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by whatshisname USER (13 Reviews)
December 20th, 2011 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Cleveland native Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) creates a very hit and miss mixtape, with some great moments, but moments that drag the good down.

Machine Gun Kelly is a rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. Recently he signed to Diddy's record label Bad Boy. After 2 prior mixtapes Rage Pack was heavily anticipated from the fans of MGK. And it delivers... Somewhat.

The opening track "STFU" samples "We Got The Beat" by The Go-Go's. I know what you're thinking. "Wait....What?". But surprisingly enough this is one of the best tracks off the album. The lyrics are fun and entertaining as is the way the beat is used. Track two is "Wild Boy". The only single from the album so far and the only song with a music video. The song features Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame. MGK's verses and the chorus are actually really catchy and fun...But then Waka comes in and it goes downhill. With the song closing on the horrible lyric of "Suck my Dragonball's, bitch, call me Goku". I swear to god. "Half Naked and Almost Famous" is my favorite song off the album and definitely one to listen to if you're a first time listener. The lyrics reflect on how far MGK has come in his career and what he's had to go through to get there.

"Chasing Pavements" is where the album starts to go downhill a bit. The lyrics and verses are fantastic but the beat feels too slow, annoying, and boring. "The Pledge" is pretty much the same except the chorus is annoying and seems really tacked on. Without any real thought put into it, it seems. But at the same time the lyrics are fantastic. "Warning Shot" continues the downhill trend. The guest singer Livvi Frank's (Never heard of her? Me either) voice is just plain annoying. The verses feel almost un-inspired. This is an easily skip-able track. "LTFU (One More Time)" is easily the worst song on the album. I appreciate the sound they're going for, but this wouldn't even be suit at some dance club.

"Welcome to the Rage" takes a step in the right direction. Featuring Benji and Joel Madden (of Good Charlotte fame). Their parts are sparse and feel awkward and forced. The beat is upbeat and very fun though. The next track "Fantasy (DIGIRAATII)" is a great one. The guest singing is actually fitting and good. The beat is the best on the album, incorporating Dubstep bass wobbles but still remaining creative. The build up to the first verse is also fantastic. "On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Part II)" is...Awkward. MGK's flow on the song is great. The lyrics on the other hand are...Well awkward and generic. A guest spot by Mike Posner doesn't help whatsoever and only drags the song down. The last track "Thought I Was Gone, Hello" is disappointing. It's just really bland and average. Which is a let down when you expect a good song saved for the end.

MGK is a rapper that's different. Which is saying a lot considering the complete over-load of rappers in today's day and age. MGK does his best to stand out. And for the most part he does, but still get's dragged down by some mistakes.

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December 20th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

I'm still sorta new to writing reviews, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

December 20th 2011


well, aside from a couple syntax errors and innapropriate comma placement (i have, the, same issue, so dont, worry) this is good. 'pos

December 20th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0


Lol, I'll work on the comma errors when I wake up tomorrow

December 20th 2011


i've only heard wild boy, its mindless fun but the beat sounds like 34584354 beats ive already heard

December 20th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0


Fixed up the terrible comma use.

December 20th 2011


"No pun intended" - I wouldn't even have noticed the pun had you not said that, and the pun in
itself is pretty weak, so I'd take that sentence out (just the "No pun intended.")

The review is a bit too linear, you talk about one song, then the next, then the next and so on, and
the review doesn't flow very well as a consequence. I'll admit that since this is a mixtape, it's
probably not as easy to talk about the tape as a whole as you could with a real album (I haven't
heard this though, but I assume it's more of a collection of songs rather than a cohesive piece of
work, like most mixtapes)

"Great song." Unnecessary, or at the very least it should be in the previous sentence

"I think this album deserves a 3/5, but I'm really leaning towards 2.5/5." Shouldn't been included
in the review imo, you can take that to the comments section.

You might want to add a proper conclusion as well, your intro is pretty good, and you might want to
extend on it a bit and make it flow better. It's concise and gives the reader everything he needs to
know about him though so props for that.

You seem to have good things to say about each track, and you describe them pretty well too, if you
really concentrate on making the review flow better it can be very good. If you don't already do it,
you should leave your review for a while once you've finished writing it, and then return to it some
time after (like 30mins or something), and try to read it again. Usually you'll come up with better
ideas on how to word things and then end result will only be better.

Keep up the good work

December 20th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

Thanks so much!!

I'll fix all that up later tonight sometime.

December 20th 2011


"..But then Waka comes in and it goes downhill. With the song closing on the horrible lyric of "Suck my Dragonball's, bitch, call me Goku". "

how can you hate that verse/line its so fun


December 20th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0


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