These Arms Are Snakes
This Is Meant To Hurt You



by Jawaharal USER (33 Reviews)
November 9th, 2005 | 21 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

I was thinking to myself when I was listening to this CD, "what if my arms were snakes?" I could bite people and arms could slither into hard to reach places. I would probably get a featured spot on Oprah and be labeled as a freak on all the tabloids. I'd be everybodyís favorite modern day elephant man. This short collection of 5 songs is kinda like having snakes for arms. It stands out from most of the Seattle based bands and has super abnormally good songs.

And since I've already started with metaphors and all that jive I guess I'll continue. The EP name could be interpreted several ways. Itís best when listened to really really loud, like loud enough to get tinnitus and make your ears bleed. Its makes you want to mosh and get beat up/ beat some one up and itís just an assault of sound.

This EP resembles some of Drive Like Jehu's work. It rarely just stays loud for the whole song. They use repetitive, but not boring, hypnotizing riffs and guitar psych-outs. The songs usually follow a formula of loud to soft or vice-versa. Maybe itís even fair to call them progressive hardcore on some songs. It has many of the elements in progressive rock while pertaining to hardcore. The soft breakdowns, good instrumentation, rhythm changes, and longer than average song lengths. But this EP will fit all your angry needs too. The screams get you pumped up and the relentless guitar attack keep you wide awake and ready to rumble.

The songwriting is noticeably better than their last release Oxeneers.... The songs are more focused and not to concentrated on making things really loud and trying to pertain to the hardcore audience (Oxeneers is still great though). The lyrics are exceptionally good and the singer's voice does a great job with them. As a result of the better, more focused songwriting, the re-playability is high even for five songs. The changes in the course of several of the song's durations will keep you interested and wanting more.

Even though this EP only has 5 songs and will probably cost alot anyways, I still recommended picking it up. Itís a well thought out and original hardcore album worthy of everyone's attention. And it will save you from conversations like this.

Him: These Arms Are Snakes are one of the best Seattle bands.
You: Nirvana is where it's at
Him: Whatever, nevermind
You: Chuckles because you think he was using a Nirvana reference when he said nevermind.

And I have included a track-by-track for your viewing pleasure.

Riding The Grape Dragon
Probably the worst track on the album, but nonetheless very enjoyable. A slow guitar riff opens things up and it quickly dissolves into chords with signing. Throughout the verses little guitar fills are added to spice things up. The second verse has the opening riff only a little altered played with the vocals. This quickly changes into another riff that is reminiscent of hard-rock. Then a breakdown comes in the riff plays while another guitar plays an octave above it. The vocals are muttered throughout this part and brief period of return to the beginning riff and vocals close this song.

Run It Through The Dog
This one just explodes right when it starts. An odd riff plays with loud vocals and sometimes screams. A change of riffs comes in a little later. This continues till a breakdown. The drums are pounding and the bass keeps a little groove going. The guitar comes in shortly after with an echo-ladened doodle/riff. This continues for a bit until the guitar starts picking very fast on a single note. The old breakdown riff returns after the brief single note picking. The guitars are very chill and relaxing. The fast picking enters again later and remains for a while and some weird guitar experimentation is done. The song then slowly fades out.

Diggers Of Ditches Everywhere
One of the stronger songs on the EP begins with a clean, chill riff. Watery vocals come in later and the guitar plays a different, spacey higher pitched riff. The old riff returns shortly after for the chorus. The verse this time has louder vocals and after twenty seconds or so the distortion comes in and the singer almost sounds as if he is wailing. This heavy riff last for a short period of time. The beginning riff returns but louder and distorted. The vocals are now angry and loud and the song ends shortly after.

The Blue Rose
This is the only song on here that is consistently distorted and doesn't have a breakdown. Though it still is very good. It gets right to business and the guitars are pumping it out and the vocalist is relatively calm. A little riff changes are added and the vocals get angrier. The riff changes again a bit later and the vocals remain the same. Again the riff changes. But only slightly. A little later things calm down a bit and the bass keeps a cool groove going. The vocals are quieter and after about 15 seconds of this the guitar returns. Another change happens and the guitar is playing muted riffs and gradually un-mutes and starts to play a very catchy riff. The vocals remain the same but the guitar continues to play the riff in different octaves. And the song ends with a power chord strum.

Drinking From The Necks Of The Ones You Love
This one begins with a repeating riff and almost dancy drums. The vocals sound watered down and they are quiet. The guitar riff slows down and the album has a dark quality to it. Things quickly pick up and a high pitched riff that quickly changes into a chord progression keeps things flowing. This continues for about 30 seconds. Then things slow down for a brief period of time and the bass plays the opening riff. The verse returns and the same riffs are repeated. Then a very quiet breakdown about 20-30 seconds later occurs. The drums are quietly pounding in the background and the lyrics are muttered and the guitar plays an almost spacey riff. It gradually gets louder and the same lyrics are repeated for a bit. A new guitar riff comes in and is very heavy sounding. This continues until a final scream and then the song is ended.

This EP is great for anybody into hardcore and punk and willing to get into the genre. If you want any songs you can contact me through BROCCOLIofDETH on AIM or (include underdash) on msn or email.

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November 9th 2005


Not many views on this at all :/

November 9th 2005


Wow, this was a great review. The conversation part had me laughing quite a bit. Ill be checking this out, as I like adrenaline rush type music.

Gets my vote :thumb:

November 9th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

this ep is great.

November 9th 2005


Wow, I have never heard of this band. I don't know if it's my thing, though. Good review :thumb:

November 9th 2005


I'm definitely looking into these guys. Nice review.

November 10th 2005


Its been almost 3 hours and this review still hasn't gotten 100 views :eek:

November 10th 2005




November 10th 2005


Ocelot, did you want any of their songs? Cause if you do, get back on AIM

November 10th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Nice work, this is one of your best reviews IMO.

This is an average ep, nothing special but good nonetheless.

Dancin' Man
November 10th 2005


I've been thinking I should check this band out.

November 23rd 2005


you most definately should. If you want I'll send this through AIM.

Dancin' Man
November 23rd 2005


I did. I dig. Anything any member of Botch has been involved with rocks.

December 28th 2005


Fast fingers is right.

I have 'Oxeneers...' I love it.

Did this EP come out after it?

December 28th 2005


It came before I think.

February 21st 2006


i think i will review the full length soon.

February 23rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

yes. i prefer oxineers. this is pretty good though.

February 26th 2006


Run it Through the Dog is an awesome song. I love the vocals in the intro. Thanx for the heads up on this band cheeto-t

April 15th 2008


like the conversation bit got my vote

July 19th 2017


good EP

January 24th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5


Just picked it up the other day for $2. Gooooooood deal

Need to check the LP next

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