Rise Against
The Unraveling



by SyphonAss USER (3 Reviews)
December 24th, 2005 | 27 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Well my 3rd review. Iíve got a lot of bad comments about my last reviews so I hope this one is better.

Rise Against has got a lot of attraction with there new album Siren Song of the Sound Culture. Rise Against is recognized as one of the savers of Punk, saving punk from mainstream pop bands such as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Senses Fail etcÖ I believe they deserve this title but not from there album Siren Song of the Sound Culture, donít get me wrong Siren Song of the Sound Culture is an amazing album that shows off how talented and different the band is form other mainstream punk bands. But if your are looking for pure energy tracks, intense punk screaming, hypnotic bass lines, perfect guitar power cords and freakishly fast drumming. You want The Unraveling. This cd really shows how in touch with punk the band is.

Rise Against is (from riseagainst.com)

ďWeíve played shows with a handful of different members. We played only one or two shows with a different drummer before Brandon graced us with his superb drumming ability and moved from Denver, Colorado to be in Rise Against. Mr. Precision was in the band until fall of 2001. Kevin White was in the band from Danís departure until May of 2002. Todd took over for guitar on the Strung Out tour that started at the end of May 2002. We parted ways with him in the spring of 2004 and recruited Chris Chasse of Reach The Sky fame.Ē

I chose to highlight only a few of there songs off this cd because if I did a full track by track review you would have 18 paragraphs of, ďgood song, good singing, good drummingÖĒ So any way

3. Great Awaking

To me, this is a punk song. No guitar into or anything. Right off the bat the whole band comes in with a very punk rift and beat. Tim screams at the top of his lungs for the first 20 seconds of the song then chorus comes and he starts to sing a little more but soon goes back to screaming. There are short bass lines but the guitar soon power cords its way in which gives it a very punk feel. The drummer stops ones in the song for about 3 seconds, but other than that he is consistently going a hundred miles per hour doing very simple but very fast drumming. The song being only 1:35 shows again how punk it is. 10/10

9. Reception Fades

Starts of with a man talking about People throwing bottles at your house and breaking there arms, it must be from a movie but Iíve never heard it before so Iím not going to say anything else about it. As for the actual song, it starts off with a sad guitar rift and a very simple but fast snare based drum beat. Timís vocals come in and change trough out the song from quite singing to loud screaming. The song is a very fast and sounds very punk and like nothing that was on Siren Song of the Sound Culture. 8/10

11. Ever Changing

This is probably there softest song on the album and best lyric wise. It starts off with Tim singing with a simple palm muted guitar rift. After a bit a fast drum beat kicks in with bass backing it. The song has a very sad tone but it eventually changes to a ďin your face mother fu-ker, were not gunna take that sh-tĒ. Thereís a short solo that is impressive and sets the stage for Timís singing which really sets the tone for a really good song. 9/10

The songs I picked arenít the best ones; just the ones that I thought were good to review. Every song on this album is very well done. I really donít think they meant to put any filler on this cd.

Timís lyric writing and the bandís playing are just as good on this album as they were on any of there newer albums. So I guess you can say Rise Against hasnít changed too much since 2001, but they really havenít had to, because why would you improve on perfection.

Well there you have it. Now I really tried to have good grammar and good spelling. I probably messed up some were but please actually give me responses to the achual review and the points I made. Now I leave you with my favorite lyrics on this album.

in the face of change
is when she turned to me and said
"i'm not sure anymore..."
and there amidst the waves
and the cloudless skies
that blanket the year before
i watch my life wash ashore
have you ever been a part of something
that you thought would never end"
and then of course it did
have you ever felt the weight inside you
pulling away inside your skin"
and then something had to give
now the lines are drawn
is this feeling gone"
the best parts of this have come and gone
and now that is all this is
with the reasons clear
we'll spend another year
without direction
full of fear
but now things will be different
there's nothing simple when it comes to you and I
always something in this everchanging life
and it probably always will
now that time is getting harder to come by
the same arguments are always on our mind
we've killed this slowly fading light
now something has kept me here too long
and you can't leave me if i'm already gone
make the same mistakes we're always hanging on
break the promises we're always leaning on
all this time spent waking up
now i keep this line open to get this call from you
as you speak the words that keep me coming back
to you now this time it's all different
now something has kept me here too long
and now i'm gone"

