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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Artist: Blindside
Album: Silence

Marcus Dahlström - Drums
Simon Grenehed - Guitar
Christian Lindskog - Vocals
Tomas Naslund - Bass

Released: 2002 (Elektra)

The Swedish christian metal band Blindside were originally known as Underfree. The band formed around 1994 in Stockholm. They became well known around the cities local scene and released several demos and an album 'A Thought Crushed My Mind' before they singed with Elektra in 2000 and issued 'Silence' in 2002.

Anyone familiar with Blindsides older stuff will be suprised by this album. It's a big step down the hardcore ladder. However the band is alot more refined and Christians vocals have taken a huge leap.

'Caught A Glimpse' kicks off the album. Christians vocals range from howling scream to melodic wail in the verses then to whispers in the chorus. The vocals are one of the defining parts that make this band unique and the vocals are constantly pushed on this album. The album then shifts into the first single off the album 'Pitiful'. It's one of the albums catchiest songs with a fantastic chorus. The lyrics on this song are well written (Talking about Jesus and his crucification was my interpretation of them) and Christians vocals in the chorus are very powerful.

The third song 'Sleepwalking' is one of the bands best. It starts off with Christian screaming "Words so secure screaming like an alarm, Are you tyring to wake me up"" and then it moves into the chorus which is incredibly catchy "Now could it be maybe you saw me (YEAH) sleeping"" then suddenly the whole song slows down for a melodic post chorus. It's Christians vocal preformance which hammers to song home but the guitar on this song is pretty awesome aswell. 'Cute Boring Love' is a bit of a slower song and sounds a bit samey as the previous three songs. The chorus explodes and the songs nice just doesn't stand out. Mediocre would be the description I would use.

'The Endings' is an interesting song. The verses are a slight bit off beat which makes them sound really great. Christians vocals are yet again at the top of the game. Blindside know how to make good chorus's and this song is no exception to the rule. The Ending of this song (Excuse the Pun) is my favourite part where Christian has melodic singing mixing with low growling. It makes a great effect. The sixth song 'You Can Hide It' has another samey sound. What you start to notice by now Blindside have a pretty tight formula. Verses that emphasize the drums and bass with quiet palm muted guitar then huge chorus's. The formula keeps working but if I was giving this album points for originality then it wouldn't be scoring very high. So 'You Can Hide It' is more of the same. Catchy huge chorus's, melodic quiet bridge and tension filled verses.

'Thought Like Flames' starts off straight in a verse. The singing is great and Christian varies the vocals a bit with a few off beats. The chorus comes in unexpectedly. The melody of vocals in the chorus doesn't quite work unfortunetely. The verses off this song are the best parts. The next song is one that makes you want to grab a guitar and thrash the living shit out of it. 'Time Will Change Your Heart' is the most hardcore song on the album. The verses EXPLODE and chorus is fantastic. It's the best song on the album since Sleepwalking.

The 9th song 'Painting' opens with distorded chords before hitting the verses. It's Blindside sticking to the same formula of quiet verse and huge larger than life chorus. The chorus of this song is fantastic and Christians vocals are very impressive. 'Midnight' opens straight off with Christian whispering to the palm muted guitar and uses a few vocal off beats. Then the verse comes in discretely. It breaks the typical formula for the album and is alot more interesting than some of the albums other songs. The chorus is the most unique chorus yet and doesn't involve any distortion. The bridge has some good guitar work and this song gets major points for breaking the formula.

The final run of the album starts with 'Coming Back To Life' which picks the energy and pace from the previous song alot more. The larger than life chorus is here and it's a more unique chorus and Christian does some great vocals here. 'She Shut Your Eyes' is the next song. The verse is a Blindside standard. Quiet and sort of slow. Christian sings well and the song builds up well to the chorus and the chorus yet again is fantastic. The albums final song 'Silence' is the most unique. Not one piece of distortion within the whole song. A clean guitar driven slow song. It starts with Christian singing with the guitar backing him up slowly. After all the energy of the album the song winds the album down beautifuly. The chorus is very slow but beautiful at the same time.

Silence isn't a ground breaking album. Too many of the songs follow the same formula of quiet verse, huge chorus and melodic bridge. However the songs are all great and there's no real weak point. Anyone who's heard Pitiful and Sleepwalking and enjoyed those songs will enjoy the album.

Rating: 3.8/5 :)

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March 21st 2004


I had no idea what you were talking about until I saw that the vocalist was actually *called* Christian. All that talk about Christian vocals threw me way off.

March 21st 2004


[QUOTE=steven_james64]I'd have to disagree with your review I would say it deserves at least a 4/5 and I didn't really find it that repetitive. I also wouldn't call sleepwalking the best song, my favourites are 'Cute Boring Love' and 'You Can Hide it'.[/QUOTE]

[FONT=Courier New][FONT=Lucida Console]I agree with you there steven[/FONT][/FONT]

March 26th 2004


[QUOTE=steven_james64]I'd have to disagree with your review I would say it deserves at least a 4/5 and I didn't really find it that repetitive. I also wouldn't call sleepwalking the best song, my favourites are 'Cute Boring Love' and 'You Can Hide it'.[/QUOTE]

I never said the album was repititive I said the formula they use. Go through all the songs and use this formula
A) Quiet/Distorded Verse
B) Chorus
C) Melodic Bridge
I bet in you'll get ABABCBB as your formula several times. The songs don't sound repititive it's just the formula is.

March 26th 2004


That's pretty funny, a Christian Metal Band from Stockholm... ironic.

August 9th 2004


This album was great, i agree 4/5 sounds good.....i especially love the song silence, it just grabs you n holds on for dear life :thumb:

August 9th 2004


I really like the song Pitiful, but I never got around to buying this album. Good review.

August 9th 2004


Didnt this band make a camio in that hodie skate movie "Grind", i think they sold out to sell the album they didnt need to stoop that low just to promote themselves

August 9th 2004



and Blindside are not metal on this album. Hard rock my friend, hard rock.

December 1st 2004


sadly alot of the songs do sound repetitive, its not just the formula, abotu 4 songs on there you could almost take parts of and mesh them all to together and it would sound like a normal blindside song i do love their huge choruses though, i think they are one of the premier bands in that area

December 1st 2004


i bought this album a long time ago and i never really got into it that much

April 27th 2005


as much as i love this album i cant listen to it start to end for some reason but i agree silence is a really good song along with pitiful sleepwalking and thought like flames

July 24th 2005


this album is really good. what can you say? kick ass choruses that blow you away...i do however agree with hybrid on the formula though, but who cares? as long as its good music. fantastic album

July 27th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

excellent album. Even though there are some minor downers like how some of the tracks sound somewhat similar, they are all fantastic. Christian is a great vocalist, making the songs even greater. Cute Boring Love and She Shut Your Eyes are a couple of my favorites. Check out my avatar. New album dropping 8/2/05.

Electric City
December 10th 2005


Most Christian rock makes me puke because it's so ethnocentric and arrogant. This however is pretty good because it takes more than "God rocks, u suck" or "God rocks, lets all hold hands and sing" and details other parts of the Bible, such as Judas and stuff.

January 19th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This is a very good album.

January 20th 2006



February 6th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

This CD is good. Just really, really good. I think if they had focused a little more on writing About a Burning Fire, that would have come out a better album than this; but it shines relatively dim compared to this album. And the songs I've heard from the Great Depression were the most bland experiences I've ever had.

February 25th 2006


Eew Blindside.

June 19th 2006


I've only listened to this a couple times, but the only song I like is Endings.

October 28th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

I love blindside, and this is probably their best album. I don't think i'll ever get tired of it.

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