The Plot In You
Wife Beater



by bbdmittenz USER (25 Reviews)
October 3rd, 2011 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If anger had a sound, it would undeniably sound like this.

Only so much can be said for this release; What you hear is what you get.

The Plot In You make it very clear from the very beginning of the title track that they are not here to give you sweet melodies and soaring, clean vocals. Landon Tewers (former guitarist/screamer of the post-hardcore outfit Before Their Eyes) proves this through a throaty, guttoral based vocal technique, which takes center stage through most of this entire EP. Clean singing makes a brief appearence in "Small Face," which would be a sign of things to come (the song was re-recorded for their debut LP "First Born"). If you are looking for another run-of-the-mill, sing-song, risecore, breakdown band: Look elsewhere.

This music is truely angry. The Plot In You does everything they can to be as brief as possible. The song titles reflect the simple and aggressive nature the band takes in its songwriting on this extended play. Although it becomes apparent that creativity has taken a backseat, these songs feature hard-hitting breakdowns, and in some instances, pure dissonance. Tewers' lyrical approach is similar; very aggresive, and very simple. Although hard to hear at most points, Tewers' lyrics tackle issues such as child abuse, and molestation.

The guitar riffing is simple, but not bland. These low-tuned guitars feature slight hints towards djent, and effectively complement the overall gritty nature of the music. Although at times slight melodies may be heard, they are instantly transitioned into cold dissonance. The drumming solidifies the sound of this band by taking hardly any risks at all. Aside from some off-kelter breakdown rhythms, most verses are solid two-steps, topped off with crashing cymbals and calmly executed double-bass.

Lest we forget, the star of the show here is Landon Tewers. The vocals lay the foundation for a haunting blend of music. "Abuser" features a painfully low growl that segues well into one of the finest, and cleanest breakdowns on the records. "Guts" (clocking in at a whopping 1:23) is a true assault of dissonance and anger. The entire song is one long chug, intercutted with heavier sections and more incredibly, low growls from Tewers.

From start to finish, this release contains some very heavy music. The creativity is lacking on the musical front, but Tewers' vocals are sure to offer some type of freshness to your music library. Going into this listen with open ears is the best way to enjoy this album for what it is; Pure anger.

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October 3rd 2011


I'm sorry, I had to stop reading when I got to this:
"This music is truely angry."

October 4th 2011


beginning of the title track that they are not hear to give you sweet melodies


Digging: Vreid - I Krig

October 4th 2011


And by all means, what is a clean breakdown?

October 4th 2011


Fix the spelling errors, and you're fine. Okay review. Decent band - "First Born" has grown on me a lot, though I still think they mimic FTFD too much at times.

October 4th 2011


god this band suucks

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