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December 24th 2005


hope you like it

December 24th 2005


I think it's more effective to quote a few lines of lyric rather than an entire song. I think your review is a bit on the short side. If you take out the lyrics and the quote from the band, there isn't much text left, but otherwise, good review. I'm not too fond of the track-by-track structure (Yes, I have a review doing TBT as well, but I don't do it anymore). To me, it'd be better if you decribed the overall sound of the album, and went into details on the best songs, and explained what makes them good (I don't really think it's helpful to give a break-down of when the drums start and what happens at 2:35 and so forth. Just explain the over all sound of the song )

All this is not to say it was a bad review, I just thought I'd give some constructive criticism.

December 24th 2005


And most importantly, don't get discouraged if people don't like your reviews. Read the reviews of people like Iai, Robert Crumb and Med57, to name a few, and look at what they're doing, and then try to learn from it

December 24th 2005


More depth Syphon-Ass (love the name tho). Just picking out afew songs of the album doesnt do alot of good, and those lyrics dont do anything for me either. Keep at it, these guys are a great band to. This Message Edited On 12.24.05This Message Edited On 12.24.05

December 24th 2005


The review wasn't bad...it was a little different, but not bad. Take the advice above and make sure you pay attention to the expert's reviews for inspiration/guidelines...yeah. If you think you need it.

But you are another who thinks a "riff" is a "RIFT"? Wow. Ask Cravinov13 about that one :D

December 24th 2005


I really like this album, it's a lot better than Siren Song. My favorite songs are My Life Inside Your Heart, Six Ways 'Til Sunday, Everchanging and 1000 Good Intentions.

Storm In A Teacup
December 24th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

There needs to be a bit more depth in your reveiws. T-b-t's are fine if you don't use the same words over and over again. If you would actually describe what the instruments play then you would be on the right track to doing track by tracks. Your description of the songs are nice, but just three is lazy, and technically it is still a t-b-t.

Senses Fail is not mainstream pop.

I want this album and RVP so bad. I just have SSotCC and I love it. Obviously since I reviewed it and gave it five stars.This Message Edited On 12.24.05

December 24th 2005


thank u people ill try put all these things to getter to make a better review for next time. and kripes

yes they areThis Message Edited On 12.24.05This Message Edited On 12.24.05

Two-Headed Boy
December 24th 2005


great review compared to your others. i should look into this, cuz i love RPM and SSotCC. Both excellent albums.

December 24th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

in a way, you did mention all the songs when you said that if you did a full track by track then there would be 18 paragraphs of good..... i would say this is ur best review so far, so, yea. i am buying this album very soon.

December 25th 2005


thxs man...you should do a new review your last one preaty goodThis Message Edited On 12.25.05

December 25th 2005


This is their best album.

December 25th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

i just got this today and i already love it. good good stuff here

February 20th 2006


[quote=Eliminator Jr.]User Album Rating: 3

This is their best album[/quote]

I guess you donjt like Rise Against much?

This is a good album, but I enjoy RPM more.

April 3rd 2006


who the hell are u to judge how much he likes a band. I think RPM is better but TU much more rockish. IT just opinion

April 3rd 2006


"who the hell are u to judge how much he likes a band. I think RPM is better but TU much more rockish. IT just opinion"

What the fucking hell brought that on? He said this is their best album, and gave it a ranking of 3. I guessed from that. Maybe he made a voting mistake, I dont know.

I didnt say anyhting wrong.


April 5th 2006


u said he must not like Rise Against. How do u know who he likes. IT was a bit harsh to "who the hell are you to..." but it got my point across.

April 6th 2006


I said I guess :rolleyes:

You didnt have a valid point. Learn english.

April 7th 2006


This is a good album, the review seemed a bit skimpy, but other than that it was good. I wouldnt make it so choppy next time. If you are only going to review three tracks, integrate it into more of a paragraph type review

April 8th 2006


kno. thx good point i will do better next time

computer jesus. u spell it don't, not donjt. mabye u should english

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