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December 6th, 2011 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Review Summary: At this albums' time, at this point in history, "The Downward Spiral" will forever be applauded in the mainstream society for just being downright brilliant.

Nine Inch Nails is a rock project courtesy of Trent Reznor formed in 1988. The mainstream success Reznor has started here is an admirable combination of various elements from hard rock and industrial and extremely ardent lyrics. The 1989 success 'Pretty Hate Machine' was dubbed instantaneous classic debut that poured into the mainstream world, and shocked the listeners of the time.

But now, Trent has restored that classic sound he formed in 'Pretty Hate Machine', and enhanced it to phenomenal proportions for 'The Downward Spiral'. The inspiration for this album had come from some of the most revered successes in the musical industry. Pink Floyds' "The Wall” and David Bowies' "Low" were both used predominantly in the making of this high selling masterpiece.

The forming of this album came under nothing less than some of the heaviest weight in history. Peaking as one of the most influential mainstream albums ever with the hit singles 'March of the Pigs' and 'Closer', "The Downward Spiral" is the greatest work of Nine Inch Nails. The success of this album is derived from the emotional power presented in this work. Nearly every song is known for something that revolved around the main sound seen, and the master writing of the lyrics. This album, revered as one of the most influential concept albums ever released, has undertaken a new study for Nine Inch Nails' triumph. If not for the cataclysmic event in 1989 where Trent put together his calling debut, "The Downward Spiral" would never have been regarded as highly as it is now. It is easily believable that Trent has instituted a core sound in the industrial world, with his combinations of rock and other convincible genres, and his mastery of lyrical writing, prepared in "Pretty Hate Machine", mastered in "The Downward Spiral".

The consistency of this album is extremely valuable in all that it stands for. The consistency of this piece allows the album to flow so comfortably, it is nearly impossible to even regard the slightest track change, or subject change for that matter. 'Mr. Self Destruct', which starts with rhythmic gun shots, instantaneously becomes very heavy instrumentals with quiet supporting lyrics which can be heard in the background. This track is for the most part, influenced off of heavy perspectives that solute the song nicely. Until later in the track when everything goes quiet to allow an emotional stance to take place, the track enforces an emotional aspiration that speaks right into you.

Almost as quickly as the heaviness presented itself, it disappeared to give way to a softer approach in 'Piggy', a small quiet track influenced most heavily by the bass and the singing. The high end of this track comes with reverberations of bass notes that come in and out giving Trent his chance to perform his required melodies. After 'Piggy', it is a never ending surprise for what's happening next. The switch-ups for this album are like well fitting gloves, they fit perfectly anyway you want to combine it. 'Heresy' is a good example of the distortions, and the effects that Trent grew to be famous for in his debut. 'March of the Pigs' and 'Closer', the two singles, come one right after another, and are perfect both lyrically, and musically. The melodies presented here are constant transitions of various moods that never seem to outdo each other. This whole concept is perfect for remaining aspects of the album that do well to share space in the track, to allow each individual sound to be shown at its best.

Some of the most influential parts of this album come towards the end in 'Eraser' and actually 'Reptile'. Once past the point of ignorantly bypassing the concepts presented in the final tracks of this album, only to conclude the masterpiece, would be to ignore the entire basis for the album. 'The Downward Spiral' was a superb way to wrap up the album, and gives way to some of the most significant sounds of the album. This song is Trent’s' way of endorsing the conclusion to the album, even though the last track 'Hurt' still remains yet. Being a good part of this album, 'Hurt', if not the previous track, will definitely be just as liable conclusion to this masterpiece.

Trent Reznor has afforded mainstream listeners one of the wildest rides they'll ever experience. They're more likely to regard this album as the most influential concept albums in history. The grand finale was presented as the best of the best for Nine Inch Nails right here, right now. Only from here, can we be inspired to better understand any other work from this brilliant man. As a matter of fact, "The Downward Spiral" is as well, a starting over point, the major point expected in this album, was shared with everyone many years before, but as I stated previously, was ultimately mastered in this album. This is definitely the best work of Nine Inch Nails to date.

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December 6th 2011


I love this album, so much.

December 6th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

It's intense to sit down and listen to this album in one sitting. Love it. Nice review.

December 6th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

gd album

December 6th 2011


Great review for a great album.

December 6th 2011


I actually didn't enjoy this that much. I thought Pretty Hate Machine was there best but that is me.

December 6th 2011


Its almost strange to think of how "mainstream" this album actually is, because nothing popular from this decade is anywhere close to it.

December 6th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Hurt is one of my favorite songs ever, both this version and the Cash version

December 6th 2011


the mainstream society has completely flushed itself down the toilet lol

December 6th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Great album

December 6th 2011


Nice. First part of the summary sounds kind of awkward though- "At this albums' time, at this point in history, "The Downward Spiral"..."

December 6th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

Still one of my favorite albums.

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