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November 6th, 2005 | 13 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

My Vitriol consists of Ravi Kesavaram (Drums), Som Wijay-Wardner (Vocals, Guitar & Lyrics), Seth Taylor (Guitar) and Carolyn Bannister (Bass & Backing Vocals). Their first release 'Finelines' was released in early March and reached number 24 in the UK record charts. Although their popularity when first bringing out this album seemed to be quite big and full of hope, it seems they have been forgotten over time.

1) Alpha Waves - The first track on the album. A short 2 minute long into that leads into the start of the next track. Starts off with alot of distortion, then Carolyn's bass kicks in and so does some melodic guitar, not really much more to say. 3/5

2) Always Your Way - The 4th single off the album and i have to say, a very impressive one too. I've not read up on what the songs meaning actually is but if you look at the lyrics it seems he's talking about a past relationship - 'A little time ago I didn't wanna see us falling out but everything has gone'. Very good. 4.5/5

3) The gentle Art Of Choking - Starts out with a high pitched effect on the guitar, but is continued by a slow verse with faded finger picking in the background. Som's might not be amazing in this song, but the way he uses them is very good, like the way he seems to shriek the chorus of 'They've left you out on your own And they've broken all of your bones'. 4/5

4) Kohlstream - Nothing much in this song really. 26 seconds of piano and a very light drum breat in the background. 3/5

5) Cemented Shoes - The 2nd single off the album which reached 64 in the UK charts in July of 2000. Starts off with Som singing a few words covered by a basic tune on the guitar, but kicks in almost straight away to the chorus. The lyrics in this song are very simple, Som seems to repeat most of them numerous times, but at the same time in a way its very effective. While they are repeated, Som still has some great quotes - like 'Gratitude for your attitude, and i'm falling at your feet'. Listen to it and you'l know what i mean : ). Lots of guitar effects used, especially on the solo - can get a bit repetetive. The song gets faster towards ther end, but slows down for the into to the next. 4/5

6) Grounded - Probably the most well known MV song, their 5th single aswell. A slower tempo song and again, the lyrics are very simple with repetetive parts and the solo relys heavily on effects, but aside from that, the song is simply amazing. The structure is genius and works so well with Soms lyrics. The ending has backs Som by singing 'Grounded' until the song finally fades out and a simple finger pick ending ends the song. Very good song. 4.5/5

7) Critic Orientated Rock (C.O.R) - Another extremely short song coming in at a total of 40 seconds and also proba bly the heaviest on the album. Soms distorted voice mutters something over a few times before ending the song by screaming. Strange song. 3/5

8) Infantile - Quite a strange, but effective song. A slow intro on guitar for the first 10 seconds or so, before the chords for the verse come into it and Soms starts to whisper his lyrics (good effect by the way). The chorus seems to pick up a bit and Som starts to sing normally and is accompannied by backing vocals making a nice sound. The lyrics themselves in this song have to be the strangest on the album when it says things like 'Half the girl I used to be She's still dressing up inside of me'. Interesting, non"" Good song though. 4/5

9) Ode To The Red Queen - Quite a slow song, not much to it i have to say. The chorus is the highligh as the verse seems very bland with just a few strums of the quitar and some weak vocals ontop. The solo is also very simple, and the effects used do not do it justis. Probably the letdown of the album, although it isnt a total disaster. 3/5

10) Tongue Tied - Another song in which Som dosnt sing. Coming in at 5.16, this song after a few listens can get quite boring. The slow into seems to come into it alot, and so does the fast pace guitaring. Throught the song it seems to just switch through the two, and after a while it gets quite predictable. Alot of potential with the tunes they've produce, but not made up well without vocals. It also has a very loud/distored ending, like the end of a concert or something. 3.5/5

11) Windows and Walls - A slow song for the most part, which for half of it, rely's havily on a finger picking guitar which seems to change through effects in the background. The song then, halfway through, lets the bass get very heavy and dominating and it seems to bring some depth to it. The lyrics once again can get a bit tiresome. Maybe its me, but i cant really make out what the song means, as it keeps changing from thought to thought. Strange/interesting song. 3.5/5

