The Black Doves
Moments of Clarity



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Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The dallas texas based alternative band The Black Doves have put out quite a rare, surprisingly good modern rock album.. But perhaps the most impressive thing about this album are the vocals.. A varied collection of alternative/modern rock is topped off w

The Black doves are a high-energy rock band from dallas texas. There are countless influences that can be found on this album, this making it diverse. Feel free to give me feedback on how well you think my first review was written!

Chapter: The verse starts out with a dark, fingerpicked electric guitar riff, and some pretty interesting drumming, leading into a catchy chorus followed by a loud electric guitar passage... The chorus features a twangy, distorted guitar riff, that is simple, but very catchy. The lyrics are quite well-written, introspective, and seem to be about a couple who are reflecting on the ups and downs of their relationship, which is made evident by the lines "Our favorite parts are memorized, And the greyer moments colorized. Our past contained and put away, To be picked up another day. I pick it up every now and then, And wish I could go back again" The song seems to convey a sense of nostalgia, and the music fits the lyrics very well thus making for a great song

Beautiful Tragedy: The first verse features strong melodies which are quite prominent throughout this entire album, and a hooky arena-sized chorus to follow it. The bridge features the lines "You can't go back, You can't go no you can't go back, but you can't stop looking back, oh no, you can't stop looking back" which then leads into a melodic, technical, and well-played guitar solo. The lyrics seem to touch on topics like failure to meet ones own expectations and regret, which is clarified in lines such as "So you reach your epiphany. In your moment of clarity, all you thought were the victories, don't leave much of a legacy." The drums are also well done giving the song a high-energy feel.

Ask Me To: A fast-paced arena-rocker. This song starts off with a simply, crunchy electric guitar riff which is repeated throughout much of the song. Acoustic guitar passages are prominent throughout the song as well... But the song is mostly electric. The song features great lyrics and melodies, and the lead singer, Steve Wilson, stated the song is an open love-letter to his wife about trying to make up for all his shortcomings.. Overall... a good song.

I Wonder If She Knows: A beautifully written acoustic song, where keys are featured prominently, more so than any other track on the album. The lyrics are very well-written and seem to touch on the feeling you get when you desperately miss a loved one and you want them to come back to you, the lines "And I wonder if she knows How far she's gonna have to go. To keep me from asking her to come back home."
Drums kick in at about 3 minutes into the song. The song captures the emotion of longing and nostalgia very well, and makes me think of the times in my life that i'd like to go back to, and the people i'd like to see again. This all makes for a simple, yet excellent acoustic ballad.

Home: A simple pop-rocker. Not really a stand out track, but like most songs on this album, the song does boast a catchy chorus dominated by loud electric guitars... And keyboards can be heard in the verses if you listen closely. Lyrics are quite straightforward "It's so good to be back home, you've always been my own" Still a good song, but not the best on the album.

Like I Do: Another acoustic ballad in the same vein as "I Wonder if she Knows" But this song features larger amounts of fingerpicked acoustic guitar lines, chilling strings, and touching lyrics.. The lead singer claims the song is about asking God to watch over his son when he is away.. With lyrics such as "And I hope I can give you All that you demand And I close my eyes and thank my God for the gift within my hands. And I wonder if you'll take these words and make them all your own.
And I know you'll brighten up this world that you now call your home, And I pray that everyday He'll keep watch over you Like I Do", This song is a must-listen.

Give it Some Thought: An acoustic guitar driven verse is present until about a minute into the song, the after that, loud, thundering, explosive electric guitars that dare you to pump your fist dominate the rest of the song. The lyrics seem to be about a troubled relationship "Screaming for direction, Dreaming of connection, i hope this just makes the picture clear / weightless, leaving nothing take this all your suffering i have nothing left to give" Very energetic drums, and A fast, noisy, very well played electric guitar solo at the end makes this song well worth a listen.

These Moments: A very sad, yet touching power ballad. The verse starts with mournful acoustic guitars, then leads into a powerful, heartfelt electric chorus. The lyrics seem to be about recovering from the loss of a loved one, or a very bad breakup "And suddenly I can see that I can get through anything,
There's strength that lives inside of me, As long as I believe..." Overall, the song is bound to touch those who have suffered from the loss of a loved one or a bad breakup, as the lyrics are very relatable.

Learn to Live: Quite an upbeat pop-rocker, very different from the rest of the album... The song seems to be about a father who is letting go of his son and encouraging him to "Learn how to Live" The production value of this song seems to differ from the rest of the songs as well... As the vocals aren't as prominent.. The instrumentation is pretty good as well.. The drums are very well done thus giving the song a lot of energy.

Eyes Wide: This fast-paced rocker started off with a short acoustic guitar riff, and leads into loud, grungy guitars and vocals. The song doesn't appear to be a standout track until about 3 minutes into the song when the tempo changes and the solo begins.. The solo is fast, well played, and features loud drums, and lots of energy.. The lyrics appear to be about pursuing happiness, "Here we are, Eyes wide,
And breathless. Look ahead, Try to find, Happiness, Give it all up for this, destiny, and anything is possible while you're standing next to me"

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