Forever Never
Forever Never



by MarkedFortune USER (6 Reviews)
February 9th, 2011 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A quality self-titled album. Unusual, rhythmic, interesting and catchy.

Vocals- Renny Carroll
Rhythm Guitar- Jack Mackrill
Lead Guitar- George Lenox
Bass- Kevin Yates
Drums- Sam Curtis

Forever Never provide an interesting album for the metal/metalcore community. Using screaming and melodic vocals and unusual and creative tempos. Forever Never may not be well heard of but provide an interesting listen with a quality and thoughtful blend of time changes, guitar tunings, pop, rock and jazz influences.

A highlight of the entire album is the vocal lines. Carroll includes harsh screams combined with clean, smooth melodic lines. These vocal lines are some of the most melodic features of the album as the guitar lines are mainly rhythmic following the bass and drum-lines.

Most songs of this album are not overly fast-paced but remain highly catchy, though the bouncy unusual timed rhythms. Stand-outs include Send Me A Sign a moderate paced six minute song, highly bouncy with many layers, with an emphasis on Carroll's clean vocals blending nicely with the rhythm changes, and phrasing developments. Also another highlight is the track Broken Kingdom, a faster-paced song with more interesting rhythms, clean vocals and more use of Carroll's screaming vocal lines. There is also more melodic lead work from the guitars in this song but they remain under the surface and are best heard in the chorus lines of the track. The breakdown also creates a 'moshing' feel that fans especially will appreciate.

Forever Never cite influences such as Michael Jackson which explains the occasional pop-influenced sections that appear in their songs, highlighted in verse lines of Eradicated most notedly in the vocals. However this band remains highly metal incorporating features such as dropped tuned electric guitars, double bass drum lines, and the use of screaming vocals.

This self-titled album shows many creative and out of the box features for the growingly generic metalcore genre, and is a reccomend for any metalheads looking for something different but still full of quality.

Highlights Include:
Send Me A Sign
Empty Promises
Broken Kingdom
Break the Trend

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February 10th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

Since there wasn't a review up yet, i thought i'd put one there

February 10th 2011


Hey I remember this band. I used to play it a lot a few years ago but "out of ipod, out of mind" so to speak.

In all honesty, the review was okay. There's just a few things I would like to point out though:

"Using screaming and melodic vocals and unusual and creative tempos. " Too many "and's" which in my opinion make for an awkward read. I would see if you could rephrase that.

Also, continuing with that same sentence, I'm not sure if you accidentally hit the "." but meant to hit the "," after "tempos"?

"Most songs of this album are not overly fast-paced but remain highly catchy, though the bouncy unusual timed rhythms"

I think you mean "through" the bouncy unusual timed rhythms.

Also your second paragraph is kind of awkward, maybe I'm just nitpicky, but I think you say "lines" too much. Now I'm assuming you're talking about the CD overall and not a particular song, but maybe see if you can cut out some of them (the "lines" that is).

Josh D.
February 10th 2011


I just listened to a song called "You're the Voice" by these guys just to see what they sound like.

I lol'd.

February 10th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

Thanks shortz, i guess i pick up all that 'lines' stuff from my theory training. the others are pretty much typos, but i should probably look over my work more.

February 10th 2011



February 10th 2011


naff band, saw them once supporting Karnivool, they were pretty bad.

February 10th 2011


The bros in that video are pretty lol-worthy.

Listened to one of their originals... Kinda meh. Vocalist has a somewhat interesting quality to him.

February 11th 2011


not a bad review but i agree with shortz about the "lines" thing. might check this out

February 13th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

my bad, ill work on those.

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