The Boys From Brutalsville



by LakeeshaJackson USER (1 Reviews)
August 6th, 2011 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A well-rounded "Destructo Rock" album.

Though I was only familiar of this band's collaboration with GG Allin some time ago, I dove right into listening to this album. I had seen tags like "shocking" and "destructo" which didn't surprise me to much considering their cult-like following. While you won't find any extraordinary musical composition listening to this album, the songs have enough variation and energy to keep you coming back for more. The whole album has quite a bit of a cock rock and redneck vibe to it. It has it's repetitive moments and drives it's many wholesome messages into your brain, but never in a cheesy way. There are no heartfelt moments on this album. While singer Jeff Clayton may be singing the blues or rhyming about how much he hates immigrants, he "sings" it in such a nonchalant style, one may wonder if he is singing much at all the way he bellows his raspy voice. What he sings as well probably won't baffle or amaze anyone, but it's Antiseen. They have a signature sound on top of aggressive, humourous and sometimes offensive lyrics that many people can relate to (or wish they could).

The album does take turns throughout but keeps a clear direction. In the song "6 Days On The Road" we hear a fairly brief piano interlude at the beginning of the song that adds a touch of class to an already engrained macho feel to the album. This albums like an asshole a lot of people hate (but secretly respect) but it has it's charming moments too. I like to attribute those moments to songs like "6 Days On The Road", "Smoke And Fire", and "Broke Down Blues", where you hear a slightly different, toned down side of the band's personality. There are also plenty of layered sections in the song where you can hear samples like people talking, a bell, a helicopter and other tidbits. While I realize (for this type of music), those little things don't make or break an album, they definitely help it set them apart from their peers. I also believe these sounds help the songs keep structure as well, considering the guitar work isn't anything too inventive. The pacing of this album helps a lot to remedy that.

Having mentioned and implying the simplicity of this album, that seems to be it's primary downfall. If you're looking for any cutting edge punk, you probably won't find it here. The album loses it's merit after a few listens as it's more of a "party" album than anything. This is the kind of album I'd want to listen to before going hunting. If this album doesn't get you pumped up, then I'm not sure what will. Overall, this album does it's job and does it well. You may be nodding your head in approval or feeling like a sneak for hearing such rock and roll decadence at times throughout

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August 6th 2011


GG Allin, you say?
he's gonna piss on you.

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