Savage Messiah
Plague of Conscience



by Pr0nogo USER (81 Reviews)
January 5th, 2012 | 15 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Savage Messiah raise the bar with their second full-length release, and release it for free, while they're at it.

A heavy metal four-piece based out of London, Savage Messiah has a bit of a reputation preceding it. Those familiar with the scene of heavy and thrash metal should be familiar with Savage Messiah, as their past efforts established them as quite the powerful contenders in their genre. As the fans are fond of saying, however, the past is the past - it's our music, and we want it now! So, with that in mind, how does Plague of Conscience stack up to the likes of their first full-length"

Continuing in a trend of well-established structural technique, Savage Messiah's instrumental job aims high and hits its mark. More than meeting my expectations as a logical step up from Insurrection Rising, the opening title track is mysterious, dark, and oozing technically-proficient guitar-work. There's no doubt that these guys know how to handle their share of frets, as each song often features more than one solo and very rarely do you hear an unimaginative or repetitive riff. The band also changes focus from riff to riff -- one moment, the guitars will be catching your ear, and the next moment will go to the vocals. It's something indicative of an intelligent mixing and immaculate song structure, both of which are a welcome sense in this day and age. The second track, "Six Feet Under the Gun", is a great indicator of what the rest of the album sounds like because it shows off Savage Messiah's songwriting abilities as well as their skills in making the instrumental job mesh seamlessly with the vocals.

Hey, I just mentioned vocals. Speaking of vocals, these will be what really tears up support for the band's sound. A lot of people don't really enjoy Dave Silver's vocal style, and with most of their complaints, I can see where these detractors are coming from. It does occasionally sound like Silver is holding back, and at times it's more like chanting than it is singing, which can be a little irritating for those of you who are looking for a heavier listen. I myself would prefer it if he went a little heavier across the board, but the vocals are, for the most part, really great when mixed with the instrumental work. It's an incredibly musical sound, and the best example of this is provably the better part of track four, "In Thought Alone". There is that meshing again, but the vocals really shine in this song. Perhaps it's just a well-produced track, but I really enjoyed all of the fourth song and was never bored. The drums are something I'm a little unsure of, because they compliment the mix very well, but lack any clear direction. Like a bass guitar following the rhythm's leading, the drums fit, and add well to the rest of the sound, but they don't really ever break away. I'm still not sure if that's a good or a bad one for the band's mix, but there's certainly a lack of creativity present in the drum tracks. I was much more impressed by the vocal range and the solos and riffs pulled off by the guitarists (one of whom does the vocals of the album as well).

Plague of Conscience has plenty of great moments, few bad ones, and some really cool lyrical themes to boot - it deals with greed, hatred, oppression, corruption, and resistance. This album has great concepts, great execution, and a great amount of effort put into it. All in all, Savage Messiah hit a home run for their fans, and I really enjoyed the record. The lack of overt harshness in the vocals will be a turn-off for some of the thrash heads who are caught headbanging more often than not, but Plague of Conscience is a stellar effort and well worth it in my book. Check it out.

Recommended Tracks:
1. "Plague of Conscience"
2. "Six Feet Under the Gun"
4. "In Thought Alone"
6. "All Seeing I"
10. "The Mask of Anarchy"

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January 6th 2012


Fudge the what, RAM isn't on Sputnik. I'll get that squared away when I get in tomorrow.

Anyways, enjoy the record if you guys end up checking it out. Great stuff.

January 6th 2012


Oh yeah! I remember downloading this last month and just checking out the first track to make sure it was worth keeping. Sounded pretty good. Need to give it a proper listen soon.

January 6th 2012


wow this is quite good. and its free. win.

January 6th 2012


London, Ontario, Canada or London England?

January 6th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

fun listen

January 6th 2012


London, as in the capitol city of England. wheee

January 6th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

On the fifth song and damn it rules so far

January 6th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Ok yea finished it, and this is fucking awesome

January 6th 2012


^ Agreed.

Staff Reviewer
January 6th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

well written, pos.

I was thinking of reviewing this, but now i can move on.

These guys are great at playing their instruments, but just decent when it comes to song writing.

The vocals are merely decent too, imho.

At first listens, this feels like a 4/5, but wears out pretty quick, unfortunately...

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January 6th 2012


I've been meaning to review this ever since I did this lyric video for "The Mask of Anarchy" ;

Never got around to it until 12:30 this morning.

January 7th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

Pretty solid album, fucking awesome that it's free.

Good review man, have a pos.

Contributing Reviewer
January 22nd 2012


Solid album, with some really inspiring riffs and his vocals add to the melody of songs such as the title track and the epic closer. Contender for metal album of the year methinks.

Digging: Mastiff - Plague

January 22nd 2012


I dunno, the year just started. Maybe for thrash or heavy metal album of the year, but Testament (thrash) and RAM (heavy) are working to contend already. I think Lazarus A.D. is writing another record, too.

February 6th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Yeah this does sound pretty good. We'll see if the rating stays or changes after several listens.

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