14 Shades of Grey



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January 14th, 2005 | 79 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Artist: Staind
Album: 14 Shades Of Grey

Aaron Lewis - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Mike Mushok - Guitar
Jon Wysocki - Drums
Johnny April - Bass

Released: 2003 (Elektra)

Staind were discovered by Fred Durst. The bands relationship started with an argument with the Limp Bizkit front man over cover art for an EP but would grow into a relationship. Fred would invite them to Jacksonville, Florida where they would record 'Dysfuction' their first full studio album.

Well not to be derogatory to homosexuals or anything but somehow I think this album would have been better named '14 Shades Of Gay'. This is Stainds third studio album and probably their weakest. I've been listning to this for about two weeks now (I picked it up in a bargin bin for $5) and now I can understand why that was.

So what's wrong with this album? Well it does start off promisingly. 'Price To Play' the first single from the album is pretty interesting and has a cool intro and both 'How About You' and 'So Far Away' are pretty good tracks. They have good melodies and the lyrics are pretty decent. 'Yesterday' the fourth track really highlights Aarons vocals and it's a pretty track.

Now with this promising start you might be fooled as a listner into thinking what's the reviewer thinking first time you listen to the track. But even within the four tracks you will start to notice the thing that really kills this album.. Repitition! The lyrics are all towards the negative side of life and they all follow a somewhat repititive formula of large chorus, quiet verse and large bridge (Much like label mates Blindside on their album 'Silence').

Now we get to the fifth track 'Yesterday' oh wait I ment 'Fray' they both sound the same. Yes now your in for a repititive ride of songs. The sixth song 'Zoe Jane' sticks out a little bit and lyrically it's above par (It's a ballad for Aarons new daughter) however that same quiet, loud, melodic formula is there! 'Fill Me Up' is much the same. Very much a filler track. Aaron doesn't strech his vocals and it sounds much like any other song on the album. The chorus sounds like Aaron is falling asleep with his level of enthusiasm. Now we come to 'Layne'. If there were ever two songs in a row in the history of music that sound almost identical Staind here would be in with a great chance for the award. 'Layne' is a nasty song. I could probably write a paragraph on it but I want to let this review be readable. I could easily say it's the albums worst song and probably one of Stainds worst.

'Falling Down' is better. A lot better. Aaron decides he actually wants to put some energy in his voice and the melody in it is great. The chorus is a fantastic chorus and the formula Staind oh so often stick to is broken. As you can tell by the song title it's no song about walking in the park either (But is anything on this album?). Just when they have a good song they try and repeat it and come out with something called 'Reality'. It's almost exactly the same song just well it sucks. It's bland and doesn't have any X-Factor.

More of the same on 'Tonight'. Starts off promisingly, ends pathetically. By this time i'm nearly always reaching for the off button on my discman but for the reviews sake I will carry on. 'Could It Be' is another press of the skip button. I swear I just heard the same three songs in a row. 'Blow Away' is slightly better. It sounds different to the previous three songs and the singing is better than usual to. The lyrics are good in parts "Unzip my skin and leave in here" Bleak but interesting. I like the guitar riff during the verses it's very pretty and melodic. FINALLY the last song and it's called 'Intro'. Backwards logic I guess. It kicks in with drums and a very low bass riff for about a minute. Guitar slowly comes over but I don't like the melody it uses. The vocals come in with an echo effect. It's the final song and it's pretty boring. Much of the same you experience with the rest of the album.

So really if you like Staind and their previous work chances are you will enjoy this album but you will still be disapointed. Their previous efforts have been alot stronger. It's alot of bleak lyrics (Few exceptions like Zoe Jane) and rather samey songs (Reality, Tonight, Could It Be). It's mediocre nu-metal and it isn't anything that hasn't been heard before.

Rating - 1.75/5 :(

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March 22nd 2004


[QUOTE=hybridofsound]Artist: Staind
Album: 14 Shades Of Green[/QUOTE]


March 22nd 2004


haha, I agree with this review....Staind just suck, imo.

March 23rd 2004


[QUOTE=br3ad_man]haha, I agree with this review....Staind just suck, imo.[/QUOTE]

Si, Staind es el pooper. Not any better than the average emo group, even thought they're not considered emo.

March 23rd 2004


I can't believe you even wasted your time reviewing a Staind album... :lol:

You were to kind... :p

March 23rd 2004


If hybridofsound doesn't like it, then it has to stink!

Also... they have a song called "Yesterday?" That's pretty low of them, taking the title of one of popular music's most beloved songs and using it for your crappy song.

The best thing I could say about this album is that its title is apropros: just a bunch of dull, dreary tracks with only slight variations.

March 23rd 2004



:lol: Thanks for pointing that mistake out.

March 23rd 2004


Okay, I typed something up disagreeing with your statement that the album's lyrics were typically negative. I had quotes and everything. Unfortunately my computer kicked me off of the internet before it would let me post, so I'm not re-taking the 20 minutes it took me to type that up. Basically my point was that overall, the album was positive in message. It had its downer moments, but even those showed much more lyrical maturity than the typical lyrics from Break the Cycle. I will say that the album was absolute monkey sh*t; however, at the rate that the band is changing lyrically, two or three more albums, and they'll be a Christian band.

The JoZ
March 23rd 2004


My brother is a diehard Staind fan...and he loves the album...

I've heard bits of it...some songs aren't bad at all, but the rest are pretty crappy. Dysfunction was quite good, and even BTC was listenable. This one? Not really...which is such a shame, because it's not that they aren't talented...they just didn't use it right at all here

March 23rd 2004


Some of their songs are ok, and some are ok and get boring pretty fast. Overall I'd say that Staind is a dull band.

March 23rd 2004


Tormented was ok, Dysfunction was great and BTC was awesome.

14SG was meh. They seem to have lost the urge.

March 23rd 2004


this album was good the first time till track 4.
after that, even the first four songs couldnt save it.
very very generic.

March 24th 2004


[QUOTE=Nazi Bassist]My brother is a diehard Staind fan...and he loves the album...

I've heard bits of it...some songs aren't bad at all, but the rest are pretty crappy. Dysfunction was quite good, and even BTC was listenable. This one? Not really...which is such a shame, because it's not that they aren't talented...they just didn't use it right at all here[/QUOTE]

What are you talking about? They're just like anyother Nu-Metal band that uses the occasional ballad. The music is really boring due to it's lack of non-whininess.

March 24th 2004


Lol, 14 shades of green :lol:

Anyway, umm, so far away is the only staind song I enjoy.

March 25th 2004


"So Far Away" is actually somewhat catchy. not a bad song IMO.

March 25th 2004


Yeah, that's the one I meant.

June 29th 2004


[QUOTE=DarkstarPunk2468]If u want a good band listen 2 slipknot, linkin park, or senses fail[/QUOTE]

Hahaha ur musik suckks!!11

But seriously, let he who is without sin cast the first stone at the glass house (mixed metaphors).

Ian Carter
June 30th 2004


nice review i eally like that banned.

btw i am not daniel green.

July 21st 2004


I agree that 14 Shades of Grey was a letdown. I really enjoyed Break The Cycle though. :upset:

July 21st 2004


Staind used to be a good band. They had energy and they were somewhat "Raw" hehe. But now they just lost it. And their unplugged MTV performance was horrible. Oh man, i was in pain just thinking of it.

July 21st 2004


Staind can never be a good band again because they've taken the sacred metal tradition of the power ballad (used sparingly in the 80s as a single or hit song), and applied it to every single song they put out for radio play. Power ballads are not something you can base an entire band on!

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