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Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Gorgeous is a standard Guttermouth album with a more aggressive feel than the last few.

In 1997, Guttermouth released Musical monkey, which is probably their best album. The album was consistent in both catchy punk and funny lyrics. The band had hit its "mainstream peak" (used very loosely) and we're featured on an Australian talk show. They were infamously banned from Canada. Bassist Steve Rapp left the band in 1999, and a major lineup change occurred. Founding member James Nunn switched from drums to bass, while Ty Smith became the new drummer.

This major lineup change didn't exactly change the band, for better or for worse. If anything, the sound is the same Guttermouth. The music is noticeably more aggressive, however, and this MAY have been the result of the lineup change. Whatever is the reason is, Gorgeous is the same Guttermouth from the past 10 years. The mildly disturbing cover art shows vocalist Mark Adkins in punk makeup, attempting to be "gorgeous." The less said, the better.

The overall sound is simply and expansion of the Musical Monkey sound, albeit slight differences due to the 2 year difference and lineup change. The music is still accompanied by fast drums, fast strumming/picking and Adkins zany sounding comedic voice. So musically, the album doesn't let a fan down. If you were a Guttermouth or a So-Cal punk fan in the late 90's, you weren't expecting a Strung Out-esque technical metal laced record. You were expecting simple, fun to listen to songs by a great band.

The song subjects are something that always needs to be brought up when it comes to reviewing their albums. Guttermouth had been criticized by the more liberal punks for their "homophobic" and politically incorrect rants. However, with Gorgeous, the band even makes fun of the *** they're been accused of of doing. "Viva America" sounds like some insane right winger, but the song reveals some sarcasm towards American militarism in the quote "We'll blow you off the map" simply if you don't like America. "Con Especial" is a silly song that touches upon the uncomfortable subject of abortion, in which Adkins promotes it in order to control the population of farting, stinky babies.

Still, we got the same old Guttermouth. "A Date with Destiny" is about being in love with a cow, "A nice Place to Visit" has Adkins talking *** on states and cities, and "Diamond Studded Bumblebee" is a rant on people who love jewelry. "BBB" is a funny song where Adkins lists the things that parents have accused rock music of making kids do. Adkins says simple *** like "get ***ing wasted", "disobey your parents" and "quit school." But hey, its all just clean fun. The Power Up introduction is quite funny too.

Gorgeous is a solid Guttermouth album. Its just simple punk rock with stupid yet funny lyrics that might actually make you dumber if you listen to it. Its not a masterpiece, but it is what it is, and it ohlds up to those standards of a punk album.

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June 20th 2011


What's up with the album cover. Anyways, Guttermouth for the win.

July 16th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Yea worst album cover ever. High balls, Encyclopedia Brown and Nice place to visit are Musical Monkey quality. Decent album.

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