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November 6th, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Its pretty rare that i come across a split i actually like both halfs of. But anyway, the tracklisting is as follows:

Brand New
1. Moshi Moshi (2.27)
2. Am I Wrong (3.40)

Safety In Numbers
3. No Use (3.18)
4. Faithfully (3.42)

Okay, before i start i will apologise in advance for the lack of info on safety in numbers. I couldnt find any valid info on them and only picked this up because of Brand New. But yes -

1. Moshi Moshi (2.27) - Probably the poppiest song on the CD, but in no way is that bad. Its filled with great, catchy guitar riffs and the lyrics are cheesy but ausome - quote Jesse 'If i kissed your neck, would you slit my throat?'. Vinnie (Guitar) also provides harmonies with Jesse's vocals, and i have to say it works very well. This is not like most of Brand New (as it is from their early demo's) but its still very good. 4/5

2. Am I Wrong (3.40) - In my opinion this is easily the best track on the CD and was originaly a Love Spit Love record. It starts off with a piano that continues throughout the song and is accompanied by a simple drum beat in the background and a steady bass tune keeping everything together. Once again harmonies are used, but this time it is more subtle, yet still effective. A slow song, slowest on the record, but in my opinion it is a great cover and a great track. 4.5/5

3. No Use (3.18) - This track starts off with alot of promise. A distorsted guitar riff that continues into a full band tune and sounds very good. But the verses vocals let it down. The pittiful attempt at a harmony makes you want to turn it off a little. But nevertheless the instrumentals in the song are very good, the vocals pick up a little in the chorus and the song is also well structured. If i'm honest i'd say it was the worst track on the CD, but you could find worse tracks out there. 3/5

4. Faithfully (3.42) - Now the band certainly redeems themselves with this track. A single hit of the drumstick and we're into the track. Guitars dominating the tune and working well together in the intro, but backing down a little by becoming slightly distorted in the background. The vocals once again are an attempt at harmonics but it seems to work better this time, especially with the subtle piano sound in the background. The chorus see's only a few lines, but the most distinctive seems to be 'I'm forever yours, faithfully' with the music stopping just before faithfully. A long outro and there we have it. A very catchy demo track that would please anyone who loves this genre of music. 4/5

+ Catchy guitar riffs from both bands.
+ Songs have a feelgood feel to them

- Bad production at times.
- Vocals get a bit shoddy at times.

Overall, i personally love this CD. Both bands demo's are unique and well put together. Although there is room for improvement, i guess you could say thats why they are called demo's. For any fans of Brand New's early work and their album 'Your Favourite Weapon' this is right up your alley, for both bands.

Final Rating - 4/5

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November 6th 2005


I dont think it should be a big deal. The mods will probably take care of it a little later, in the meantime, you did a pretty good job. I like Brand New only in very small doses but youre doing good so far.

Electric City
November 6th 2005


I like Brand New's The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows and Sic Transit Gloria. But with song titles like "Glad to know that if I need attention all I have to do is die" They're a little too emo for my likeing.

November 7th 2005


Definition of irony: MusicOfficial knows NOTHING about emo.

December 25th 2005


Brand New is pretty good. Not an every day band but they are still good to me.

May 8th 2006


Definition of irony: MusicOfficial knows NOTHING about emo.

he's probably just referring to the song title's (i hope), which, if we go on the popular definition of emo, is a correct assumption

so id say misinformed rather than knowing nothing, whci is really harsh/false/general

May 22nd 2006


Brand New is the best band out there, you cant compare them to anyone, and thats priceless. im not saying that their as good as zeppelin, but, when zeppelin was out, who could you compare them to? they blazed their own trail and didnt listen to anyone. brand new doesnt listen to anyone either.

August 26th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

The Brand New half owns

November 25th 2011



November 25th 2011


Review needs some proofreading. Oh God this is from 2005.

December 13th 2012


i just listened to this for the first time last night, i'm such a bad fan ugh

the acoustic version of moshi moshi is perfect tho as is the tigers jaw cover of it

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