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December 6th, 2011 | 45 replies

Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Review Summary: >:-(

Could someone please explain to me why most people choose the newer albums of Nickelback to flog out of control, but not even bother to take the slightest look at where the tainted roots began in the first place" Maybe I’m being a bit too cynical, but the mainstream monstrosity that has already began to take its wretched turn of events even as far back as 1996, when this horror was released, can only be described as impalement to the musical industry. Seriously" There is simply no excuse for the supposed bad boy theme coming out into America, and deciding they are going to halt all processes, and taint this pool. As far as the mainstream industry is concerned, all the way up until now, very, very few groups have undermined the worst of the worst in this industry, but now, now things have gone too far. Besides being past the point where one can be allowed to take little cheap shots at how bad this is, I can only help but question "where did this come from"" "What is the point of this"" "Are we trying to be cool"" "Do we think we'll shock the world with our debut"" Well, as bad as it gets, this is, in all honesty, the best of Nickelback, despite being horrible.

Nickelback have unfathomably stained the music industry with this brown colored label, and have permanently haunted the minds of realistic people who can see the hypocritical acts in here. I have no doubt in my mind that the people at the studio for Nickelback wouldn't be able to hold a candle stick to half of the things they claim to portray themselves as in here. The labeling is fake, and just to have the audacity to declare them as the end-all-be-all for the music industry, is quite enough for me.

The actual album however, concerning sounds, instruments if you will, along with vocals, are absolutely plain. This is, under NO circumstances, anything that hasn't been seen before. A lot of boring acts have taken place in history, but none have been able to compare to the repugnance of this record. The plain and simple reverberations grow eventually to become so arid, you lose all interest you might have had to begin with listening to this, and next thing you know, the CD becomes nothing more than kindling, and even that is too much of a compliment for this album. Vocals are on the other hand, something to be said for. Wherever lead singer Chad Kroeger is coming from, he at least maintains a not so bad melody that occasionally saves your ears from the horror of the lead guitar. Let’s go ahead and make sure we are clear on one important subject, the drums and bass, are of absolutely no significance in the album, what, so, ever. Generally, you hope to be able to head bang to some good backbeats, or at least a kick, while moving to the groovy bass in the background with shredding guitar riffs in front of that. But in here, you get the most amateur drums of the century, as far as actual drums go, and the bass is blocked out like the sun in a solar eclipse. Due to this, all you get is occasional melodies, and deplorable guitar streaks. This grows immediately apparent considering you have two lead/rhythm guitarists in here, who both by the way have no skill at all. Lead singer Chad and his guitar only tend to get in the way at the most inopportune times, while second lead guitarist Mike Kroeger never seems to be able to get his riffs in line with the attitude of the scene. This only diminishes the already unstable pyramid the group forms.

As if it couldn't get any worse, the actual lyrics in these songs are that of a retarded middle school kid. Chad has absolutely no clue how to get a clear point past, no matter how fake and fictitious his plots are. The rise, or return, I honestly can’t tell the difference, of the whole "I'm bad" scene, is not justified by any means in this album, or any Nickelback albums to come for that matter. Putting aside the horrendous lyrics, just looking at the track titles, you can tell this is going to be pretty bad. Lots of titles are clearly seen as just a word that is going to be said at one point in the song, precisely concerning the fact that each titles seems like a cut off from a sentence. This tends to ruin the "surprise" that you want from a song; the thrill would be one way of putting it. But basically, whatever you would expect to find, maybe try to keep things a little laid back, is instead rushed at 500000 mph and you no chance to enjoy the album. While the album goes quickly, it still doesn’t manage to give you the upbeat feeling you might also expect from it. There is simply nothing sensible about this record, nothing in here to give way to any sense that the band is even trying.

Nickelback, um, you aren’t off to a good start. Despite the facts that the band can't share the stage with each other at all, the lyrics suck, melodies are often drowned out in awful guitar riffs, the bassist might as well not even been there when they recorded this, and the drummer can’t keep a beat, nor can he go out of his way to get something going, because he'll surely just screw up somehow. The group is doing nothing more than sitting down in some garage of a studio, and writing just for the fun of it. I however, cannot see how the group would be having fun. Nobody gets any chance to shine here, Chad has absolutely no fairness whatsoever, considering he takes three parts for himself, what’s left for his band mates, unskilled band mates, but still. There is simply no way to justify anything they do here.

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WesleyJones (3)
A strong debut effort, but it's not without it's faults....

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December 6th 2011


The post-grunge influence here didn't suit them at all. Pretty boring album.

December 6th 2011


Fix up your sentences, you have too many commas.

December 6th 2011


Mike Kroeger? Omg, I had no idea there's other Kroeger blood in this band too.

December 6th 2011


you know what ryan? you dont use enough. you make baby sentences eheheheheehehehhehehehehehe

December 6th 2011



December 6th 2011


I haven't listened to this album, but it's taking everything in me not to just 1 it

December 6th 2011


This is hard for me.

December 7th 2011


"This is hard for me."

You don't say.

Digging: Delta Sleep - Management

December 7th 2011


FUck Yeah, this is soo bad. Nice review. Thanks for putting forth the effort to destroy an already broken monument. It's the musical equivalent of Teen Wolf 2/Too? What the fuck is going on in 'Where', Chad Kroger sings like he has down syndrome or trying to sing while holding back from puking after a 12 pack of Pbr. I guess thats redneck art, "He's duin some like false-et-toe kinda thing, sheits grate@?" Wait, he can't actually sing a goddamn thing on entire album. This is soo bad it's funny. Poor Chad, he seems upset that poor hookers won't fuck him, I guess that is pretty sad. Sorry Chad , I'd feel bad but u too gotdamn rich, and making money off of dum fugs who over charge their credit cards at The Fug kin Cracker Barrel.

Digging: Tetragrammacide - Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix

December 7th 2011


Lol wacknizzle I think you should consider doing a review too......after you learn how to write and spell though.

December 7th 2011


so fucking sick of hearing about Nickelback on here

December 7th 2011


'Despite the facts that the band can't share the stage with each other at all, the lyrics suck, melodies are often drowned out in awful guitar riffs, the bassist might as well not even been there when they recorded this, and the drummer can’t keep a beat, nor can he go out of his way to get something going, because he'll surely just screw up somehow.'

nice use of commas

December 7th 2011


Good review man.

December 7th 2011


"Pointless review seeing as how you don't even slightly appreciate this band. No purpose to review something you hate. Makes for
a boring read, If you are a fan of an artist, then discuss what you dislike about the album then I may take your opinion on
board. Otherwise just a terrible review."

wtf is the point then of an 'awful' rating, if not to explain why?

December 7th 2011


Album Rating: 1.5 | Sound Off

Gross album, sweet review.

December 7th 2011


Good review. Nickelback is just straight up awful... Fuck this album and everything else they've done

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December 7th 2011


>:[ [2]

December 7th 2011


Anybody else notice the album is titled Curb but has a picture of lines in the road?

December 7th 2011


curb is a meaning that helps you through life, like your girlfriend or doing hard time

December 7th 2011


retarded decision to name your album curb then take a picture of the road.

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