12) Taproband - This you could probably consider the intrumental of the album. Coming in at 1.21, its very short but quite peacefull. The guiatrs are used against eachother, but it works so very well. A good song to just sit back and smile too. 4/5

13) Losing Touch - The first single off the album and I'm not sure how to describe the basic guitar tune, but in my head i kinda of describe it as a tradgic tune, sorry if you dont know what i mean. But anyway, soms vocals for the verse change this, and it seems to turn into a more upbeat song. Thats until we reach the chorus, when a little more distortion it placed and Som's all famous shreik emerges using the line 'Your loosing, touch'. Its a classic combination i must say. Soms viocals towards the end of the song seem to make it worth listening to. He dosnt shout them, or sing them, its just in the middle and it works perfectly. A brave song to bring out first, but a good one at that. 4/5

14) Pieces - The 3rd single off the album, that charted at no.50. A steady song that once again, relys on basic guitar effects to cover the background. The songs verse can seem very bland and boring but the chorus picks it up a bit and makes it a little better. The song towards the end and throught the chorus has a very optimistic and warm feel about it. In my opinion, it isnt one of the best tracks on the album, but is stil quite good. 3.5/5

15) Falling Off The Floor - Now this in my eyes is undoubtedly the best track on the album. Everything about this song sends chills down my spine. It seems to be about someone getting hurt and being put down all the time, as throught the song Som says things like 'I know they'll hurt you once again, But I'll give you something for the pain'. A very quiet guitar into for about 20 seconds then it kicks into the verse. The verse itself has alot going on, with the bass carrying the tune which the guitars play around with some effects, the the Chorus kicks in with a more moving tune that brings everything together. Once again, the solo relys on effects, but this time is done very well. Towards the end of the song, more distortion is placed and it gets a little heavier. Som starts to shout a little with the guitars backing his voice. He continues to shout 'They'll hunt you down, you down, down, They'll drag you down'. A definate must have - a beautiful song. 5/5

16) Under The Wheels - This is pretty much a love song. To describe it the easiest way - it has alot of 'ooh's and aah's' in it. Lots of guitar effects used, the druming also plays a big part in the song. Som's lyrics highlight the love by softly singing 'i'm head over heels' a few times. The end of the song consists of a basic drum beat which keeps getting louder and louder before it finally ends and finishes a great album.

Recommended Tracks
Always Your Way
Cemented Shoes
Falling Off The Floor

+ Has simply Beautiful tracks.
+ The vocals are used very well.
+ At times, guitar effects used well.

- At times, too many guitar effects.
- lyrics can be quite bland and boring.

Overall, i personally love this album. Its not like anything ive ever some across. I believe this band could be so big, but their lack of releases seems to work to their disadvantage. I would strongly recommend this album to anyone. This is also my first review, so please, go easy.

Final Rating - 3.5/5

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November 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

. . Comments, maybe?? heh. . .

November 6th 2005


I think you hit the rating right on the head. The songs on this album are brilliant, I'm especially partial to The Gentle Art of Choking, Pieces and Ode to the Red Queen, but it seems something went awry on the production/mixing side of things. I'm not a fan of alot of the guitar tones and the way the instruments layer on this album, but the songs come through nonetheless.

November 6th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

I have this, and haven't listened to it in about 2 years. I remember not liking it, though.

Shuffle It All
November 6th 2005


a very good band, and greate album, but like you said, they havent realesaed anything in a while, and there unknown again.

November 27th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I think i'l review the newest album now.This Message Edited On 11.27.05

June 26th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

i fell in love with this album instantly , one true classic

the new album in on its way, the new EP has been released today

and eh, nice review, i agree pretty much with what you said

September 13th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

It's good, gets boring at times

December 30th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

A great timeless album, one of those bands (Vex red are another) who release a fantastic album then just disappear. Sadly.

April 29th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

this album fucking rules

Staff Reviewer
May 11th 2013


im gonna try and cop this

July 21st 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

what's going on with this band's popularity, this new "let's play 90s influenced alt rock" trend (Basement, Turnover, Citizen etc...) reminds me so much of My Vitriol.

July 21st 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

these guys are recording a new album right now, hopefully will be sweeeeet

May 31st 2016


this is pretty good aye

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