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November 20th, 2005 | 16 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Lovedrug are band with droning (in a good way!) melodies, great guitar lines, solid bass lines and smackin' drums to boot.

Comparisons are made to Muse, Queen and other bands but the similarities are only skin deep and Lovedrug provide a new experience.

Each song tells a story, each song has a catch and is listenable for times to come.

So let's cut the crap and head straight for the songs.


01. In Red - 4:10

Opening track, and deservingly so! Intro drones in with some synth and effects, the bassist and drummer make their presences known and whispers can be heard along with the occasional string section. When the guitars come in it seriously starts rocking though. The drums make you want to dance, the bass makes you want to nod, the guitar makes you want to swing your arms around.

By the time the chorus comes around you'll be singing along with the heavily distorted vocals (which luckily doesn't occur often on the album).


02. Blackout - 5:41

Just when you might be thinking "Oh, In Red is probably the best track on the album" they throw this one in your face. The guitar riff at the beginning is a winner, and like most of the lovedrug songs very catchy. No distortion on the vocals this time, but a bunch of reverb, which just helps the high, almost squeaky (but once again, in a good way!) vocals to sound even greater.

Great song, not as upbeat and dance inducing as the first one, but still will get your headbanging along and singing along with the vocals.


03. Spiders - 3:10

Jumps straight into the song with acoustic guitar and vocals and reverb as always. One of the softer songs on the album but still as catchy as ever. Very radio friendly song (infact it even mentions the word "radio" in the song!) and a great song to chill to.


04. Rocknroll - 3:22

Hey! Here's what we want, more rock! More upbeat than the other songs and pretty much as the title says, it's Rock 'n' Roll. If they haven't made it apparent yet, Lovedrug love writing songs with a catch and this is no exception. Brilliant, solid, rock song and catchy as ever. After one listen you'll know the hook.


05. Pretend You're Alive - 5:11

Title track but sadly not one of the better ones. A bit slow to find its feet and not nearly as catchy as the others, but still a good song none the less.

It sounds very Coldplay-ish and like a lot of Coldplay songs it's a tad slow and boring, but not terribly.

The chorus is definitely where it excels and it'll be what will keep you listening.


06. Pandamoranda - 2:46

It's almost as if to make up for the slowness of the last song that they chuck in the most upbeat song on the album (and second shortest).

Nothing gets me headbanging more than this song. The wail of "wait" in the chorus is just awesome. The guitar riff is awesome, the drumming is awesome, the lead work is awesome, the vocals are awesome. It's just awesome.

It's just a pity it's so short.


07. Down Towards the Healing - 5:28

This song is an absolute stunner. If someone doesn't know how to build up a song, show them this song, brilliant. Piano and vocals to start. Gorgeous singing with heartfelt lyrics. The, albeit repetitive, guitar works incredibly well and plays off with the vocals. The song takes a step back and it's just piano, vocals and the occasional guitar strum, then it breaks out into this explosion of sound with the bass and drums joining back in. Brilliant.

Just as you think the song has met its peak they bring in the "Hallelujah, I'm not breathing" which is hauntingly awesome.

They could've just ended there but chose to end with piano and vocals, it works well.


08. The Monster - 5:06

Another catchy song. What more can be said, this band loves the hook! Harmonies provided in this song (as with many other songs) make it sound even better. Another great song that deserves many listens.


09. Angels with Enemies - 4:12

Another song. Another catch. Not quite as catchy or memerable as the other songs but still a good song on its own merit.


10. Radiology - 4:29

This song has an almost "A Perfect Circle - Meer de Nom" sound to it, until of course the vocals come in. Great song, one of the first released from Lovedrug on their soundclick website, new listeners might not find it as memerable as others. Lyrics are virtually impossible to understand (could have something to do with the effects on the voice), which when compared to Spiders and other songs is quite a difference.


11. Candy - 4:38

Solid song, will appeal to a more mainstream song than the rest with an almost poppy feel.


12. It Won't Last - 7:04

The longest track on the album, and it might feel like it too. Not the rockiest song on the album but still a decent one. The chorus and verses leave a bit to be desired.

