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Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This album is a masterpiece, many will argue being their best to date, but i personally believe each Tera Melos creation stands alone when judged by the masses. Taken as a whole, this is one of the most unique, quirky, spastic, spacey releases of its time


Let me first say that i am the Tera Melos Biggest Fan. This album is a masterpiece, many will argue being their best to date, but i personally believe each Tera Melos creation stands alone when judged by the masses. Taken as a whole, this is one of the most unique, quirky, spastic, spacey releases of its time. As i said earlier this is an album that is a masterpiece, it is only close to perfect, for what sets Tera Melos back as a whole on this album, is that this release is a transition period.


Colors: Clear, Plastic, Skin, Fur

You have heard it all before, the term "Math Rock". To pigeonhole this bands sound as two words is a disgrace in my opinion, and is a watered down mockery of what this band truly captures. The technicality, time signatures changes, the leopard tights, perfectly synch rhythms, and weird chord progressions, its all there. Now onto the dissection of the album. I suggest reading/listening the songs together, as to cool the story, nam sayin bra"

Main Colors:Grey Sky, Call Green, Happy, Spider Moss Brown, Shiny Angel ***, Cartoon Colors

Patagonian Rats can be an all weather/season album. There are warm/surfy parts (The Skin Surf) and then there are cold, dark, cryptic passages (Frozen Zoo/Party With Gina). If you haven't tried it yet, i suggest sleeping to this album, i have had intense enlightening lucid dreams with this playing. In the conscious state, i have constructed elaborate conspiracy theories and scientific equations in relation to the lyrics. This can be enjoyed as a drugged up adventure experience, or a sober straight forward cryptic American blueprint for mass destruction.

Colors: Twelve

The start of PR is in chunks, opening with "So Occult" an uplifting intro with ragtime electric piano and Nick Reinhart's snooty yet playful words filled with metaphors, contradictions and palindromes. Then "Kelly" hits you in the face with wizard-like guitar and pedal manipulation, heavy reverb, crashing drums and thumping bass. Something about this whole experience so far is so ritualistic, a routine you feel Tera Melos has played over and over their head. This explosion of noise and eerie words closes up before a champion guitar noodling when Nick sings the last line of the song, "I'll call you later."

Colors:Dark Blue, Hints of Pink, Then Explosion Vomit Green and Bursts of White, With Rainbows at the end.

"The Skin Surf" immediately comes in, hitting just as hard as "Kelly" did with jumpy guitar riffs and a stream of words that have the underlying conspiracy theories i was talking about earlier. "Free Radicals got me wonderin', theres no trace of science fiction around." It goes Deep. This track is fun, hoppy, and has a surf-like esque. One thing you notice about guitarist wizard Nick Reinhart in this song is his specific guitar tone. The Skin Surf and onward have the guitar tone at a very creepy level. Its like you can feel the vibration of every coil on the string off the guitar, hollering and hooting like a monkey, chip chirping away. Just imagine all this happening right in front of you. Nick going ham on a guitar and millions of pedals. Nathan following his every move on 4 string with even more Coil and vibration, and John doing the thinking in his head, what then to hit, how hard, this is something a group of wizards and meatball murderer's had a kill party for. And to think you the listener, came here to witness this. What do you think so far" are you turned on or off" What will your friends say about this album, will they judge you for its gibberish croons and description destruction" Its all Downhill for Demons and Demolish Ions, we have the right to decline construction. Its so Beautiful. Sun + Skin = Healthy"

Colors:Pizza Vomit Kiss Lava, Greyhound Oil Gray, Burnt Crab Grass Green

"Aped" slips its way in your house because you forgot to lock your door. This Melody isn't fun and games anymore, but this has the intensity as any other ***ed up story we have heard on this album, while still having fun watching the blood drip. Don't Freak Out. You are introduced to Nick whispering butt squirts and Calming bends, the house, check your back room.For He is describing the scene to you in his many Mickey Mouse impersonations. The Vocal layering is so crooshing and crashing and perfect. Nathan's bassline follows Nick along this blue ballad with precision and posse'. John is very clean, leaving little to no messes, but the occasional pee stain and greasy burger drip. Nick is just all over the place, ***ting in various corners and eating all the cheese. The song rests for a bit just before the three minute mark after all the rotting carnage and face melting in the photo worthy bridge. The rings and welts, and gentle clicks of the song try to help you remember what all happened. Just tell your Mom everything will be ok and you will get a degree in college. For Whom The Bells Toll.

