Bonded by Blood



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January 14th, 2005 | 237 replies

Release Date: 1985 | Tracklist

(Thrash/Speed Metal) Exodus - Bonded by Blood

Exodus was one of the early thrash bands that arose from the Bay Area scene. Forming in 1982, they recorded this album in 1984, but due to difficulties, the CD wasn't released until late 1985, where thrash was peaking. One could only imagine how big this band could have been if they released the album when it was recorded. Exodus are a rare 5-piece thrash band, with Baloff not playing any instruments.

Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of the mighty Metallica, was originally part of Exodus, but left the band (without recording with them) when he was recruited to Metallica to replace Dave Mustaine. Later in Exodus's career, Testament's vocalist (then known as Legacy) Steve Sousa would replace Paul Baloff.

Bonded by Blood is their first album, and possibly their best. It contains well known thrash anthems "A Lesson in Violence", a 7 minute epic "Deliver us to Evil", and the ever-so-cool "Bonded by Blood" which contains the insanely cool lyrics "There's blood up on the stage/Bang your head against the stage!" and overall is a thrash classic.

Exodus were:
Paul Baloff - Vocals
Gary Holt - Guitars
Rick Hunolt - Guitars
Rob McKillop - Bass
Tom Hunting - Drums

Bonded by Blood (3:46)
After a short intro, the title track is straight into the action with a machine-gun paced riff and banging drums. This song is rather catchy, the intro is no exception to that. Previously mentioned, the chorus is cool, and contains the great lyrics "There's blood up on the stage/Bang your head against the stage!" Whilst not technically excellent, this is a great song to start off with: catchy, fast, some great solos and it is great to bang your head to. (Against the stage, that is!) Unfortunately, the vocals don't do much for me, and I don't enjoy this song as much as I should.

Exodus (4:08)
Again, like its former, the song is straight into it, no mucking around. Another high paced riff is met with frenetic drumming. Unfortunately (again...) the song's form is exactly the same as Bonded by Blood (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, 2 solos, verse) and as a result can get tedious. But it's thrash! It's meant to sound the same. A pretty good song, with decent solos, and a great riff, but not at all memorable.

And then There Were None (4:43)
A simple, slower riff accompanies some drum fills at the start of this song. I love songs like these, slower but with a killer riff. It's similar to Postmortem by Slayer. The sing-a-long verses are a bit shocking. And the vocals aren't too good either. Thankfully, the excellent riff and killer solos (especially the first one, it's one of the best on the album) and the faster bit are all great and make this a highlight of the album.

A Lesson in Violence (3:52)
Exodus's most well-known song, and it is a terrific one. I even like the screamy vocals in this song! The triplet feel in the riff is both extremely fast sublime and is matched with fabulous drumming. The solos are up to great standards again, the first one is better, but they are both excellent. A fairly short song, but an excellent on at that.

Metal Command (4:16)
This is one of the best speed metal songs you are ever going to hear. Ever. It starts off with a killer riff with great drum work, matched with an equally excellent verse riff. Again, I don't really like the vocals, but they sort of suit the style of music. The verse is matched with the catchiest chorus on the album, it is exceptional. The solos are well thought out, perfectly in synch with the tone of the song, and also are great shred-fests.

Piranha (3:48)
Ignore the horribly shocking opening 4 seconds of noise, and you have quite a decent song. The drums really **** me off in this song, they sound like Lar's snares from St. Anger. The song in itself is pretty boring, and the vocals are horrible, but the solos are of a high standard, and are probably the best on the album. And from the solos onwards is pretty cool, especially the galloping riff. Pure speed metal!! Great song.

No Love (5:11)
This is a poor song. The acoustic intro is nice, but not necessary. The vocals are, once again, poor. It is slow thrash. The only thing that saves this song is, again, the excellent level of soloing that goes on, and the fast paced music that accompanies it.

Deliver us to Evil (7:10)
The epic of the album. Clocking up a big 7:10 (rare in this genre) this is quite amazing, and unlike other thrash artists (Metallica) who compose long songs, there is no wussy bits in it. It is fast all the way through this song, with several different, great riffs, and some unbelievable soloing (check out the one at 4:22) overall, a splendid song, and better than some long thrash songs I could list (Master of Puppets) (Disposable Heroes) (...And Justice for All).

Strike of the Beast (4:00)
The last song is a very cool way to end it. Starting with a tricky riff, it explodes into a frenzy of pounding drums and screaming vocals. I like the vocals in this song, they fit very well. The riff at 1:45 is both fast and technical, and extremely awesome. This IS the fastest song on the album, and is a great way to end a great album. The solos, again, are of an excellent standard.

Fast Riffs
Great album to headbang along to.

Too generic

4/5. A great first effort by Exodus, and an undisputable classic, but the production and shoddy vocals let it down in some places. Still, have a listen, you will enjoy most of it.