The bridge is probably the highlight of this song. With what sounds like a hammond organ and the drummer playing a marching beat in the background it is very effective.


13. Paper Scars - 1:47

And to make up for the longest track on the album is the shortest track on the album. Whether it was planned that way or not is a mystery. This track is just there to finish off the album and you probably wont have this on repeat.



A damn solid effort from the classy quartet from Ohio. Having already played with internationally successful bands and artists like Switchfoot, The Killers, Hanson, Robert Plant, Something Corporate and Matchbook Romance the future could offer them international success.

*Take note that this review has been written by an Australian, and at the moment, he is the only Australian he knows that owns this CD. Thank God for the internet.

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November 21st 2005


Damn Australian's think they know everything. >_>

Good review man, even though some people don't like track by track, you were neat, nice and gave good insight to the songs.

Keep it up. (Y)

Storm In A Teacup
November 21st 2005


Agh the bold is to much for me on the eyes! Please just make it in Italics next time or go to your user cp and then go to edit reviews. A little more detail as well, otherwise good job as a first timer. :thumb:

Almost have my next review done.
Jethro Tull-This Was

November 21st 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Crappy review but a pretty cool album. Lovedrug reminds me of Denver in Dallas and yes, Muse, and a lot of other midtempo bands with cool melodies but songs that can sludge along at times.

November 21st 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Fine, to be more specfici, the word "sparse" is an understatement. Poor grammar and just poorly written overall. Also, the reviewer does this weird thing where he/she assumes that the way they listen to the album is the way everybody else does. The whole like thing about how one would think "In Red" is the best song and that "Rocknroll" is what I want because it brings the rock is just sort of oddly assumptive. If the reviewer had wanted to say that he/she found that those songs exhibited certain traits, then say it like that, don't present it as if "[I] might be thinking "Oh, In Red is probably the best track on the album" [so] they throw this one in [my] face." It's just a retarded way to go about writing a review.

November 21st 2005


Yeah I kind of just wrote it all in and instance because the band wasn't on the site yet. Feel free to write a better one, I really don't mind.

November 25th 2005


I'm Australian and I own this CD. A proper copy and all. I find it hard to believe that you only gave this record a 3, especially considering the high scores that you gave to most of the tracks. I would have to say this album is a 4.

November 27th 2005


Evilempire_14.. I gave it a 4.5..

They rated my review 3.. which I myself consider pretty high, heh.

April 7th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Not a bad review.

I disagree with your score for "Pretend You're Alive". It's a solid track and, obviously, the one that drove me to pick this one up. More like a 4/5, methinks.

Keep on reviewing, man.

April 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This is a damn good album...whenever im sick of Muse these guys replace them quite handedly...solid album...solid band...they have a lot of potential.

May 27th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Hmm...I know the guitarist of this band and they all live within ten miles of me...well they did. I see some of them at Applebees sometimes. I think it's exciting they are getting big, still...I personally like them but they aren't anything completely capable of blowing someone away. The more piano based ballads are the most intriguing of them all and paper scars is by far my favorite track, despitre it being short.

December 1st 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

whenever im sick of Muse these guys replace them quite handedly...solid album...solid band...they have a lot of potential.

They do remind me of Muse, at least the voices. They're a little less progressive than Muse, though.

Great vocals and lyrics on the album. Really intriguing stuff. They're from kinda where I live too, radianteclipse. They have a really cool, intimate live show.

I'm really looking forward to their new album release.

November 22nd 2008


i have only heard blackout but that song is so great. i have been thinking of buying this cd for like two years and i still cant make up my mind.

August 30th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

i saw them play Down Towards the Healing live, you should have saw my drunken sing along, it was

glorious. i didnt really like their latest album but it was kind of cool hearing it live the 2nd time

i saw them play with Copeland.

February 24th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Their later stuff never touched the quality of this record but this record is simply amazing. EXTREMELY underrated album imo.

Contributing Reviewer
January 5th 2017


Album Rating: 4.5

Hard bump, people need to get on this

Digging: The Offering - Home

Contributing Reviewer
August 22nd 2018


Album Rating: 4.5

Maybe if I sadboi 5'd this I'd finally get it to catch on hmmmmmmmm

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