Behind Crimson Eyes
A Revelation For Despair



by NocteDominum USER (200 Reviews)
April 29th, 2011 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Get your ‘wife-beaters’ and thongs out, we're going to need them. This is not for everyone.

Although better produced, there are few highlights from the Australian, Melbourne act ‘Behind Crimson Eyes’ release ‘A Revelation for Despair’. They differing levels of potential but lack the control to use that potential in a positive manner. Overall the high points are immediately over shadowed by the many low points. Australia have released some well-known names to the rock scene of the world, namely one band ‘AC/DC’ and while there is success, Australia has also some less known, worse received bands, an example of this can be found here.

Firstly, the positives (however little) should be noted. Such positives include the drum work and its level of technicality of one Steve Szalay drawing some listeners in. There is a lot of energy to be found here, and notably the snare work comes to the fore-front of his work. Also the vocal work when screamed is the most tasteful element on the album when thinking of hardcore stylings. However there is not a lot to say as they do not break any new ground or display a greater level of technical ability. A huge negative of the album as a whole includes the ‘whiny’ tones that flaw the vocal efforts at almost every turn; this becomes highly annoying and really takes from the quality of the record. The bass work ties in well with the drums when heard over the length of the album, but when unheard over the course of the album does nothing to help the texture levels of tracks, nor thicken the band’s sound. The guitar work of the album will leave some listeners scratching their heads, and is overly patchy in places, but actually does not sound out of place in the post-hardcore genre. It’s steady but nothing special.

Roadrunner Records are known for the signing of new trends in metal or in hardcore. They with Behind Crimson Eyes seem to have dropped the ball. Being the bands full length debut album leaves a lot to be desired in future efforts and also creates doubt for the Australian music scene as a whole, when the trends are bad, the music is sure to follow. A Revelation For Despair is a rather poor effort from a band that could release material of a higher quality. There are some ‘ups’ and even more ‘downs’ outweighing the potential that this Melbourne act displays. There is musical ability, but is overshadowed by the bands poor sound, most noticeably found in the vocal work of Josh Stuart. Tracks like ‘The Bonesman’, ‘Candy Cane and Pain’ and ‘Shakedown’ do display some of the better levels of the bands talent, but also highlight the bands lack of control and diversity. Overall ‘Behind Crimson Eye’s debut album is simply outweighed by the negatives and they are easily noticeable on a first listen, especially in the vocals and the on par guitar work. There are however some positives that listeners should be urged to focus on including the drum work and the bass guitar combination when used creatively together. For those looking for a good post-hardcore record may need to look elsewhere. This is not for everyone.

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Behind Crimson Eyes

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April 29th 2011


My first '2' review, most of my reviews normally sit between 3 to 4. Tell me how i am doing.

April 29th 2011


Read the summary so far, we're*

April 29th 2011


Thanks man, will fix. Also this needed a review.

April 29th 2011


Never even heard of this band and probably won't bother checking them out.

April 29th 2011


Although better produced, there are few highlights from the Australian, Melbourne act ‘Behind Crimson Eyes’ release ‘A Revelation for Despair’.

I'd fix this sentence up, try There are few redeeming qualities found on 'Behind Crimson Eyes' release 'A Revelation for Despair'. I'm not sure 'highlights' was the right word but I might be wrong, the rest of this sentence kind of reads funky though.

They differing levels of potential

they have differing levels of potential

Australia has also some less known, worse received bands

Australia also has some lesser-known and received bands, or something along those lines

They with Behind Crimson Eyes seem to have dropped the ball.


the review as a whole does have awkward phrasing and usage, as in what I said above^
it's kind of hard to understand some points tbh, and while this isn't bad, it seems your style needs a little work. sentences feel somewhat unnecessary in places, and to be blunt, the review isn't particularly interesting, if you know what I mean: it reads too plain, it usually helps to incorporate some theme or big idea other than a straightforward explanation of the album.
like I said, this isn't bad, but there are parts I'd work on. it's not boring but there's no draw, it's not poorly written but awkward in places. being honest for your sake, hope this helps in any way. keep penning Ipod, looking forward to your next review

April 30th 2011


Thanks Suds ^^^will take this into consideration, thanks for the look over.

April 30th 2011


Aside from the minor stuff-ups, it's a good review. Pos'.

May 1st 2011


Maybe make sure you have your info correct also. Steve Szalay only played on BCE's 1st ep. Cameron Gilmour is the drummer on this album.

May 1st 2011


um, okay, ill go over it thanks for the point out.

May 6th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

I feel really guilty about my rating for this, but I love this album. The rest of their stuff is crap (see the self-titled) but

this album ruled back in the day.

The first two tracks are awesome.

In regards to your review, the first paragraph is all over the place. It desperately needs fixing.

May 6th 2011


Thanks for the read Vool

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