So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes



by Vaya USER (6 Reviews)
January 14th, 2005 | 18 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

it's my job to keep punk rock elite:
this could be your average nofx song, but i also could be the average man but i am not. yes this is a regular nofx song sticking to there punk rock roots 9/10

kids of the k-hole:
starts with off with a little bass, this is song to me sounds nothing like nofx, i like it 9/10

murder the government:
its only 45 seconds so its not really a full song, its pretty much just saying "murder the government" 7/10

monosyllabic girl:
the lyrics to this song are hilarious, this song is also only 54 songs, but what do you expect nofx they have short fast songs 7/10

180 degrees:
the begining of this song reminds me of a metal band, then it gets straight into a ska beat very nice. then later on during the song its the average nofx song. its pretty original 8/10

all his suits are torn:
starts out slow, this isnt an average fast beat nofx song its slower not bad 7/10 the guitars kinda annoy me for some reason in this song during the verse

all outta angst:
ahh yes a ska based song, any ska fan that does not like nofx WILL like this song, nofx can always switch there genres of music. 10/10

i'm telling tim:
well this song uses a ska and an average punk beat, i have no clue what he is saying during the song sounds like jibberish, its not english trust me 6/10

dads bad news:
start out with a little bass line then it comes in to this beat that sounds like the offspring, actually this could make a good offspring song 7/10

kill rock stars
your average nofx song. 8/10

eat the meek:
once again another ska based song, very very slow song compared to all the other songs on this record, it mixes reggae with it a little to. nofx is so original and unique on this cd 10/10

the desperations gone:
the begining is really cool with the bass, its pretty calm in the beginning then gets straight into that fast punk rock 9/10

flossing a dead horse:
also another ska based song, there are no vocals in this song so if you cant stand nox vocals you would probably like this song

quart in session:
this is an average pop punk song, its pretty cool to listen to when your just kicking back 9/10

falling in love:
this song is a regular nofx song then about 3 minutes after its done howard stern comes on and says how this stuff isnt rocking , 7/10

i give this cd 8/10 not nofx's best cd but its definatly something i like to listen to when i feel like a slower nofx

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-El Hefe-
March 21st 2004


There are only a few songs I haven't heard from this cd, but I don't have the actual cd. I think I might look for it at Hastings today. I doubt they'll have it though becuase that place sucks....

Good review.

March 21st 2004


Well done on the review, and there are some great songs on this album. :thumb:

March 21st 2004


I was already planning on getting this album, this review helped thanks :thumb:

Drop The Baby
June 4th 2004


I reckon this is NOFX's best CD. All Outta Angst and 180 Degrees are two of their best songs and there are other excellent racks also. It's between this or Punk in Drublic

June 4th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5

[QUOTE=Ganondorf]is it all ska punk?[/QUOTE]

Haha no. This CD just has the most ska of any NOFX and I hate ska but this is my favorite NOFX CD. Weird right? The best thing on this CD is how they'll open a song with a hardcore punk guitar riff that's really distorted but then bounce into a ska song. The thing about this is it's NOFX doing ska. The melodies and horns aren't trite, which I find is a massive problem with most ska that's around. There's no straight up skanking on the guitar either, which eliminates the annoying boredom that I get with ska. Also there's only like 3-4 ska/reggae songs on this CD. It's just good fun.

August 4th 2004


I haven't heard any NOFX at all, but they win points for that album title. Gotta love nerdy Hitchhiker references.

January 31st 2005


i don't think it's nice rewiew sorry but for example fallin' in love is a great song that deserve 10/10 and it's studied as an album,flossin'a dead horse contain a great walkin bass riff fat mike here and in songs like despiration's gone or eat the meak show that he's a great bass's not so hard to play but it's so cool....this album 4 me is 10/10!!

January 31st 2005


however i agree when you say that in all his suits are torn you get bored during the riff.....

February 2nd 2005


This is a good NOFX cd. A must own for an nofx fan. good review

August 24th 2005


umm yeah u kinda missed one of the best songs on the album Les Champs Elysees, and i dont know how u couldnt understand the lyrics in Im Telling Tim? But yeah, NOFX is my very favorite band, hmm maybe i will do a review haha, but yeah So Long And Thanks, gets 9/10, the review is very good except for the parts i mentioned so i will give it a 9.5/10, good job.

October 5th 2005


nice review but i missed a conclusion

March 18th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Um, crappy review IMO... best NOFX CD I have, though. Punk In Drublic was great but this one has a rawer, more hardcore feel in a lot of songs, more variation and less filler, not to mention that "Falling In Love" is the best ender NOFX has ever written on an album, and Fatty's basslines kick arse on this record too. The album just shows how talented and versatile NOFX really is by going into so many genres liberally without a loss of consistency. On a side note, "Kids Of The K-Hole" is one of my favorite songs ever, by any band. The melody and little licks Hefe pulls off in the verse are just killer, great chorus... great album overall. Best tracks are 180, Falling, It's My Job, Kids, The Desperation's Gone, I'm Telling Tim, and Flossing. 4.5/5, a must-own for any punk rock fan.

March 19th 2006


hey cunt

nice job on reviewing this CD half ass. Im Telling Tim is a short fast punk song with perfectly understandable lyrics. Champs elyssees or whatever is the fucking french song.

You are hearby charged with Punk Rock Sacrelige. This is easily NOFX's best album, and this was one of the worst reviews Ive read. Fix your shit before you post stuff like that.

March 19th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

My first NOFX album, and easily one of my favorites.

Decent review, could use a lot of work though.

March 20th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

dude where the hell was champs eleysees (little trumpet bit) oh champs eleysees. their best ever song. well that or new boobs

March 21st 2006


bit of a poor review tbh, no real detail.

and am i the only one who absolutely loves dad's bad news?

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