The Paramedic
The Devil in Me



by Evreaia USER (17 Reviews)
January 3rd, 2012 | 14 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A band with a huge amount of talent decides to make a talentless, uninspired and above all generic album.

One of the most dangerous moments in a bands life are line-up changes, especially if these involve the vocalist as we’re never sure what will happen to the sound we came to love. However we have seen such changes work out great, just look at bands like Underoath or Norma Jean, but we’ve also seen it go wrong in bands like Saosin. But never was the impact of a single man changing so big as with a band called “The Paramedic”.

The Paramedic is a quintet hailing from Dayton, Ohio and exists out of the following members;
  • Michael Luciano - Vocals
  • Jake Nolan - Guitar
  • Travis Adkins - Bass
  • Matt Allan - Guitar
  • Tony Hovater - Drums

The Paramedic is one such band that had to change their vocalist but that’s not all that’s new, sadly. Before I get to the nasty parts and ugly details I would like to mention that Michael is debatable a step up from their earlier vocalist Brady. Michael sounds a lot like Tyler Carter from Woe, Is Me, featuring the same soulful voice and an insane vocal range that would even send Jonny Craig from Emarosa home crying. His growls aren’t that bad either, Sure they’re just “run of the mill”, but they do pack some punch and are far superior to high-pitched screams heard on their EP Apollo.

However as soon as you give their latest effort “The devil In Me” a spin, from the very first second even, the good news ends. Not only did their vocalist change but with him their entire musical direction and it didn’t change in a good way. Gone is the catchy post-hardcore sound that was done right, gone are the dual guitars and inspirational well-written lyrics. Instead of that we got another generic metalcore band that overuses electronica and thinks breakdowns is all that is needed to write a good song.

As soon as the first song called “The sixth seal” kicks in we are greeted by an uninspired breakdown and sadly it doesn’t stay with only this one. Every song on The Devil In Me has more breakdown on it then Apollo had as a whole. To make matters even worse, none of them are properly executed or add something to the music. And on top of all that, the creative songwriting, inspirational lyrics and great musicianship they showed on Apollo is totally gone and not even a glimpse of that is to be found here. It’s like every member in the band tried their best to come over as talentless as possible.

The Paramedic has the potential of writing great material, they already proved this with Apollo. Sadly, they show nothing of it on this record, I hope they realize this and go back to their earlier sound to further develop that. Their old sound combined with their new vocalist could lead to a very, very solid post-hardcore record in the liked of Lower Definition, one that will be spoken of highly. Unlike this album, which will be remembered as “just another synthcore album” that no one actually cares about.

All in all, this is still a better release then offered by most of its peers like Attack Attack! or Woe, Is Me, not that means much though. They did good putting this EP up for free, as I have a hard time imagining anyone paying for this. 2/5

The Good:
  • Incredible clean vocals produced by the vocalist;
  • More experimental than their peers (ex: use of a harp).

The Bad:
  • Uninspired, bland and above all boring instrumentation;
  • Overuse of breakdowns and electronica;
  • Everything on this album is incredibly mediocre, while they are capable of so much more.

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January 3rd 2012


Used the advice I got from my two earlier reviews, hope this is better review then those two. Still
trying to improve my English but I think it’s pretty decent this time around. It’s also way shorter
(not much to describe actually as it’s all very generic). If you see any typos tell me and I’ll edit
them out!

On the band: Yes I know I’m very hard on this band, but this is so incredibly generic, mediocre and
uninspired. Especially for a band that has proven they are capable of making something good. This
isn’t a case from “album is not what I expected so let’s rate it badly”. This really is horrible
compared to Apollo and they should know it.

Just take a look at the rating, I'm not the only one who think this absolutely stinks compared to
Apollo. Vocalist rules though.

January 3rd 2012


that is a shit fucking album cover

January 3rd 2012


No inspiration to be found anywhere on the album so why would it be on the album cover, lol.

January 3rd 2012


Album Rating: 2.5 | Sound Off

Yeah, this is pretty generic/dull stuff here.

Although I must say that since this they put out a single, (which I don't know the name too) that was half decent. Still generic, but enough punch to make me smirk.

January 3rd 2012


Awful album cover.

January 3rd 2012


Looks like Black Veil Brides in their human form

January 3rd 2012


I heard some shitty cover they did of Headlines by Drake and it made me pissed. The whole "OMAIGAWD A METALCAWR BAND DID A POP/RAP SONG COVER?!?! MUST BE AWESOME!!1!" thing is bullshit.

January 3rd 2012


This sounds remarkably depressing for the music industry as a whole. One must wonder how desperate labels are getting when they sign these bands.

January 3rd 2012


This band was awesome when they had Brady. Complete fucking asking alexandria rip off now, they're a complete joke now.

January 4th 2012


^Sadly that's the whole point, their new vocalist cleans are bloody amazing. But with the sound they are making now nobody will be interested in them.

March 24th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

So yeah after apollo, basically the band replaced EVERYONE in the band except one guitarist, so not just the singer. they really shouldn't even be called the paramedic anymore. ehh, his cleans could sound a lot better if they weren't overproduced as fuck

May 18th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

fucking shit. I swear to god that i will put a hole in everyone of those mother fuckers ass's and i hope that they shit out the music the play because it's sshit!'bastards think they are going to be like asking alexandria when they are some straight edge pussy cock sucka motha fucking dildo standing bitch ass bitches. Pussy don't know what da fuck that be playing. Sounds like a load of horse shit to me. Bitch be gone fucking knockers

July 5th 2012


Album Rating: 1.0

Whatever you say dolypatin... I actually enjoyed their lp when it came out but gee what are they doing with this? Some of the riffs in this are just boring and unoriginal

October 25th 2012


This is THAT bad? I was honestly expecting much better out of them, I'll probably still check this out though. If anything, it'll be used for laughs.

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