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Couldn't Stand the Weather



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January 14th, 2005 | 52 replies

Release Date: 1984 | Tracklist

One year after the legendary SRV album[URL="t=133262]Texas Flood (link)[/URL] was released, the world saw Stevie and his trusty strat, 'Number One', pull out another epic and highly anticipated follow-up album, Couldn't Stand the Weather (1984). If anyone had any skeptism or doubts of this virtuoso's ability, they were soon thrown out--a new blues messiah was here and there was nothing they could do about it. Playing with even more skill and musical prowess than their previous album, SRV and Double Trouble were ready to get back into the studio after extensive touring the months following Texas Flood's success. Stevie also earned his second Grammy Award nomination for this album. In addition, his interpertation of Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) was cited in the Best Rock Instrumental category. In an interview with magazine, Down Beat, Stevie Ray Vaughan told of his goals for the future, stating that "We're going to keep playing our hearts out. We hope we can get a lot of people to listen but if they don't--well, we're still going to go all-out anyway. You know, I love the blues. What else is there""

Length: 54min 59sec
No. of Tracks: 13 (w/5 previously unreleased bonus tracks)
Executive Producer: John Hammond
Produced By Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Richard Mullen, and Jim Capfer
Extras: Pamplet include photos of the band, and an interesting article on Stevie Ray and the band by Bill Milkowski. Also contains 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Couldn't Stand the Weather

Scuttle Buttin'(1:52)- A crowd favorite, this short but very speedy instrumental show boats the Texas Bluesman's technical skill and speed on the guitar. Though not his fastest instrumental, it is fun to listen to and quite impressive.

Couldn't Stand the Weather(4:41)- Title track. Texas blues with a very funky beat. SRV and his brother joined forces to create the song, Jimmie being second guitar and SRV playing lead of course. Generally a good song, but some hard core blues fans may shy away from its rock oriented beat and funky feel. However, the solo was definitly they best point of the song, very bluesy and lots of feel.

The Things (That) I Used to Do(4:55)-One of the best songs in the album, and definitly one of the best blues songs ever performed. Stevie starts the song with roaring vocals, but a moderate tempo beat. Solo definitly amazing, one of the longest ones in the album, and masterfully done. Stevie is joined by his brother Jimmie (second guitar) in this song. And impressive song played impressively well. Imagine a powerful BB King growl (though not that intense or deep of course) with an agressive blues guitar and you got The Things I used to Do.

Voodoo Chile(Slight Return)(7:59)0-Stunning, aggressive, and guitarist that could make any other humble. This masterful cover on Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child (or is it Voodoo Chile" Both sides seem to contradict one another), possibly the best Jimi cover ever done, and definitly the best on this particular song. SRV does a terrific job of approaching Jimi's fuzzy tone, but more clear and that texas tone. SRV also plays this song with MORE technical skill and clarity (neatness) than Jimi had. Vocals were excellent, but SRV did lack a bit of intensity and rawness that Jimi had as far as singing is concerned, but he did a darn good job. Still, terrific vocals. SRV playing was definitly light years away from Jimi's as far as techincal skill goes, most notably when at around 1:40-1:50 where starts bending his strings LIKE A MADMAN, and just goes off and plays an INSANE SOLO. Seriously, he went off and just started busting out. What was interesting was that although he did start playing fast, he did not over do it, as he never does, but just pushes the limit of his playing while retaining feel and that certain bluesy quality. Clocked at just under 8 minutes, watch out, because you are for a heck of a ride. EXCELLENT SONG.

Cold Shot(4:01)-After rocking out to Voodoo Chile, the album tones it down a bit with Cold Shot. A great song and extremely well placed, as it served as a way of toning down the album especially after that insanely good cover on Voodoo Chile, and leading into one of most legendary SRV songs ever, Tin Pan Alley. Good song, very smooth, with a take it easy solo. Be sure to catch the music video of this song, as it is very funny.

Tin Pan Alley (aka Toughest Place in Town)(9:11)- Lord, have mercy. Song played with so much feel and grace that it overwhelms you. Classic blues feel to it, if you ever wonder why the blues go its name, listen to this song. Beauty and perfection; a masterfully done blues song. Easily one of the best blues songs in the history of blues. Over 9 minutes in length, be prepared to get so bluesy that you'll shudder. If you don't get chills listening to it, you shouldn't be listening to the blues.

Honey Bee(2:43)-Think after Tin Pan Alley that another blues song will give ya frost bite" Don't worry, as Honey Bee is definitely is the most upbeat, feel good song in the album. Cheery and a bit rocky, this is the a good remedy for when ya got the blues.

Stang's Swang(2:55)-Jazzy finish to the original album, this swingin’ instrumental will leave you full and satisfied. SRV is accompanied by jazzy tenor sax playing of Stan Harrison.


SRV SPEAKS(1:08)- Excerpt from "In Step with Stevie Ray Vaughan" edition of ROCK LIVES: THE TIMOTHY WHITE SESSIONS. Originally taped in 1989, about a year before SRV's untimely departure from this world.

