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Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Victor Wooten. Jack of all trades. He can play everything from funk, to jazz, to reggae, to hip-hop, to classical, and nothing shows his talent more then his solo debut album A Show of Hands**

At the age of four his brothers where starting a band and needed a bassist. So vicís older brother took him aside and gave him a bass and the Wootens where formed.* After recording an album in 1985, but after receiving little to no commercial success the wootens found other gigs.* Vic decided to move to Nashville and met a banjo player by the name of Bťla Fleck. Adding Fleckís brother for drums and Howard Levy on keyboards and harmonica the The Flecktones where born. The group earned numerous accolades, including four Grammy nominations and a number one album on the jazz charts. *

As the 90ís went on still playing with The Flecktones Wooten also started a solo career.* And in 1996 he released the album that is in constant rotation in my stereo.* The only two instruments on the album are bass and vocals.* Now donít stop reading now, because I know your saying to yourself ďhow can a CD with only bass on it can only be called music, and how could it even attempt to hold my attention." Simple.* When you hear him play the bass you just get a feeling like this is what he is meant to do and he does it damn well.* Wooten fills every song with passion and emotion, and with all the high points and the few low points in this magnificent CD it to will be on constant play on your play list.*


U Canít Hold No Groove starts out with some sound advice for victor.* A few bass strums later and we are right into the funk.* This song just makes you want to bob your head along with it. Itíll give you a bounce in your step, and makes me just feel good whenever I give it a listen. About 2:50 through the song come some voices that are very sing alongey, but donít get me wrong they are not cheesy at all. Just sing along and be a good boy. Remember that reggae I was telling you about. Good because here it is in the shape of More Love This has more of a psychedelic to it but it is still mind blowing to hear what Wooten is doing on the bass. He can literally make that instrument of his sing.*

Now turn down the lights and call that special someone in the room with you, because the next song of notice is Overjoyed This song gives you a sense of being on a nice boat in the middle of the pacific without a care in the world.* Waves of peace of solace should just be running over your, as you drift away. Sadly though at 2:56 it is the shortest song on this album.* The next song takes a complete Uíe. At the beginning of A Show of Hands he is poping those strings like he is angry at them. Playing two melodies at once going from left to right it creates a sense of confusion, and distortion. At around 1:30 the anger stops and it becomes peaceful again. Just close your eyes and let the music wash over you. Slowly it build. Faster and faster until we are at that hectic pace again, but this has a much happier jazzy felling to it. A bit further he drops an octive and the music becomes overwhelming. He goes back to the first bass line and cutts you off their.*

ďYou have just been listening to a melody of jazz tunes performed on the electric bass guitar performd by Victor Lamant Wooten.We will now hear his performance classic thump prelude written in G major. Written for qutro stringgendo elktronik.* Your listening to the classical hour on W-00-10.Ē* If you have ever heard a classical music station then youíll know that they sound just like that. Now on to the real song. Breath taking. Stunning. I need a thesaurus to describe how good Classical Thump is. Now imagine, if you will, if Yngwie Malmsteen played slap bass. That is proably as close as I can come to describing what this song sounds like. It is as if Mozart came into his body and composed this for him. If I am ever abele enough to play this song I know that my life is complete. *

Now take what you just heard on the last song and transfer it to funk. It grooves and wooves and moves, and around 2:25 Vic just goes off and blows your mind with a crazy triplet slap solo. He brings it down but donít change the song he isnít done yet. He brings it back and just grooves out for a few more minutes.*

Jiga ba jiga ba jig jig jiga ba

The Low Point

There are some Medicore songs on this believe it or not. The Vision proably couldíve been stronger. And Justice Ö well I donít really like any hip-hop songs. I guess thatís it ;)

Final Word

Iím not going to waste my time doing a recommended track section and just say save yourself the hassle and go get this album. Run, walk, jump, drive, even push over an old lady or two if you have to just do yourself a musical favor and get thisÖ well what are doing go get it.


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December 15th 2005


grrrr bad sputnik bad

Storm In A Teacup
December 15th 2005


I'll wait to read until you fix it.

Victor Wooten=:cool:

December 15th 2005


Cool. Great review of an awesome bass player staple. We all know Classical Thump is the most intimidating slapping ever.

Yo Victa, listen what ever you do, I want you to remember this here- U can't hold no groove if you ain't got no pocket. *muted slap and pop*

December 15th 2005


Victor Wooten is god. I need to get this.

Decent review.

December 15th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Wooten is the greatest bassist alive, but I don't like listening to entire albums by him. He's much better in short bursts.

Broken Arrow
December 15th 2005


Awesome album and great review. This is the only album by Victor I have. (besides a bootleg)

December 16th 2005


Thankyou everyone on commenting, and i remind you to please vote whether it was well written, or not.

Victor Wooten truelly one of the best bassist to pick up the four string. I got him at #3 on my list

3. Wooten
2. Claypool
1. come one just look at my avatar. Jaco Pastorius

December 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Victa man what a great bass player, i love him. Classical thump is my favorite its jsut so fucking good. I still have trouble playing it. I hope to meet him one day.

Chris K
December 28th 2005


The Vision is awesome! Good review though!

January 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

The album is Kicking man! Nice review.

Manticore Guy
February 1st 2006


Very good review of a great cd.

April 20th 2006


Vic is the man, I can play Overjoyed and some of Classical Thump but I can't quite hit the double thump all the time.
Vic Wooten is one of my favourite bassists.

10. John Entwistle (RIP Thunderfingers)
9. Geddy Lee
8. John Myung
7. Billy Sheehan
6. Victor Wooten
5. Ryan Martinie
4. Marcus Miller
3. Flea (I know he doesn't measure upto some bassists, but he's the main reason I started bass
2. Dirk Lance (another reason why I started bass)
1. Stuart Hamm (this guy makes me cream my pants)This Message Edited On 04.20.06

January 29th 2016


Album Rating: 4.5

Definitely one of the best bassists out there :]

February 16th 2017


Album Rating: 4.5

Overjoyed is so damn beautiful

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