Vengeance Rising



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April 19th, 2011 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: 'Tis a decent Iron Maiden clone... but a clone to the core. Add fantasy themes and thee'st got an album that willeth definitely appeal to fat daddies who liketh beer and leather clothes. To others, likely not so much.

When ye look at Zandelle's band photo, ye will see that these guys are metal, very metal. When ye listen to Zandelle's music, ye will hear that they are actually heavy metal - a genre which by today's standards is neither too heavy nor energetic. The fact that heavy metal performers dresseth more metal than death metallers for example is beside the topic, but I still felt it worthy to point it out. Zandelle is a group of such jovial people who definitely have a lot of fun in what they're doing, but somehow can't be treated seriously.

Come now and listen to legends and history
Heroes and demons and devils and gods
Come hear our stories of valor and infamy
Tales of the past that was both near and far

- thusly they chanteth at thee in the song Invitation, and this pretty much summeth up the whole lyrical content of this album. Although such lyrics arth mostly a domain of power metal, a genre newer and more developed than what the band themselves representeth, they worketh surprisingly well with good ol' heavy metal too. The band's inspirations borroweth heavily and probably exclusively from the established Iron Maiden, which ye will hear with clarity when ye listen to this album. Melodies are blatantly stereotypical, yet may appeal to ye, if such music happeneth to be your thing. Ye shall be put off by the vocalist's efforts - this man soundeth like a father of two kids, plus technique hath he not. A considerable annoyance, if I do say so. The rest of the musicians are capable enough to perform in this genre, and their songwriting skills show off as above average.

Verily I say unto ye: If ye are a fan of Iron Maiden give this album a try ye shall, regret shall ye not. Otherwise, listen not and pick Iron Maiden for your brushes with this genre.

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April 19th 2011


Ye has a couple of reviews up in the last couple of weeks. Tis good to see.

April 20th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0 | Sound Off

It doth so happen that I've felt the compulsion to write some of the reviews lately. We shall see if it doth continue

April 20th 2011


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