Hide Away(4:04)-Pure texas blues! Instrumental with bluesy feel and the certain special influence of Texas R&B. Very well done. As a bonus track, this was not released with the original album. This bonus track was originally an unreleased song from the Couldn't Stand the Weather jam sessions, along with the next three songs after it.

Look at Little Sister(2:46)-Yet another bonus track from the '84 jam sessions. Upbeat and well played, this the an earlier version of a song that would later be released on SRV's third album, Soul to Soul. This particular version, in my humble opinion, was superior to the one in Soul to Soul.

Give Me Back My Wig(4:07)-Fun song that with a strong Texas R&B feel. This shuffle surely will get ya tappin' your foot and singin' along with Stevie. Song was originally by T.R Taylor.

Come On (Pt. III)(4:33)- Don't ask me why it is "Part 3" because I don't know. This song would later appear in Soul to Soul, just as Look at Little Sister did, and just like that song, I personally find superior to the version on Soul to Soul. Why" I suppose Stevie was on the verge of collapsing from drug abuse, which really showed up one Soul to Soul, but I'll get into that more extensively when/if I review that album. Anyway, this song is pretty quick, and with a pretty fast solo. Pretty good, but the lyrics were pretty repetitive, and I found Chris Layton's drum work a tad off at times, but the superb guitar playing on SRV's part brought the song up. Good song, great guitar and solo.

Band Info
Stevie Ray Vaughan: Guitars, vocals
Tommy Shannon: Bass
Chris "Whipper" Layton: Drums

Guest Musicians:
Jimmie Vaughan: 2nd guitar on "Couldn't Stand the Weather" and "The Things (That) I Used To Do"
Fran Christina: Drums on "Stang's Swang"
Stan Harrison: Tenor Saxophone

Band Facts

Stevie Ray Vaughan had been invited to play Lead guitar in David Bowie's band prior to [URL="t=133262]Texas Flood (link)[/URL]'s release.

Overall Thoughts/Score

Good album. I'd recommend this to someone who wanted to get a good feel for Stevie's music but also wanted to compare his skill to other guitarists, such as Jimi Hendrix. Personally, though I couldn't find any major flaws, I think that SRV should of wrote more of his own songs and maybe of added another instrumental. Overall, excellent, grammy nominated album, 5/5 stars

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March 22nd 2004


Good review and this album is great, the opening track is so cool!

April 15th 2004


do soul to soul next

Per Ardua Ad Astra
April 15th 2004


Good review, gotta love Voodoo Chile!

April 15th 2004


Hey that was a cool review. Get a good avatar now, I hate default ones.

April 15th 2004


SRV is the greatest guitarist that ever lived.

May 4th 2004


I got this album used a few weeks ago, but it was disgustingly scratched. I had to return it before I got to listen.. I'm still on the lookout.

Big Tube
May 6th 2004


This was my first SRV album and is probablly also my favorite. Every song is good. The exception, however (for me) owould be "Cold Shot" which I just never dug. All in all a great album though....

May 7th 2004


i definetley agree this is one incredible CD. a must have. stevie is one of if not the best guitarist i've ever heard

June 23rd 2004


[QUOTE=IhateUsernames]SRV is the greatest guitarist that ever lived.[/QUOTE]


September 2nd 2004


This only guy who can cover Hendrix song's. And he has my vote.

September 2nd 2004


amazing guitarist
brilliant music
i recommend watching SRV live at the el Mocambo dvd
it's a small venue and he really shows off his skill in it

February 2nd 2005


Stevie Ray Vaughan is my favorite blues guitar player of all times.
His guitar riffs are out of this world. He also has a lot of speed. When he plays those solos he makes those notes ring and gives them feeling.
I wish he was still alive, he is an awesome song writer.
What impresses me about his style is not only his guitar playing but his singing. When you are playing that guitar and you are singing at the same time it makes a big difference.

all of his songs have a combination of blues rock and some jazz.
He is definitely my favorite blues guitar player of all times.

June 25th 2005


Stevie rocks there is no dubt about it possible the best of all time
I personally liked voodoo chile
although jimmi did write it i'm not sure who preformed it better
stevie is deffenatly one of the fastest guitar players i've ever seen
he's not terrific at singing but he can really hammer away at that guitar but then again with out the singing it wouldn't be stevie

Stevie ray nice review, Truley injoyed it

I would give this ablum a 5/5
This Message Edited On 06.24.05

June 25th 2005


Stevie couldn't write very well or sing very well on his earlier albums. His playing definately makes up though.

January 26th 2006


i compare stevie's voice to a black mans voice, and his guitar playing is beyond words.

January 26th 2006


Cold Shot is probably my favorite blues song, ever. This is a quality album.

May 10th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Classic in every meaning of the word.

May 29th 2007


A classic for rock, blues...
all the guitarists must listen to SRV

October 27th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Once again, great review. SRV is incredible.

5/5 for the album, and the review!

August 1st 2010


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