American Head Charge
The War Of Art



by Confessed2005 USER (95 Reviews)
November 6th, 2005 | 29 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Im surprised that njobody has ever reviewed this album here. So, I have decided to review AMH first album and in my opinion an excellent one, for you. Hope you find this review enlightening and comments are very much appreciated, good or bad.

What Is Good About The Album"

Well, when I can say that I enjoy every one of the 16 tracks on this album, you can probably guess where I am headed. Before purchasing this album, I was in two minds of whether it would be worth it. My friend tried to persuade me to not buy it, stating that band are just SlipKnot rip-off merchants that couldnt write a half-assed riff with a two-string guitar. Yet my friend has a very poor taste in music, so I bought it. After hearing A Violent Reaction's intro it just appeared that this song wasn't going to be heavy. However the stereo speakers practically exploded w/ vibrations as a crushingly heavy mosh riff cut in. I was then introduced to the wonderfully powerful voice of Martin Cock (yes I know his name is hilarious). Further into the song, the guitars produced some brutal riffs and the drumjs pounded nicely through the track. I was mesmerized at how intelligent and well-crafted the lyrics were. Michael Cock has an incredible voice to say the least and can vary it at almost any level for amazing effect. The album continued at a breakneck pace until I got to the track which is probably the most famous- Just So You Know. The guitars are tuned to A#, so you could imagine the crushing heaviness of the riff that leapt out from the wall and buried me in all state of utter abomination. Again, Cock's vocals were excellent. Seamless followed and this is probably the most gratuitous song in terms of lyrical theme. However, the lyrics themselves are marvellous; very intelligently written and excellently sung in a nu-metal way. Yes, this band are probably classified as nu-metal, but these guys are a hell of a lot better in almost every way when compared to the bloux that nu-metal is. Even after 9 tracks of brutality, the album continued to pile on the mosh factor whilst incorporating wonderful vocals, lyrics and atmosphere. It's obvious the smaples and keyboards used here make a big difference and the bass is mind-blowing at times. It is mostly prominent backing but has some amazing avant-garde moments (intro to Americ***). Overall, I couldn't beleive how wrong my friend was; this band were so underrated it was a sin. In terms of ability, they possess the skill to write some downright nightmarish mosh riffs. Martin Cock has one of the best voices ever the grace an artist deemed nu-metal and the quality of the lyrics is outstanding. I seriously cannot comprehend how a vocalist can make the word 'liar' so fu**ing powerful in 'Self'. The lyrical themes vary slightly, but who cares when they are this well-crafted" Chad Hanks wrote the bass and the guitar (kudos to this amazing member of the band) and he has done a fine job. This album is amazing in nearly all sense of the word.

What Is Not So Good About The Album"

Well the reason I have rated the album a 4.5 is becdause occassionaly the band needs something else to really throw them off the map. Solos are a no-go here, but this is almost nu-metal (well it is but it certainly isn't crap) and the odd lead break of something flashy would have been a welcome addition to the mosh of heavy guitars and aggressive lyrics. Whilst Cock has an amzing voice, it depends on your taste; some will absolutely love his vocal work (such as myself) and others will detest it, brandishing him as a poor frontman with little vocal ability. He tends to sing in the style of early SlipKnot and some of KorN's work but adds a little more quality and the lyrics he is singing are one million times better in the first place. Also, the songs do vary, but only slightly. guitar riffs are similar but clever use of different tunings, tone and the excellent production has definitely ensured that each track has it's own individual quality to it and is a great listen.

Why Buy"

Because this is what nu-meatl should have been; intelligent, heavy yet audible and eargasmic, defiantly levaithan-like in almost every sense and plentiful in quality. This album is overlooked in almost every way, yet if you were to purchase just one nu-metal album in your whole existence, then you should invest in this. 16 tracks of excellence. I kid you not.

Track Ratings

A Violent Reaction 5/5
Pushing The Envelope 5/5
Song For The Suspect 5/5
Never Get Caught 4.5/5
Self 5/5
Just So You Know 5/5
Seamless 5/5
Effigy 23 4/5
Americ*** Evolving Into Into Useless Physchic Garbage 4/5
Shutdown 5/5
We Believe 4.5/5
Breathe In, Bleed Out 5/5
Fall 5/5
Reach And Touch 4/5
All Wrapped Up 4/5
Nothing Gets Nothing 5/5

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The Feeding

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November 6th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Well the swear sensors don't even allow the name Michael C-O-C-K. How stupid. Sorry if there are any errors in terms of my writing. I wrote this early in the morning. Please comment however.

November 6th 2005


Haha, I like this review. Very well done!

November 6th 2005


i thought the guy's name was martin coc k? i may be wrong...

ive only heard just so you know, but this has persuaded me to hear some more. nice review!

November 6th 2005


by the way, im loving the use of the word "eargasmic!"

November 6th 2005


I havent heard this band, but its too bad the guitarist died

November 7th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

The singers name IS martin. damn my memory! o well. i have fixed the problem. thanx for all the comments so far.

fire of my soul
January 15th 2006


I think the review was well written,and as for the cd,well I love it,when I first got it,Ihad it in my cd player for about two weeks,SO this is a VERY good cd to have.

May 17th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

'just so you know' rules!i think its the best track on the cd

November 8th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This album is fantastic. From start to finish it has me hookd every time which is ALOT more than I can say for The Feeding.

February 27th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

I just stuck this in my computer.

Man it still has it - awesome crushing metal.

September 11th 2008


Good review except for the blatant (i'm assuming) typos. Insert n00b burn for not getting inside joke. I saw them open for Mudvayne a few years back and Martin was by far the best frontman I have ever heard live. With the exception of Jesse Leach, he's the best singer I can think of. Easily a nu-metal classic; I wonder if these guys will put anything else out besides "The Feeding" . . .

September 11th 2008


This album is practically THE ahc album to have, the others are nowhere near as good, apart from perhaps 'The Feeding'.

September 11th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

I used to love this back in the day. This would probably end up on the bottom of my nu-metal list now.

September 11th 2008


No way, American Head Charge aren't even nu metal, they've got more of an industrial/alternative sound. And come on this has some killer songs on it (as does The Feeding).

September 11th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

What? They were clearly nu-metal with hints of industrial/alternative, but mainly, they were nu-metal. End of story. Horrible band.

September 11th 2008


listen to that and tell me that it's horrible :/
one of the most unique vocalists in metal.
2:11 onwards is particularly kick ass.This Message Edited On 09.11.08

March 5th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

One of fav nu/industrial metal albums.

March 5th 2009


boring album

Paul H.
July 3rd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

has always been one of my favorite album was garbage tbh

October 21st 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

great review! tho u got urself one big ass paragraph there lol

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