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Astral Weeks



by Badmoon USER (65 Reviews)
January 14th, 2005 | 209 replies

Release Date: 1968 | Tracklist

When Van Morrison set out to record his new studio soon entitled Astral Weels, I doubt he would have thought he would end up with the extraodinary masterpiece. The album express so many beautiful, and various emotions. Each song is amazing good and interesting to hear. To those not as not familar with Morrison, perhaps you can relate it to Beck's Sea Change. Instrumentally the album is fantastic. each song completely different from the next. and just impossible to completely describe.

The Begining

1. Astral Weeks: Here is a fantastic acoustic song, with nice rythm. It also has amazing lyrics as most Van Morrison songs do. And some great back up playing by a flute, an upright bass, and a violin. It is not as emotional as some of the other tracks, but the lyrics seem to have a great amount of meaning, which is emotional in its own way. It's a perfect opener to the album. and Van's voice could not be better. Just a fabulous song. 5/5

2. Beside You: This passionate, yet hopeful song has some great classical styled guitar playing. Showing off that Van's talent is definitley underrated, and possibly almost unnoticed. There is just some kind of odd, yet beautiful fealing to this song, that I can never stop noticing. The overall vibe is fantastic, and a lot more strong compared to pther tracks on the album. Once again, a flawless, amazing track. 5/5

3. Sweet Thing: "Sweet Thing" may be the catchiest song on this album. With it's acoutic guitar playing, and great orchestratic playing. The song, aswell as the album will probably not be loved at the first time listen. This song especially took me some time to get use to and love. It is just a song you can't forget, and have probably been aware of for awhile. Without a doubt one of my favorite song from Morrison. His vocals are just beautiful and so original sounding. 5/5

4. Cyprus Avenue: When I first took a listen to this album, this was the first song that really stood out to me. It has some great emotional vocals, as usual. Which are surely very emotional. The song includes small bits of whistling and some violin playing also. Which is done in a more Bluegrass fashion. It's hard to say what exactly appeals to me on this number, more so than the other. but none the less it something does. All that I just mentioned just simply adds more to this spectacular song. 5/5


5. The Way Young Lovers Do: This recording switches the album up a bit. It resembles songs you would hear on Van Morrison's Moon Dance. Being as that it includes a soprano saxophone, and some vibraphone playing. It is a more up tempo number, that is also a bit heavy and less emotional than the other tracks on this album. 3/5

6. Madame George: "Madame George" runs at an uncommon 9:25, and is worth listening to every second. Other than the vocals, the bass basically runs the song. It includes some other instruments which fill in nicely. Those would be a flute, violins, and a limited amount of roles on percussion. The dual violin playing is a bit different and odd, because one violin is playing in a more fiddel technique. While the other is playing more classical. Overall, it is a great song, and has no weak points at all. 4.9/5

7. Ballerina: Instrumentally, this song is extremely catchy. Vocally it is just slightly catchy. Either way, it is done wonderfully, and posesses great factors that Van Morrison is known for. Which is being highly emotional and being a fantastic song writer of course. Luckily, he shows off both of those high points on this track, and combines them to make a great, and maybe epic song. 5/5

8. Slim Slow Slider: This is not a highlight compared to "Sweet Thing", but as far as closing songs go. It fantastic. It includes some great acoustic guitar playing, and some nice saxophone playing. There is a point in the song where Van starts slapping the strings, which is weird, but interesting. Most importantly, it leaves you on a good note. Which is always great. Great track to end a perfect album. 5/5

I give this album a 5/5, because of how different the album is from his other albums, and many other albums from his former band Them.

EDIT: I'll put more time into reduing it, as soon as possible.

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March 20th 2004


Come on people, this album is fabulous, and you can atleast give your opinion or read the review.

March 20th 2004


My mom LOVES this cd. The lyrics are great.

Hot Rats
March 26th 2004


I've downloaded a few songs from this album and all I can say is its great.

