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April 11th, 2011 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Review Summary: My only hope is for everyone to understand the lyrics to enjoy the metal more. Death Metal is one of the most abstract subject and Daylight Dies has beautifully portrait it with its melodic death metal riffs and interpretation.

Daylight Dies is band from North Carolina. Daylight Dies is one of the most influential Death/Doom Metal bands formed in 1996 by Barre Gambling and Jesse Haff. The band focuses on the life straining events bleak moments of one’s life.

With their vocalist joining Guthrie Iddlings they made their second EP Idle which was a huge success. Daylight Dies has very dark metal songs with amazing riffs to back it up. Their lyrics are intense as they have kept the lyrics which everyone can feel same as the lyrics explain pain in a man’s life the bleak moments that he goes through. In Death metal the genre the lyrics are very important and one has to understand the lyrics along with enjoying the song.

Daylight Dies first song which is a very heavy song Unending Waves. The entire album as I depict is an album for Melodic Death Metal listeners who only understand the true meaning of Death Metal. As the most important part in Metal are the lyrics once the lyrics have been understood the song has a new meaning than just some song and growling.

Daylight Dies vocalist as done a good job as his voice was clear and understandable. The album from start to the end I was into as the lyrics had taken over me the song Piano interlude 1 and Piano Interlude 2 both were amazing as they both were In between Forfeiture of Life. That song is one of the most influential songs for Death Metal.

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April 11th 2011


I'm probably single-handedly the biggest Daylight Dies fan on sputnik and I regret not writing a review for this album. That being said, it is their weakest effort. Hope the new album kicks ass!

April 11th 2011


also...this is a really weak review. You mentioned 'death metal' way too much, descriptions are bland and un-interesting and overall I'm guessing English is not your first language. It's cool, you'll get better with time.

April 11th 2011


saw your name by this review and thought you wrote it

April 11th 2011


^see what I mean?

April 12th 2011


Absolutely incredible band. So underrated around these parts. Dismantling Devotion is a metal classic IMO.

April 12th 2011


I didn't get into DD too much before, I might try it again later.

April 12th 2011


I'm not sure what the best feedback would be, because it is hard to identify what the root cause of the review's issues are. There are a lot of things one could say, but i'm going to try to maybe identify a few things.

The misuse of words, or use of incorrect words, can be easily attributed to unfamiliarity with the language. However, a limited vocabulary and understanding of grammatical structure shouldn't limit you from (if even in a roundabout way) getting your point across.

I think the main issues are that the concepts you present, and the points you touch on, are somewhat superficial and don't carry much meaning or weight. You also move from one point to another very quickly, before the reader would even have enough information to really know what you were starting to say.

In the case that your English isn't strong, I understand the inherent flaws in my attempt to point out problems in English... but that is an unavoidable problem haha!

April 12th 2011


Not that great a review, but won't neg. Needs way more detail.

While Dismantling Devotion is a good album, it's no classic. While there were parts on the album which I would call classic, some parts were rather lackluster, which dragged it down imo. But I'm by no means a fan of the genre, very samey. They haven't reached their fullest potential yet. Atleast, I hope.

April 13th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

try using appropriate vocabulary. be sure what a word means before you use it.

also try to make it a more interesting read rather than it flowing like a newspaper article. i'm sure there is much more to this EP than just their lyrics and amazing riffs. try describing the music more

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