship with Juliet and how he loves her even though she’ll always be paralyzed.

I’m sure Juliet is the happiest woman on Earth seeing how much Medina has gone through for her, but I’m afraid that’s not the same with his fans. It is kind of sad actually, seeing how much passion and love Medina put into this record, for it just to lack due to his creativity as a musician… If there’s one thing this album is good at, then it’s bringing forth emotions. “What Are Words” is in fact so emotionally loaded, it’s almost like you can feel his grief. Therefore, if what Medina wanted to do, was to make an album that gives us a glimpse into his soul, well then mission accomplished sir! But if this was meant to stand out as a strong debut, then he has failed quiet badly, and has a long way to go. Maybe Chris Medina should just have stayed famous for his extremely good song “What Are Words”, instead of his extremely disappointing album “What Are Words”.

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January 11th 2012


Just won talent show, gonna use cover art of me looking off camera with big text of my name and title

January 11th 2012


I almost never like any of the people on those shows/that get signed as a result of those shows

January 11th 2012


it might just be me, but you say an awful lot about how many tracks are passable, or at least bearable, and of course, the two songs you say are good. and yet, you still gave it 1.5? this reads more along the lines of a 2

Edit: so yeah, it just seems you contradict a lot of what you say.

January 11th 2012


Album Rating: 1.5

Hmm, didn't realize that. If I had to describe the album to someone, I'd say that it's very poor, not just poor. It's not aweful, due to the two songs, but as a whole this album is in fact, very poor. But thank you for the comment, will try to avoid it in future reviews.

July 11th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

Yeah, this kinda blew. His voice isn't even that spectacular, most of these are pretty boring.

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