Colors:Manatee Ocean Blue, Splashes and Splats of Blood Red, *** Brown, White, Sharp Black

You think its going to settle down, but "Trident Tail" wrapped its taily grip on you right before the middle of the album. This is where even more cryptic tricks are played, as the intro comes in, its electronica feeling to the point where you are a little turned off, but you seriously cant *** with a listening fan more than Tera Melos does, they made your toothpaste. This song is Nine Ramen Burrito Rat Meal Adventure. Playing passages and Egyptian-like climbing Christ Crucifixions. The Semen is everywhere. If The Skin Surf or Aped wasn't straightforward enough for you, Trident Tail's talk of placing trash in specific places and hair in bags will have you scratching your head. Halloween Mask time. Around the four minute mark is where a Police interlude of "Walking on The Moon" comes in, Nick is making sounds one is puzzled to decipher. All on top of Guitar and Bass gymnastics, its surprising John is keeping up throwing in his tribal powers. It chills out and then something weird happens, Let me just read you this block of madness, if you have enough powers,

(A Thousand Wigs that will Do)(For shifting Shapes into Others)
(And Twisting Waves in the Air)(And Disappointing our Fathers)
(I put the Hair in a Bag)(Was tangled up for a Bit)
(And Separate every Strand)(To make them Softer again)
~emotional breakdown,too much alcoholTtaco Bell~
(I found myself in this Can)(Every Now and Again)
(There is a Simple Truth)(At the Bottom of It)
~Insane Saxophone Solo by the beautiful Jason Boggs~

Now it is Locked into your mind what is going on here, do you understand now" It is all here everything you would ever need, it doesnt matter what you do with your life, as long as you cherish the moments for what they are, Lady or Man, the secrets are in your hand. Will you call them again"

Colors:Angel White Base, Choline Bleu', White but still Grey, Green, Ghost

Thinking about not unlocking it now is ungammable, taking a different down side turn to the doppelgangers is when "Frozen Zoo" arrives. A different track because the drums are copy and paste, but the mood is still unsettling. The playful panning comes back for a sixth round. The Layering is robotic yet still beats like a pumping heart. And what am i doing pressing keys on a robot connected to the wall. When we sample all the animals, where will they be" Someone might want to keep your DNA at minus two three eight. A murder A KA America.Bang,,,

Colors:Whale Blue, Green and Mean Pool, White Flash, Alien Persona

The middle of the album is just the middle of the album, but also a stopping point for people not ready to take on the rest of the album. You dont have to tell them that. "In Citrus Heights" any thing can go down, dirtier than the chollo family down the street when they run out of vaseline and easy mac, hungry kids and ripped rectums. The beat comes up again, as John pounds away hardcore punk style on the verses, with jazzy John Coltrane splashes that get your cousin excited to see you. A bro fist to the shoulder back again, i mean the last song talked about getting shot, do you really want to go on" Come on! Born with nothing to Lose! What do you have to lose, continue and save, but really Final Fantasy is for the hardcore people, if you have played all up until the ninth edition, then everything is taken down. Cathy of Sargent House would be proud. What Protects the Games from the Gamers is imagination. Plastic Figurines Shielding them inside.

Colors:Worn Street Grey, Suburban Shamrock, Irish Green, Citrus Orange

Was that Cartman" something about televisions or chicken eggs, obtaining TB who knows. Is there a solution for the ongoing "Skywatch" you might need a confusion then. Now beguiled at all the facts, this three minute ham hock mosies on in for the show. I dont know what Nick is saying here but its all up for interpretation. The Drums are very spiraly here, Nick sounds like he is molesting a bunch of hummingbirds and inserting a big magnet up his ass so the aliens can take him away. Nathan chillin' getting his dick wet, probably a veggie pizza. Its All Figaro, So Beguiled

Colors:Helicopter Grey/Gray Blade, Confusing Green, Clouds, Forest Rape Brown

Now its time to get down and dirty,"Party with Gina" this nine minute adventure evolves and tumbles, gets back up and is crazier than a Hobo with a Shotgun in a Old Nursery Home. Let the Mayhem Party speak for itself, moments of clarity washed out with reverb and noise, barely playful but still ***ing you even though its a dead corpse. All Hell breaks loose after duh six minute shark, as the song turns into a crashing internet breakdown with guitar clips and frequencies that let the aliens know you are aware. Coin head bumps as if Mario just keeps jumping, hitting his head smashing his brain into a fine goop, but you have all the golden coins the Jews will want. This is an intense brutal progressive salsa beat down, like before when "Trident Tail" was a build up then rest stop at "Frozen Zoo", "Party With Gina" is a build up, leading up to a Build up, of *** Ups. Intense Consumption.

