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February 23rd, 2011 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The Famine retain familiarity, with a twist

Throughout the lifespan of a band, odds are that it will go through some change; be it musically, member changes, or a million other possibilities. Many bands change from album to album, and The Famine is no exception with their latest musical offering, entitled Architects of Guilt.

The band’s latest work, their first since original vocalist Kris McCaddon was replaced by Bassist Nick Nowell, is different from their debut, The Raven and the Reaping, but yet retains a sense of familiarity of The Famine’s sound. The band retains their style of fast, heavy, pummeling metal, but Architects of Guilt removes those small traces of Southern Metal sound found on The Raven and replaces them with styling’s more toward Death Metal.

The biggest evidence of this change is the sound of the vocalists. While McCaddon had a very raspy yet harsh vocal styling, Nowell comes at the listener with a high shriek and low growl that adds nice diversity to that aspect of the music. The new vocal style lends a new feel to the instrumental side of the album, which has been improved on Architects...

The guitarists still throw out fast riff after fast riff, and listeners of the debut album will recognize a similar feel to the guitar work, but closer listening reveals improvement and variety on the band’s latest fare. Solos have been put into this album, such as at the 2:26 mark of Ad Mortem and the 2:37 mark of Pyrithion Place, among others. There is also a more varied assortment of riffs, including some tremolo picking. The most improved area of Architects of Guilt though, is the drumming. Drummer Mark Garza really puts on a show with some fine drum work, which is even more intense and frantic then on The Raven and the Reaping. Tracks like Turner Classic Diaries and A Fragile Peace are just two examples of the assortment of fills and techniques that Garza uses on this album.

Although this album is an improvement on The Raven and the Reaping, it still suffers from the same flaw that hindered that album: repetition. Although each song on this album has it’s own feel and assortment of musical differences, the majority of the album just seems to blend together. The rapid pacing and similar structure tends to make it tough to really decipher individual songs, and this hampers what could have been a very good album.

I see Architects of Guilt as a progression for The Famine; a progression that I feel is a good one. This album takes the heaviness of the last one, turns the dial up a few twists, and keeps on pounding away. This is an enjoyable album for fans of the band, and also fans of this style of Metalcore. If you’re looking for a newer release to check out, Architects of Guilt should satisfy you.

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February 23rd 2011


This might be a grower of an album, as their first one was.

February 23rd 2011


Good review, pos'd! Sometimes I find your reviews don't get many comments...

February 23rd 2011


That's because I review metalcore bands/and obscure ones at that

February 24th 2011


good review is this. Pos'd.

February 24th 2011


Good review, although I wouldn't capitalize the different music genres, but that's just being picky. Pos'd

I don't know what to think of the album, it's def good when I'm listening, but it is somewhat forgettable. The lyrics are great though. It's probably a 3-3.25 for me.

February 26th 2011


I remember when Embodiment had their first release back in the day...Solid state sure had its time back then.

September 14th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

I find this album to be one of the most underrated in my recent memory. I blast this daily.

December 12th 2012


wow jrbrown, thanks for reminding me that Embodyment existed
that took me back a decade at least

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