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November 13th, 2011 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Old sounding flipsyde is back, definitely must have it if you like "We the People"

Let me introduce this EP with four words „Old Flipsyde is back“. Flipsyde the Rap/rock group from sunny California blasted in 2005 with debut LP called „We The People“, back in these days I was about 16-17 years old and I liked that LP a lot, I've been always an hip-hop head, but flipsyde sounds different, fresh, they've combine latin rock with rap music. Some of their songs sounds like Santana's songs on „Shaman“ LP but with a much more rap on it.

In 2009 they released brand new LP called „State of Survival“ and that was horrible, in that times they added „Paige“(female vocal singer) to the group and moved their sound more from alternative rap to pop waters, Paige provides most of vocals on that LP and „Piper“ (Flipsyde MC) didn't have space to rap on most of songs. LP is simply a garbage.

A few weeks ago when I sought some new music on forums and music websites I found that flipsyde released a new EP, I am not a big fan since „State of Survival“... but when I saw some more information about it I am excited about it. Most peoples on forums said that EP is „oldsounding“ flipsyde with lots of rap and lots of guitar beats. Also there wasn't Paige, I don't know how that happened maybe she left or they „kicked“ her but it is what it is and I am happy because „Phoenix“ sounds GREAT, without her!

EP has 6 tracks and the opener is really powerfull mostly for these days, when across the globe are social protests, economic troubles ruins Europe and USA social system and peoples are getting angry, so am I. The opener song caled „My People“ when over latin guitar „Knight's“ solo spits Piper some powerfull verses like:

„As long as I remember, been fightin for my freedom
Staying up, reading, searching for a way to beat em
Im a soldier. Bull*** I dont really need it
I used to stay weeded, now Im standing undefeated
You know I love my people. I write a ***ing thesis
On how we struggle and survive, but you wont read it
And by the all of my people come from different races
And come from different nations. They die for education
All of my people fill the streets, theyre scared of opposition
My people take the country back from all you greedy bitches“

Piper on that song called really angry, warped, It reminds me P.o.s. On that song which is great because P.o.s. is one of the finest rapper in the game. I also feel Pipers flow he really is underrated as an MC. When most of rappers, raps all the time about the same things drugs, violent, how much money thay have. Piper lyrics are always on point and I like it.
There are more songs like „My People“, like „Power“ with massive guitars solo with little electronic and again really nice Piper verses about wrong things in this world.
I also really like „Livin It Up“ and „Freedom“.

I have only a few problems with that EP, like the most of songs sounds kind of similar, almost every song is built with same scheme: Guitar beat, Piper verse, chorus singed by Steve Knight, Piper second verse, chorus singed by Steve Knigh and hard electric guitar solo by Dave Lopez. But who cares that EP is definitely alongside with Danny Brown and Black Milk collab, Scarub and Sims EP one of the best I've heard this year. If you guys beeing a fan of "We the people" and after "State of survival" you've lost interest about flipsyde, give a shot to that EP, I feel flipsyde through that EP says: “Sorry“ to all old fans and I hope Piper is going to start his own solo career he is really super rapper, I really want to hear him on KNO or LAZERBEAK production, could be awesome.

So listen it, buy it if you like it (hmm now I am sounding like Anthony Fantano), no seriously that EP is great definitely check it out. It's not flawless, sometimes lack of production for me there could be a little bit more creativity but flipsyde are back on alternative rap/rock path. My rating is 4.0 but if you want rating only for EP's than I put 4.5, can't wait for full lenght realese.

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November 13th 2011


English must be a tough language.

November 13th 2011


I agree with the rating but you need to tidy up your review....

December 13th 2011


Album Rating: 2.0

yeah... you should edit this. a lot

May 10th 2012


Cut him some slack?! Who cares if English is or isn't anyone's first language, it was noone's first language to begin with . . .
anyway, I believe he was talking about the music here, if you weren't listening (to him) that's your issue, I was (to the music), and enjoyed this EP waaaay more than State of Survival - I'm with Pavel Sukany on this!! Welcome back old sounding Flipsyde!!!

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