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Release Date: 1970 | Tracklist

In the Beginning, there was blues rock, and out of the blues rock was spawned a genre of music that was very different.
Back then it seemed without form, and was constantly being experimented on by the rock artists.
Then came along guitarist Tony Iommi, who started the eerie monster riffs, now seen as the start of heavy metal.
Tony's riffs said one thing and one thing only, "Let there be Heavy Metal", and lord behold, there was just that.

Yeah, I bet everyone kind of gets what I'm saying here, Black Sabbath was the start of heavy metal. So let us begin.

Black Sabbath are:

Tony iommi - Guitar
Geezer Butler - Bass Guitar
Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals, Harmonica
Bill Ward - Drums

You could notice the Blues influence right away with tracks such as "Warning" and "Evil Woman", but thats because those are covers of other Blues Rock songs, only made a tad heavier. The Blues Rock influence is still present in the other songs, but not as much. The Heavy Metal aspect is present by a whole lot in "Black Sabbath", "The Wizard", and "N.I.B".

Black Sabbath has lyrics that range from Fantasy to just plain Horror, seriously, you try listening to "Black Sabbath" on your MP3 player, with full volume on, in the middle of the night while you are alone at home, and not get scared out of your mind when you hear that opening riff. Some of the lyrics are anti-government such as "Wicked World", and some are inspired by literature, like "Behind the Wall of Sleep".

The guitar work, now we're talking. The guitar work is an absolute A+, the monster riffs, the solos, everything. Tony Iommi became famous for creating the heavy metal riffs, and "Warning" represents his soloing skills. Lets not forget that Black Sabbath had only two days to make this album, and one of them had to be for mixing the tracks, to come up that much guitar work in 24 hours is not just an achievement.

The bass work is just as good as the guitar, listen to "N.I.B", and you'll know what I'm talking about. The opening of "N.I.B" is pretty much the first heavy metal bass solo. And the bass on "Black Sabbath" gives it an even eerier atmosphere.

The nice, fast-paced, thumping drum work is some of the best in heavy metal history, at least in my opinion. The drum work in "The Wizard" is the true drum highlight. The drums and the guitar are the true driving forces of most of the songs.

And now we come to the vocals. Really, I don't like Ozzy's voice that much on this album, his vocals totally improve in "Paranoid" and "Master of Reality", but here it's just...dry. Don't get me wrong, I still admit his vocal performance in "Black Sabbath" is one his best performances ever (I mean, how could someone scream "Oh No!" and sound that scary). But the rest is just not that impressive. He still gives an awesome harmonica performance.

Overall Score:

- Awesome riffs and solos.
- The Heavy Sound of "Black Sabbath", "N.I.B", and especially "The WIzard".
- The scary vocals and lyrics of "Black Sabbath".
- How could anyone use a harmonica in Heavy Metal and make it sound so awesome.

-Unimpressive vocals (with the exception of "Black Sabbath").
- "Warning" and "Evil Woman" are just not as good as the rest, I'll bet anyone can agree with that.

Recommended Tracks:
"Black Sabbath"
"The Wizard"

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July 11th 2011


Good review

July 11th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

Thank you

July 12th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

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