World Domination



by Xenorazr CONTRIBUTOR (109 Reviews)
June 9th, 2011 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Finnish melodic death metal. And guess who they sound like?

A band such as Naildown aren't bound to be picked for an original contribution award. One listen to the riffs for a song like "Prolong Your Fate," or the intro for opener "Reflecting My Descent" is all that's necessary to understand why. Without making the most obvious and immediate comparison, the band are merely venturing a densely populated forest. You know the area: roughly mechanical guitar playing; high and tingling keys primarily used in introductions; alternating of harsh growls and clean backing, choral vocals; etc. Even with its inherent predicament too fully present, Naildown's debut, World Domination isn't so much a waste as much as it is a negligible, but equally enjoyable album.

The good news first: a few tracks here are worthwhile. Album opener, "Reflecting My Descent," "Eyes Wide Open" and "Broken Down" are among the fun notes. What's also nice is that these songs are good for different reasons. The latter track is quick and electrifying, particularly during the energetic solo. Meanwhile "Eyes Wide Open" is on the slower side, but is surprisingly (if very faintly) haunting without coming off in an entirely silly manner. Additionally, the title track, while on the longer and slower side, retains listening interest very well thanks to the solid musicianship. Catchy hooks don't hurt its case, either.

Unfortunately, the problem with an album like this is that, even for its good genre-exemplifying traits, nothing comes off feeling like anything more than an average taste. Keeping up with the rhythm is very easy, thanks the generally basic song structure and a lack of compelling drum work. Enjoyably melodic and occasionally nod-inducing, no doubt, but don't anticipate anything to cause your face to drip. Just about everything is short and sweet, but completely unremarkable and devoid of innovation.

As a debut, World Domination only does what it must by showing a band with some potential; if barely bringing any initiative forth. When compared to other (similar) works, there's next to nothing that helps it sound or feel more appeasing. In the end, you don't have to worry about feeling cheated by the music; at least, unless you're expecting complete domination.

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June 9th 2011


Checked out a few songs on the tube a while back.

They got some good hooks here and there but that's it.

Also, nice review.

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