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December 7th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

I found this album while traulling around Napster looking for tracks I didn't have, and thought I would give it a go. To be honest, it completly took me by suprise. I think I only knew one or two of the bands which contributed to this CD (the big name on this CD obviously being Weezer). Basically this is just another run-of-the-mill tribute album, where most of the tracks don't really amount to much, which is quite disappointing, but I suppose it's got to be expected. Because this cd was released in 2003, there are NO tracks featured from the band's latest LP, American Idiot.

1) Rudiger - 2000 Light Years Away
Great way to start a tribute album, with the guitars loud and a great drum attack. This track was originally on Green Day's Kerplunk album. This is more-or-less a straight cover of the originally track, with everything sounding good, even if the vocals are a little whiny in places. Good start. 8/10

2) Inspection 12 - F.O.D.
This cover has removed all the aggresion which made F.O.D. great in the first place, replacing raging guitars with piano, and guitars which meander around the track, not really adding it. The vocal is a little pure for my liking, and it takes the attitude away, and leaves it a little action-less. 5/10

3) Wirebox - When I Come Around
This is the first real attempt to change a track to fit their own style, although this is turning a pop-punky song into pure pop, which is something I've never really understood anyways. This band also has a female voice, which suits the music they have created. There is one thing which really bugs me about this track, is that there is one note on the synth which sounds awful, which I think is in the bridge going into the chorus. Interesting take on a "Dookie" track. 6/10

4) Fenway Park - She
Another "Dookie" track, taken into their own style. This does have a strange twist, as it interchanges with a 6/8 time signature, along with an acoustic guitar accompanying the electric guitar. I don't particularly like the 6/8 time signature changes, because when it switches back to 4/4, it doesn't really sound like it fits. Not a fan of the vocals, but an average attempt. 6/10

5) The Velma Fix - Basket Case
The solo! This is what a cover version should be all about. They have taken a track which is in their style, and added a ripping solo in the middle of it. This is one of my favourites on the disc, and a welcome change to the attitudes of the previous three tracks, as they've kept the punk rock attitude and spirit in this version. Great cover! 9/10

6) Insomniac - Minority
First off this is pretty a straight cover of Minority, and for the most part it is the same. The distorted guitar tone is very grungy, and I felt the clean guitar parts were too quiet, although this might have been the way wanted it to sound. A satisfactory track. 7/10

7) Weezer - Worry Rock
This is the big track on this album, and I feel this is one of the best tracks on the album. Rivers and co have taken this track, pulled it apart, and replaced the distortion with acoustic guitars and string sections, which really works with this track. The arrangement that Weezer have done with this track is really great, and a generally great version. 10/10

8) Taking The Fall - Redundant
I seriously don't understand this cover. This has been turned into something completely different. There are elements I like the second verse (until the screaming...yes you read that right, screaming), but for the most part it's something I don't really understand. Strange cover version. 5/10

9) Wester - J.A.R.
My favourite part of the track...the bass riff at the start, and guess what...they omitted it! Otherwise it's a straight cover except the Drop D thing in the middle, which is really annoying anyways. The vocals are really annoying for me, but apart from that, it's fine. 7/10

10) Up Syndrome - Going To Pasalacqua
The vocals sound really painful on this track! They've just basically taken the original track and made it faster, Apart from the vocals, theres nothing here which really annoys me, although the bass sounds out of tune in places. 5/10

11) Knockout - Burnout
A justified cover of the first track on "Dookie". This stays true to the originally, and the vocals on this track aren't too bad. The drum fills are pulled off effortlessly, and this is a pretty good rendition of the track, which is one of the highlights of the CD. 9/10

12) Mc Dolly - Macy Day's Parade
This track properly irritates me, because this was written as a heart-felt ballad, and speeding it up and adding distortion doesn't work. I didn't love the original, but I don't really like this either. Clocking in at a relatively short 1:44, this isn't an amazing track, and doesn't really add to the original. 5/10

13) Pensive - Christie Road
This cover takes us into the kind of rock ballad which usually comes from America. I don't care much for the introduction (the first two minutes), but the last one and a half minutes are pretty good, taking the originals ending and making it a little more attacking in terms of sound. Pretty good. 7/10

14) Wheelie - Rest
I just don't get this track at all. It's four minutes long, yet I can't really find anyway to descirbe it. Dance beat, acoustic guitar, voice which sounds reminisant of Billie Joe himself. It's not really a great way to end the album, or at least I didn't find it ended the album. 4/10

14b) BONUS TRACK: Rutherford B. Hayes is dead - All By Myself
This is quite a cool bonus track, as this was the original bonus track with "Dookie", which adds to the original by adding a cool bass part, and interuptions from random people. This, believe it or not, adds more mentality to the original track written by Tre Cool. 8/10

Overall I wouldn't buy this album, basically because most of the renditions on here aren't my type of thing, despite the fact Green Day have been one of my favourite bands for about 5 years. If you have Napster or something similar, I'd suggest downloading the tracks by Weezer, Velma Fix, Rudiger, and Knockout, simply because they do Green Day the most justice.

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Two-Headed Boy
March 19th 2006


I want to hear the Weezer song. It sounds pretty awesome. Very good review for a tbt. Keep it up!
lol i'm you're only commenter.

The Sludge
May 12th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

the weezer song is the only thing redeemable on it. DONT GET SUCKERED IN BUYING IT!!!!!

August 22nd 2014


Man, 2005 mustve been a weird time for Sputnikmusic...

August 22nd 2014


Man, 2005 mustve been a weird time for Sputnikmusic...

September 5th 2014


i just bought it last night-gotta wait for it to turn up tho.glad i found this ,cause it gives me a heads up on what to expect.....

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