Controled in the Frame



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December 15th, 2011 | 7 replies

Release Date: 1989 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Controled In The Flame with one l.

Crush your enemies......see them driven before you....and hear the lamentation of their women. The grizzly opener Tragic Insane greets you with vicious bursts of automatic gunfire coupled with ominous riffing that will peel your mother***ing face off as soon as the dirge erupts into a blistering faceraping blitzkrieg. Crusty riffage, furious d-beat drumming and angry Japanese wailing will get in position to grind you into human paste for the next thirteen minutes. What's happening right now you ask" Getting aurally Sanduskied by one of Japan's finest hardcore acts that's what. Bastard are the ***ing ***, they're oldschool, they're better than you, they can riff and they can raff. Controled In the Flame is one of the finest pieces of Japanese crust that you'll ever hear. I suggest you get it or get ***ed.

Musically, Bastard is a raw, unpolished panzer tank of unbridled aggression and hostility. They are loud, pissed off and as infectious as a gonorrhea outbreak in a Serbian whorehouse. They formed in 88 and broke up sometime after my demoniac spawning. They didn't release much in their limited time together but what they did release was ***ing choice. And we all know that quality trumps quantity. Trust me, i've banged some horribly unattractive girls in my lifetime and let me tell you, I regret those decisions. If you don't agree, *** you. Released in 89, Controled In The Flame was a six track EP that borrowed heavily from the Discharge brand of hardcore punk better known as crust. The music displayed by Bastard is a powerful, precisely executed form of punk-metal that is characterized by booming riffs, passionate yells, and un***able attitude with the odd solo thrown in for good measure.

Tempos are generally fast so that leaves you no time to make yourself a nice sexy omelet while this EP plays. Go ahead just throw your container of cage free organic eggs at the wall and scream it out. It will make you feel better. Omelets are for hipster queefs, eat them scrambled like a man. However, on "Defective Chain" the Japanese warmongers decide to start off slow and produce a nice rhythmic sequence. It has a very Amon Amarthian quality that makes you want to rip your clothes off and start fighting everybody around you. Just make sure not to hit Grandma, she's sitting right next to you at the family Christmas dinner. "Moment of Death" features a crushing bass tone that reverberates throughout the world, sending the denizens of Haiti running to the hills for cover." Cause Of" starts off with a religious sample that i'm unfamiliar with. Doesn't matter because Bastard lay waste your ears with more guitar abuse and gang vocals. Last song "Slick Plot" decideds to take a more progressive, avant-garde approach by incorporating elements of post-rock and pshyedelic folk pop. Psyche!!!!!!!!I'm just kidding it's actually just more chest beating audio rage to punch penquins to.

This EP makes me want to do some crazy things. Crazy things like chugging laxatives and see how much I end up ***ting. Crazy things like finding Robert Pattinson at a charity event and kissing him on the lips. Crazy things like driving my Honda Civic through my mall and see how many idiotic stands I can run down before being neutralized with tazerst. Alright, alright, im getting carried away here. Sorry about that folks. Controled In The Flame is ***ing beast. Anybody and everybody who listens to punk, metal any any other form of aggressive music needs to spin this. Go to mediafire and have a ball. I am.

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December 15th 2011


Good ol' fashion balls review, pos.

December 15th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

TI TI TI TIMMMMMYYYYYY You are such a sweetheart.

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November 20th 2012


this rules

November 18th 2013


sweet stuffs

November 18th 2013


1 rating pssss.

November 18th 2013



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