Napalm Death
Time Waits for No Slave



by Cheesewireism USER (30 Reviews)
October 4th, 2011 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

this is my review quite literally right after listening to scum. i simply must say, this album is too much better.

the tracks are longer, therefore i am able to play more with the beats of the tracks. the changeups are superb. there is a much more musical/melodic theme to this album while still maintaining the hard guitars and trademark death metal lyrics. really the only thing that this album lost at that scum beat the *** out of, is is the lyrics. TWFNS doesnt give that amzing echoing aspect that i talked about in my last review. this album gave me more a feeling that i can just listen to it casually and allow the music do its job. unlike with scum a i had to really to be invloved in the short ass songs to be able to racongnize whats going on.

What really gets me with TWFNS, is just the length of time i traveled to get to it. scum being made in 1987, and TWFNS in 2009. 2009! i was under the impression that good music no longer existed. everything had moved to mainstream crap. pardon my ingnorance. this album is great for the casual grindcore fans. you dont to live for metal to listen to this album. you might appreciate it more if you did. but music shouldnt have to feel like you have to listen to the whole damn thinbg to like it. NP, fantastic job with finally giving me that feeling. this album will definitely be closer at the top than scum.

this album gives the listener a more relaxed feeling with much more melodic guitars. keep in mind, TWFNS and Scum, are the only albums ive listened. so they're might be a better album than both of them combined. I hear Fear, Emptiness, Despair is the best. but that'll be for later. for now im hooked on this album, and since this band has 20 albums, i wanna be able to enjoy this one for now. it has been a while since i found grindcore as good as this. others i listened to before, i find it a waste of time to even mention their names.

things that catch my ear whenever a heavy metal album starts, is that it doesnt just blare out and slice up your eardrums, which is what this album does. i mean to me, grindcore is grindcore, but a band is not a band, there is a basic image that grindcore has to maintain, but bands dont all have to the same or handle it the same way. basically the way i compare this album to other heavy metals is that this album has plenty, oh so plenty amounts of change. i like, no require, no desire, no NEED change in albums. each album should have its basic image and overall meaning. again due to my ingnorance, i find it difficult to find one in heavy metal. it just looks like bands like NP throw out random names adn lyrics. though i am 99.99% sure that they dont. i just need to pay more attention. oh wait, this album is a lot more laid back, so i DONT have to.

it's really hard to defend a noise band. come up with an excuse for their very existence to someone who cant appreciate what or who they are. Napalm Death isnt just noise. i find them very unique in the world of heavy metal. TWFNS really expresses that aspect.

i cant really go song through song explaining the pros and cons of it. i feel that no one should be succomed to my opinion. i DO NOT want to ruin the experience of finding a band you like for someone. if you want to know what the songs are like, then you go on out and find out for yourself. music is purely subjective, no 2 people are going to have the EXACT smae views on any music. im just saying that you need to try to appreciate what your listening to. so that leads me to the conclusion that TWFNS is purely what you expect. a friend told me that it was a good album, so phsychologically speaking, i expected it to be good, and i listened to it really hard and liked it.

setup is important for every album. you could have the best songs in the world and make it impossible for you to pick which ones will be singles. but if you dont piece them together right, then you could ruin the experience for everyone. i think that TWFNS really sets itself up with diversity and change, and stereotypes, and averageness. you have your blend of the expected and unexpected, and suprising that a lot of metal bands cant give to you, all switched up and used for eachother to build the album UP. a perfect blend of styles that reflect not just your own, but others. o matter how much you want to deny it, there is even a classical aspect in this album. country/hip hop, its all in here. you just have to look for it.

in conclusion, i must say this album hits, more than it misses, other than weaker vocals than Scum, this album is perfect for anyone who likes (even only a little bit) grindcore. it is a casual album with surprises around every corner that makes you feel mature and a little funny. basically, all im saying is that this album is a lot less bias than Scum. the population of metal lovers can enjoy is increased ten-fold from their first album. i also enjoy that fact that as many years it had since Scum, and Napalm Death is still going strong. they dont seem to be falling back at all. and as much change as ive encountered between the 2, helps me to look to the future of napalm listening to be better, cause of the change that most likely they have taken in other albums over time.

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October 4th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

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I know him in real life and he's not a troll dude.

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October 4th 2011


One review a day.

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