Harold Budd and Brian Eno
Ambient 2 - The Plateaux of Mirror



by SAPoodle USER (54 Reviews)
October 14th, 2011 | 4 replies

Release Date: 1980 | Tracklist

Review Summary: An album cover seldom sets the scene as well as this one does; this is the musical backdrop to pure pastoral bliss.

You find yourself immersed in a rural terrain, the vast landscape stretching as far as your eyes can see. Looking around, you realise that the daybreak is upon you. You stand up and hear the faint tinkling of a piano as the sun rises over the hilltops. The first light reaches you and you embrace the warmth, keeping yourself safe from the cool morning breeze. You watch as the world grows brighter, characterised by the background humming of a synthesiser as the piano becomes more prominent. The sun is in full view; the breeze stops and life begins to emerge from its shell.

The sound of running water is heard as you walk through the trees and you find yourself at the edge of a lake. The water reflects a radiant glare, shining toward the skies like a mirror to the sun. Water-filtered ambience fills the air. You are unable to face the glow and turn away, but can hear the sounds of birds arriving to take their morning drink. You walk away back into the shade of the trees. Eventually you come to a clear, open area filled with nothing but soft grass. You sweep the ground with your hand and feel the spongy earth beneath you. Looking up, you see that the sky is a brilliant shade of blue, empty but for an arc of doves that is silhouetted on the horizon. The sun now sits at its peak, the heat emanating an enveloping warm tone and the birds singing a resonant chiming that drifts towards you through the heavens.

You close your eyes and consider the memory you are creating, not yet remembered. By the time you open them again, the sky is growing darker and your day is coming to an end. You head back through the trees, the chill air following you as clouds begin to appear overhead. The clearing on the other side reveals a path alongside a few open fields. The clouds are now dark and the sun is almost completely hidden from view. A light rain begins to fall and the water settles on the grass of the meadows beside you, from a distance looking like tiny crystals shining in the last rays of sunlight making their way through the clouds.

The path finally leads to a fence. A series of bells hang on the wires, ringing in the afternoon breeze. The clouds have now blown over, revealing a brilliant red and orange skyline. The wind is growing in intensity and the trees are swaying from side to side. You climb through the fence, cautious not to get hooked on any sharp knots of wire and walk over the hill on the other side. As your eyes grow accustomed to the dimness of the grey evening, you realise that you are back where you started, the open land stretching for miles in every direction. You see the trees you first went through that morning and become aware of the fact that you have gone full circle. But as the last light begins to fade away and the stars begin to show, you decide you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. You sit down and listen to the piano play the final notes of your day as you close your eyes and drift off into a state of peaceful bliss.

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October 14th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Criticism is welcomed; this is my first time doing a review like this

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October 15th 2011


good job man, you pulled it off well. I still need to hear this, Ambient 1 is all sorts of boners.

October 15th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

album is brilliant

everyone who is interested in ambient needs to hear it

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October 16th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah this is amazing, nice review too dude

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