The Prize Fighter Inferno
Beaver Records EP



by ThirdBestShanker USER (1 Reviews)
August 13th, 2011 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Think of this EP as more of a single, with "Gears" its A-side and "Schultz" as the inferior B-side.

What a strange record this EP, composed by Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez, aka the Prize Fighter Inferno, turned out to be. Hell, what a strange record its predecessor, the full-length My Brother's Blood Machine was. A concept album following two mutated children and their obsession with a contraption capable of harvesting human souls, after all, can hardly be considered run-of-the-mill. Yet even for fans acclimatized to Coheed and Cambria's standard twisted sci-fi/horror concepts, the oddball electro-acoustic pop rock of Blood Machine seemed particularly out-of-left-field.

At the end of the day, however, Blood Machine was still a respectable album. Sure, it sounded like Claudio Sanchez had hijacked Postal Service, or even, *shudder* Owl City, yet the tunes remained strong throughout, the singing was standard Sanchez falsetto wailing, and the record even contained two true standout tracks: The acoustic/synth hybrid "Who Watches the Watchmen"," and the industrial rocker "78."

And with the Prize Fighter Inferno's first EP, the two-track Beaver Records, Sanchez attempts to rekindle the same fire that sparked Blood Machine's two zeniths. Does he succeed" If the first track, "Gears", is any indication, absolutely. With its driving drum machines and ambient mechanical grinding in the background (hence the title), it even manages to improve upon "78's" industrial-rock design. The chorus soars, some simple piano melodies enter the mix, we get some poppy background vocals in the style of Coheed and Cambria's "Blood Red Summer," and all in all, "Gears" proves itself an excellent song.

And then "Erizo Schultz," the second of the EP's two songs, rolls around. A pleasant if repetitive melody ushers the listener in, and soon the vocals enter. Though not actually sung by Sanchez (rather, his wife Chondra fills in) the vocals still get the job done. Yet therein lies the problem with "Schultz"; Nothing, not the vocals, not the hooks, not the synths, nothing really stands outs. Though the four minutes pass inoffensively enough, the track simply lacks the sheer catchiness of the aforementioned "Who Watches the Watchmen"" and outright neglects the nifty, semi-experimental style of "Gears." "Schultz" fails to forge its own identity and as a result ultimately ends up blending in with some of Blood Machine's lesser moments (*cough, "Easter" *cough).

But is the Beaver Records EP still worthy of the name Prize Fighter Inferno" Certainly. "Gears" can hold its own alongside past Prize Fighter staples, and even manages to surpass some of Blood Machine's best moments. "Erizo Schultz," on the other hand, lacks any real bite, hook, or anything to make the listener sit up and listen. Though not quite bad, it simply fails to leave any impression. The Beaver Records EP really stands as more of a single, with "Gears" its stunning A-side and "Schultz" the comparatively inferior B-side.

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August 13th 2011


Wow this review is borderline fantastic, and for a first?
Way to go kid. And also, never knew Sanchez's wife was named Chondra, but that's interesting haha.
Anyways, have your first ever very well deserved pos. edit: erm.. second ever.

August 14th 2011


My only problem with this otherwise great review is that you are really only comparing it to/holding it to the standards of "Watchmen" and "78". Why not compare it to the entire previous album? I hope that makes sense---I am tired and my thoughts aren't coming out straight.

To my memory there were a few non-standoutish tracks on Blood Machine---Easter springs to mind. Nevertheless, it was still a good listen. From the review, this is sorta the feel I get for "Schultz". Is that what you think? Would it fit right in on a longer CD?


Staff Reviewer
August 14th 2011


I didn't know this EP existed. To be honest, this sounds like it was more of a single than an out-and-out EP; I'll have to do so research (but that's neither here nor there).

Anyway, this was a solid review - especially for a first. Some minor niggles:

i.) acclimated


ii.) I have to agree with MarketingDirector's (lol what a username) contention that comparing this to WWTW and 78 is slightly weird and a bit off-putting. Granted, those two songs are awesome, but if you hinge an entire review on the basis of comparison (as opposed to the songs' individual artistic merits) you run the risk of going stale pretty fast in terms of writing depth. This kinda shows towards the end of the review.

iii.) Try putting inverted commas for song titles and italicization for album names next time. For italics, type: [i ] and [/i ] before and after the word. Don't forget to remove the spaces.

Otherwise, great review. Hope to read more from you soon. On a more album-related note, I thought The Prize Fighter Inferno sucked hard. I caught WWTW live once though, and that was pretty boss.


August 14th 2011


Great review especially for a first.

Digging: Belle and Sebastian - How To Solve Our Human Problems Pt. 1

August 14th 2011


Ill have to find this. The prize fighter inferno full length was pretty good.

August 14th 2011


very good review. i liked my brothers blood machine quite a bit and i didn't even know that this existed. and does anyone know if claudio is planning on releasing another full-length anytime soon?

August 15th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0


I agree, 'Easter' definitely didn't stand out for me either, nor did 'The Fight of Moses Early and Sir Arthur McCloud' (maybe

just because it was next to the superior 'Our Darling Daughter You Are, Little Cecillia Marie'). 'Schultz' definitely falls

under this category of "merely competent" songs.

I do however think that it would fit pretty well within a full length album, or maybe even as a nice hidden track. But as

half of this two song EP, I expect more from 'Schultz' than just competence. And the outstanding PFI outtake 'From China

With Love' could have easily taken its place. That would have bumped this EP up to a 4.5. Just saying.

August 15th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0


Thanks for the pointers! I think I addressed most of them, at least the grammatical aspects. And I'll definitely try to

judge songs on their own individual merits from here on out.

September 30th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Claudio Sanchez, aka the Prize Fighter Inferno

November 16th 2012


My Brother's Blood Machine is an awesome album, and MBBM was released way before that garbage known as Owl City. So if anyone hijacked anyone's sound Owl 'Garbage' City hijacked The Postal Service, and PFI sound.

March 19th 2013


Erico Shultz is a lot better than you made it out to be. It's on par with a lot of 80's synth pop hits.

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