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March 16th 2004


oh yes, and...

This album was rereleased in 1989 with new cover art and two more tracks (which I don't have, I have the old version)

And then there were none, and
A lesson in violence.
they are both live as well.

March 16th 2004


Very Good Review :thumb:

I am still wating for the bloody store i ordered BbB from to deliver it :angry:
But if it sounds very good, and im gettin the re-release if thats the one with the too babies joined together lol

March 16th 2004


I was just about to review this! Ah well, you done a good job. I love baloff's vocals. I love 'em to death. They are awesome. Oh, and I don't see why you like metal command! I think it's pretty boring! A lesson in Violence or Strike of the Beast are my favs. 4/5 also. :thumb:

March 17th 2004


[QUOTE=LordDargon]I was just about to review this![/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=LordDargon]Ah well, you done a good job[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=DimebagDarrell]Very Good Review[/QUOTE]


metal command is NOT boring!! its much better than strike of the beast.

April 18th 2004


I finally got this about a week ago now and i am impressed with it my fav tracks at the moment are And then there were none and deliver us to evil


April 18th 2004


Great CD, great review.

July 27th 2004


(my review can also be found at this site http://betrayer.suddenlaunch3.com/index.cgi?board=Fartist&action=display&num=1090956656)


paul baloff-vocals
gary holt-lead guitar
rick hunolt-lead guitar
rob mckillop-bass
tom huntng-drums


bonded by blood
first comes silence, then the sound a fighter plane roaring louder and louder until BAM! We're launched straight into a thrash-tastic riff before paul baloff pelts out life affirming lyrics with the enthusiasm of a berzerker whos just had his pint spilled. Fantastic stuff

another fast paced song with paul's violent lyrics screamed like a man who really does plunder your town, kick in your face and rape and murder your wife. This furious thrasher brings the song to a choatic end with a defeaning "exdous attack!"

and then there were none
a personal favourite of mine with a crunching riff and a chorus to die for, a real high point on the album and though slightly slower than previous tracks it still rocks like a beast. Three quarters of the way through just as you think its stopped, we're grabbed by the throat and swung around by a fast and chunky riff

a lesson in violence
the title of the song says it all. Paul's trademark violent lyrics makes this a treat, a great one to bellow along with. Features some fantastic leads from Mr.Holt and Hunolt and not to forget a line that will always stick in my head "if you got something to say then come my way/i'm gaurded by satan i'm riding a baphomet"

metal command
another high point on the album, with more fast 'n furious riffing courtesy of Rick Hunolt Gary Holt. This is a classic song showcasing a pure love of metal in the lyrics, and when Paul screams "obey our metal command!" You will know fully well Paul was serious and he loved his metal. RIP paul

from this point on this is where paul really starts screaming and sounds very much like a man possessed. The songs also take on a more evil sound and the lyrics more satanic, however people may find paul's screaming ruin's the music. I find it brings a nice touch to these more twisted songs. A good song but doesnt match the power of previous songs

no love
aha now here go, a twisted song that matches up to the might of other tracks. A nice little acoustic melody at the start before paul tells a tale of sacrafice. The screaming vocals make a very big difference to the cartoon thuggery of the lyrics. Qaulity riffs as ever and thundering drums. A fantastic chorus

deliver us to evil
we are treated again to yet more twisted, evil agression. This pretty much defines 'raw power' in terms of music, again more satanic lyrics and violence which is what makes this song so great. Trade-off solos and pounding drums add to this songs greatness.

strike of the beast
kind of disapointing in the way piranha was, not the best way to close an album(I would have preferred deliver us to evil as the closing song) but still worthy of a listen. It just kind of seems to lack what the other songs have. But still a good song though.

all in all 5/5

my current favourite thrash album and must have for any metal fan!

July 27th 2004




July 28th 2004




good review :thumb:

July 28th 2004


Thread merged.

:D /bandwagon

July 28th 2004


[QUOTE=Bartender]Thread merged.

:D /bandwagon[/QUOTE]

cheers! :thumb:

July 28th 2004


No problem.

July 28th 2004


[QUOTE=DisposableHeroes]good review :thumb:[/QUOTE]

You too, dude :thumb:

June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

This one of the best thrash albums of all time a real classic best songs imo are Bonded by Blood, Metal Command and Strike of The Beast

November 11th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Never heard this album, I maybe look for it after reading this review!

February 19th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Got ¨Bonded By Blood¨ and I thought it sounded like early metallica.

Apocalyptic Raids
February 27th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5


Drunken Viking
March 8th 2006


I haven't heard this album but it sounds like it'll be amazing.

Apocalyptic Raids
March 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

It is.

The only Thrash album I rate higher than this is Rust In Peace.

December 18th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0


i dont like this album mostly because of the bad sound production & bad vocals.

but i must confesse, they have great riff on it

-Deliver us to Evil & No Love .... are not bad for my taste

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