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September 13th, 2011 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Is this album revolutionary? No, but it’s a good album none the less.

Progressive metal is overflowing with Dream Theater and Symphony X wannabes. Even the actual bands are stuck in a rut of similar sounding songs and stale albums. The genre is slowly dying out. If the giants of the genre are withering, why are Voyager, a relatively unknown group from the most isolated city on Earth, flourishing" Because they are not only Progressive Metal, they are so much more.

While the composition of Voyagers songs are primarily progressive, they are also very melodic, catchy, energetic and at times refreshingly simple. Voyager takes every musical parameter known to man and develop it to the extremes.

Land of the Lies kicks off the album with Danny Estrins epic voice proclaiming that he is the revolution before Simone Dow and Chris Hanssen launch into a tasty riff that sets the mood for the whole album. The vocals and guitar are the most prominent on this track while keyboards are buried deep in the mix and are there for the purpose of building atmosphere. While this song is at a medium pace, drummer Mark Boeijen pulls off fills that are not amazingly flashy but defiantly add depth to the song. There is a keyboard solo that is quickly mirrored by the guitar. This song, like so many other Voyager songs finishes on the chorus making it ridiculously catchy.

Common Ground starts the same way that Land of the Lies does, a volume swell that leads to a riff. The Vocals are again the focal point but this time the lyrics are substantially weaker than the opening track. Yet again, It is ridiculously catchy.

The catchiness continues with Lost, the second single from the album. The track is quite memorable due to its great melody and the guitar solo towards the end is quite phenomenal.

The Devil in Me, is the first single of the album, and like the other tracks on the album it is ridiculously catchy. Defiantly a memorable track.

Close your Eyes is the longest track on the album tracking just over 6 minutes. It is also the heaviest and most complex. The vocal delivery is absolutely stunning, not only is it very powerful it is also very tender and heartfelt as well. The guitar solo is absolutely great as well although I find the tone a little weak. Also ridiculously catchy track.

Total Existence Failure is a heavy track due to the drums and the guitar. Again, it is extremely catchy. The only problem is the growl vocals are quite weak.

Straight to the other side is a good track that features a great riff, great vocals and bass playing from Alex Canion. It also features a spoken word section in Russian talking about mistakes of the previous generations. Finishes on a chorus. Again Highly catchy track.

In my arms is the strangest track on the album. It starts with just the vocals and arpeggiated, techno like keyboards. Strangely it is also a ballad and even more strangely it works.

Times like these is quite a weak track. It has all the typical voyager elements, but for some reason it does not stick or work together.

One the run from the world is just pure awesome. It is complex, intricately woven, melodic, quite heavy and again, super catchy. The piano during the interlude is a stroke of genius. Defiantly give this one a listen.

Without a sigh is also a weird track, quite eerie and haunting. Worth a listen just for the strange Indian influences. Shortest track on the record that is just 1:45.

The last track opens with a spoken word quoting Orwell’s 1984, building into a riff that sadly, lacks energy. The keyboard solo’s do make up for it somewhat but this track is not nearly the best on the album.

So here is my verdict. I am the ReVolution is a good album with some great songs. Sadly some songs tend to blend into each other. It is interesting, complex, beautiful, haunting and supremely catchy.

Is this album revolutionary musically" No, but it’s a good album none the less.

Then why is it called, I am the ReVolution" Because Winston from 1984 would listen to this. And because the party would ban it. And because the central lyrical theme is of freedom.

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September 13th 2011


This review started off well enough but once you got to the tbt section the quality of your writing stops. Saying this track is good and catchy isn't a very good description, it doesn't really give anyone an idea what is sounds like, all I got was that they sound like Dream Theater. Sorry if I came across harshly, just sharing some friendly criticism.

September 13th 2011


yeah and they dont even sound like dream theater

these guys are from my city, i saw them live maybe 4 or 5 years ago. not too bad but definitely not my thing.

September 13th 2011


Defiantly a memorable track

Defiant? Lol, same thoughts here as the Arkitecht.

April 4th 2016


These guys are great live, so much stage presence! Their music is made to be played live and they really nail it.

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