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Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: With the technicalities of math rock and the charm of indie pop or rock, Colour create a highly original album and something you should definitely try check out.

Colour were signed to indie label Big Scary Monsters, which you may know as the label fellow math rockers Adebisi Shank are signed to. Colour broke up in mid 2009, but recently reformed to create Tangled Hair, a band aimed more towards the indie pop side of their music. Their first EP was good, but it made me want to look back at Anthology which I had shelved and never gave a proper listen. I wish I had back at the time I got it, because I was missing out on a real treat.

Colour was and sort of still is:
Alan Welsh – Guitar, vocals
George Reid – Guitar
James Trood & Alex Mac – Drums
Lewis Reynolds, Sean Bamberger, Mike Waddington and Carl Whittaker - Bass

As the title suggests, Anthology is an anthology, with each group of three songs having previously been released as an EP, all except the last two songs which are brand new for the album. They have gone through line up changes (hence the multiple names in the line up) but you wouldn’t notice the difference track by track. All the members are skilled at their instruments, particularly the two guitarists who fill the album full of great polyphonic riffs, such as in the intro of Shamu, present throughout the whole album.
The album is consistent in style, lyrics and quality. The style being a clever and original cross of math rock and indie. The lyrics are childish but not in the way that you will see in whiney pop punk bands, but in a way that is enjoyable and will regularly make you smile, for example ”I think I saw a unicorn, or perhaps a horse in uniform” from the song Unicorn.

The consistency of the album is one of its best traits, with every song having something that will make you want to listen to it again. But there are some stand out tracks and moments, the beginning of Shamu, as Alan playfully shouts “Have you seen!” before leading into the previously mentioned riff and there are at least two vocal sections of this song that you won’t be able to get out your head, but you won’t mind it. Over The Moon has a great intro again, which will grab your attention and won’t let go, as the song twists and turns before reaching its brilliant chorus, and the next time round you hear this song you won’t be able to resist singing the “Ba da da! Da!” before the second chorus, or clapping after the second chorus, making it one of the standouts on the album. The middle section holds two more gems as well being Chutes and Tired Eyes. Chutes opens with a Modest Mouse style piano intro, before attacking with one of the faster and more powerful tracks, then calming us down with one of the slower songs on the album, Tired Eyes, which opens with a simple guitar riff that turns into a great indie song, which will make it difficult not to feel anything when Alan pleas “Tired Eyes! Look like this!” Unicorns is a bit of a different track, leaving some of the math rock behind and taking up more of a simple approach, which results in one of the best choruses on the album that you will either be tapping your feet to, or dancing to. The last four tracks are more of the same, which is where the albums biggest fault appears (However Dinosaurs has a great mid section). By now you have heard a lot of the same sort of thing, and may be looking for something different, and it sadly isn’t there. But I would rather hear what they are good at and not risk them spoiling the album with a miss, because most of it is hits.

I always find it very hard to decide what I think a 5 is on this site. But the best way to define a classic I think is something that everyone has to hear at some point in their life. This is to repetitive an album to make it that, and admittedly a lot of this rating comes from my personal opinion and love for catchy choruses and complicated riffs. Some may not like it for its childish lyrics, but I personally love them. Some may not like it because of its repetitiveness, but that doesn’t bother me. If you can get past those as well you will find a lot to enjoy about this album. A very personal 4.4/5

Recommended Tracks:
Over The Moon
Tired Eyes

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May 24th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

I thought this album needed a review.

First non TBT review, feedback please. :P

May 24th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah, this is basically math pop at its finest

too bad they apparently (?) broke up

May 24th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

They broke up and reformed as a band called Tangled Hair. More pop than math in it though. :P

May 24th 2011


yeah they broke up. i was gonna go see them on their last tour but i didn't. i don't know why.
maybe it was because i never got round to listening to them.

May 24th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

I downloaded this a few weeks ago and loved it. Not worth a 4.5 to me, as it's just an enjoyable steady listen. For it to get higher ratings, something in it really needs to pop and stick. This, for the most part, just seems consistently digestible. Recommended.

May 24th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

This was definitely an album that I enjoyed more than most people will. Hence the high rating.

May 24th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Nice review (and thanks for telling me what the band members are up to now, never could find much info on the band due to their band name)!

The only thing I do want to complain about is the definition of a classic you give. I think it's too narrow and unfair to bands that have more unaccessible or challenging sounds and it doesn't take into consideration some other factors that I feel are important for truly classic albums, such as genuine artistic expression and merit, even if not everyone will be able to appreciate it.

Anyway, I think the rating is absolutely fine, given that it's your opinion and you should have leverage on how good it is relative to other works. Your review is pretty fair and gives potential listeners a good idea of what things they may not like, so, as long as you recognize that, I think giving it the score you feel is right is more important than what the "logical" score unaffected by emotion and personal preference is; you did your job as a reviewer in providing a fairly objective overview of the album.

I'll stop rambling now. Excellent review and glad to see that people enjoy this album as much as I do and for the same reasons.

May 24th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Thank you NapalmDe4th for the fantastic feedback!

May 24th 2011


Not that it matters much but Adebisi Shank aren't singed to Big scary monsters anymore. They are
actually signed to 3 labels one for Ireland (Richter collective), japan (parabolica) and the rest of
the world (Sargent house). Anyway checked out a song on youtube, they are now on my to "get" list.

June 6th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

A really nice album indeed.

March 21st 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Outerspace is so good.

March 27th 2015


Album Rating: 4.5

no comments for 3 years... really surprises me!

June 6th 2015


Album Rating: 3.5

Sounds like TTNG

July 24th 2015


Album Rating: 4.5

Discovered this band in backwards order (heard the latest Tangled Hair stuff while I was wandering youtube for good bands). Digging their sound.

October 21st 2015


Totally agree with your review and also was originally less interested in the last four tracks. However after taking a break and coming back to the album, Tallulah's My Mother's Name became probably my favorite track on the album.

All of the songs on the album are really good, so I think I initially just got exhausted by the time I got to the last few tracks and dismissed them. Also I suppose those last few songs were still more fresh for me since I hadn't already listened to them as much.

November 11th 2015


Album Rating: 5.0

I find myself coming back to this album every now and then... same impression every time WOW. I go in such a good mood listening to this... writing my thesis and shit.

Over the moon is the best tune for me.


July 4th 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

Good golly

Digging: Black Magick SS - Kaleidoscope Dreams

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