August 14th 2004


That seems to have become my catch phrase nowadays. But why not? It's catchy and meaningful (whatever meaning u want it to have). But anyway 'ere the bonnie boat was one, great review man. Although i would have given all the songs a 5, except The Way Young Lovers Do. But seeing as how I am one of those who believe this album to more of a cycle of songs, between an album unrelated songs and a true concept album. So I would have to give them all a 5 collectively. Pure Genius. No matter what anyone tries to tell me (like 99% of my friends and people i know) Van Morrison is one of the greatest songwriters (more like storyteller) of all time (if not the best). But I can never understand why he never sold more records. It's not like there was a lack of talent. I mean come on Ronnie Montrose (st. dominic's preview era), richard davis (this album), Dr. John (Into the Music era), Mark Knopfler ("Cleanin Windows") this man is respected and admired by those with true talent and can understand what it is to be a genius. But it's now stopped bothering me. I love Van, they don't which is sad but it's also life. So for those of us who do love Van (or at least admit it out loud) I'll see you at the show as we sail into the mystic....

Sorry it's just that Van stirs my emotions like nothing else I know. Magic...

August 14th 2004


i would have given all the songs a 5

I agree with you now. However then I wouldn't exactly have. I should really update it.

Tangy zizzle
August 15th 2004


Incredible album. Basically flawless, deserves that 5/5 rating.

One of my alltime favourites.

August 20th 2004


this album is abolutely beautiful. And I didin't expect it to be. I mean, it needs more than one listening or two, but that's what good albums usually ask and deserve.

August 25th 2004


Good review Badmoon. I'm only just beginning to listen to 'Van the Man' and its great, great music :D I have Moondance and I'm going to get this album very soon. Sounds excellent from what i have heard.

Just a minor point. I don't know if you are foreign or something, and its no problem, but you've got quite a few grammatical errors/typos in your review. Its nothing really major, just best to read over what you have written afterwards to make sure its alright. Other than that - good job dude.

August 25th 2004


btw, i really think Van needs more recognition and appreciation. There is only one guitar tab of his songs on Mxtabs, of his most commercial song "brown eyed girl" which is good but there are tonnes of other great guitar songs by this man.

I also think some of his other famous albums should be reviewed on here, such as "Moondance" (fabulous) and "Tupelo Honey" (very nice indeed).

Van Morrison's music can be so uplifting, joyous and happy, its the best in a music scene dominated by angry/depressive music :thumb:

Dimes Make Dollars
August 25th 2004


Great album. I heard "Sweet Thing" and knew right away how amazing the rest of the album would be. Very nice review too.

August 25th 2004


Just a minor point. I don't know if you are foreign or something, and its no problem, but you've got quite a few grammatical errors/typos in your review. Its nothing really major, just best to read over what you have written afterwards to make sure its alright. Other than that - good job dude.

Well, this was awhile ago, and still have yet to update it. So, I will fix them eventually.

I am BM
July 24th 2005


This album is incredible in its entirety. I almost would never give a whole album 5/5 but I would definetly consider this record for it. All of the songs are consistently wonderful and never lacking emotion. The only issue with this record is that it is not for the casual music listener. You have to really sit down and listen to this for what it is, and that can take a lot of time. Other than that this is stellar music and should never be forgoten.This Message Edited On 07.24.05

September 5th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I'm surpised at the lack of van morrison reviews. I think I should write some since I grew up listening to him

October 13th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I bought this on CD the other day (tapes were starting to get on my nerves) and its amazing as usual. One of my favorite albums of all time.

August 26th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

this albums just amazing. period.

December 9th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

great review. also, a great album

January 24th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Possibily the greatest album ever,

I once stood by DSOTM or LZIV but this is the most emotionally stirring album iv ever heard....

April 6th 2008


Mention Van Morrison and people automatically think, Brown Eyed Girl, I think more of them need to hear Astral Weeks!
The Way Young Lovers Do, is probably a favorite but the whole album is class.

September 4th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

finally got this. such endlessness and musical heights

April 27th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

Saw this live in its entiirity last a few weekends ago, was truly incredible.

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