Colors:Water Park Wash, Cluttered Gutter, Dirty Needles, Suffering Saffron, White Noise, Mario Dick

Hey Hey, its time for "Another Surf" to say *** You. I remember the video for this, so all i picture is Simpsons Sexual Bloody Carnage, repeating and repeating. Its The Skin Surf with a titty twist far than the eye can see. Layered underneath all the wankery John Zorn Freak Sax by Jason Boggs I assume, but i could just be giving you false information, i mean, are you really a Tera Melos fan, or do you have internet access, look I love you but i just dont have enough time write now, i have to make crazy Dubstep Remixes of Paula Deen getting Stegosaurus ***ed, and Record Rhythms Animal Collective would go crazy over, Sorry, Lets Continue, Even The King Has To Wash His Hands.

Colors:Cocaine White, Skin Shred Surf, Yonkers Yellow, Simpsons Sex Sax

Futbol, or Football, or Sock Her, you wife beaters, "Westham United" getting all alternative rock and punky on us, its the crack rocks sending you flying. With sensual "Oohs" and "Aahs" and odd verses. This is a Game where the Hand is our friend, We All look the Same. Who wears Clothes anymore" Thats so Aped, like Thats So Raven, she can tell the Future, but only once an episode, she didn't know she was going to be Dr.Dre's Bitch. Mental Issues" You got options. This track feel pretty adultish, maybe young adult, like 19 or 20, just before that 21 peak where all hell breaks loose. Talk is Talk, not GirlTalk,

Colors:Football Brown,

Its all untitled from here, the ocean of tapping tickles, the crusty craters, this has to be "Patagonia" but where is this place, Africa, America, An Illusion. The Storm of Horror. Hey its not Over yet, dont forget to bring "A New Uniform" things might get messy. This Song has Crystals just dusting out like fairies, and dancing mexican men screaming "AYayayChaya!" White Boys running around in tights, would Nick look so funny in tights! Nathan needs a Hitler Moustache and Cowboy Boots, John is kind of like Nes gong all ham with yo-yo's and Texas Roadhouse latex condoms. Primary Colors are old,This songs started with some 8 bit rage and a suicide note from Pantera. Then The Cystals came out, and its danky dank Purp Smurks underneath the dashboard. Every grain of Sand is still underneath your Key Bored, the Chinese Chicken has the Woman hostage, but what is going on" Weather Manipulation, Government Conspiracies, Alien Abductions, Storms of Horror. But now is the Finale.

You think iam Ape ***, yea, ABFAOGBBIUEGBSIGBE GOGOℊʊї☂αґ﹩ ﹩☂øямṧ ḉøᾔṧ℘ḯґα¢☤εṧOGN OGN GONAIFNA fab Fb GONA FLґαтṧ ¢ℌїᾔℯ﹩ℯ ʝℯẘṧ ¢♄ї¢кεη﹩ANGA THD℘øʟℯṧ ღ℮ⅾї¢☤ηℯ ḓґüℊ﹩ ḟ◎◎∂ EA DA BONGA HAWA WA DAINWDA SHEEBA AWROAк☤ʟℓ ṧ♄☺⊥ ℊʊη ṧнїт αηü﹩ ґℯ¢тüм ℊґ℮εᾔ NWA JA A A AYAYA AYAYAAYA THE CHILE SAUCE IN MY ANUS IN YOUR ANUS TOO, D.WHat I would want more in this album, is more, but everything is palced perfectly where it is.RIP DRIP, THE R KELLY DAVE CHAPPELE PEE PEE HERMAN HOUR AND TACO BELL FOR EVERYONE.Parts, feel rushed, but with a New Drummer,in a Transistion Period,you have to give them slack.This is a Beautiful album with an insane high-replay value. BIG BUCKS AND NOT CHO CHEEZ ITS NACHO BREEZEA the Nachos are very tasty ℙ@тαℊ☺ηḯαη ℛαт﹩, Finally, Secondary, Binary, Sick and Airy. This has been Patagonian Rats how do you feel, it would be best not to let the secrets out or your music will never be heard. It's All in Head, because this So Occult.

Colors:Shotgun Shine,Perfect Purple,Dark Days,Crystal Craters,Rainbow Road,Old Age Odes

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October 8th 2011


what should i review next,am bored, one love

October 8th 2011


Panda, our biggest fan, you are king!

October 8th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

hey nick! sweet riffs

October 8th 2011


Very unique writing style. I've always had a notion that I should look into purchasing something by these guys.

October 9th 2011


hey thanks!the only other physical copy i have seen is the Double Gate LP i found in ATL, i live in Columbus. I bought 2 CD's from them when i saw them live for the first time.Some record stores said they dont carry that kind of stuff,but you can always buy from their store

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