The Mad Capsule Markets
Osc-Dis (Oscillator In Distortion)



by Ducky_72 USER (5 Reviews)
November 3rd, 2005 | 9 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

*The Mad Capsule Markets are a a Japanese Techno Punk-metal band. At least that's how I classify them. They encorporate distorted bass, drums*and vocals over techno loops and beats, sometimes with additional guitar backing. The lyrics are nonsensical, usually in a mixture of Japanese and English, but that doesn't matter because with the level of distortion on the vocals it's hard to discern what is being sung in the first place.Osc-Dis was their first album to recieve a global release, and a good call too. From the opening track "Tribe" to the closing song "Midi-Surf",*TMCM blast*out track after track of intense techno rock mixed with insanely melodic choruses- they encorporate everything you would expect from a Japanese rock band. I am a huge fan by the way, so apologies if this review seems a little biased. I have tried to be critical of even my favourite tracks.*

#1 Tribe: The song starts fairly slowly with a synthesised pulse sample. The bass drum starts pounding and the song builds up into the chorus. The song is simple but catchy, and a lot heavier then some of the other offerings on Osc-Dis. I give it 4/5.**********

#2 Out/Definition: In my opinion one of the few weak links on the album. It builds up and up but never really goes anywhere. Apart from that the technicality of the song is impressive. A filler song at best 2/5

#3 Pulse: If you've hear TMCM, chances are you've heard this song. Infectiously catchy, the song has a simple chorus which is repeated throughout, with various breaks and bridges. The backing is simple but the song has a very strong rythm, especially the drum sample.*You'll be singing along, even though you probably won't know what you're singing 4/5

#4 Multiples: An intensely happy song, with Japanese rapping in the verses and a simple*yet effective chorus of "Woooo, hoooo hoooo...." One of my personal favourites. 4/5*

#5 Mobtrack: Another relatively weak track, this song doesn't really seem to go any where. It is mostly samples and repetitive bass, with*no discernable chorus or verse. 2/5

#6 Sunny Beach: Another example of what TMCM does best- hard fast guitar and bass, pounding drums, and a happy melodic chorus.*4/5

#7 Island: One of the standout songs on the album, a simple soft*guitar riff, a brilliant bass line, and relaxed drums (for a change). Which all leads into a fast, loud chorus with screaming vocals and pounding drums, then back again into the soft guitar melody. There's also a simple yet*lovely guitar solo towards the end. 4/5

#8 Restart: This could be classed as another filler song. It's short and relatively simple, but makes up for it with a great chorus. 4/5

#9 JAG: This song is lacking a solid chorus but makes up for*it with decent guitar work and an interesting bass line. The vocals are fast and nonsensical, but the song has a good outro and leads nicely into the next 3/5

#10 Step Into Yourself: Another quality track, this is a somewhat reflective and more relaxed track.*The standout point of this song is the layered and looped samples, which really add to the atmosphere. 3/5

#11 Good Girl: Another strong song, and along with Tribe, Sunny Beach*and Pulse, is*one of the album's singles. Similar in structure to Pulse and Sunny Beach, the song starts with a*simple drum and*bass riff which*leads into a repetitive yet sing-along-able verse/chorus. 4/5

#12 Midi Surfers: Probably my favourite song on the album. Starts off with a*fluctuating techno sample which is replaced with guitar and bass on the verses. The song builds up into a brilliant chorus, and it's the additionaly backing vocals that really stand out, especially towards the end where a sample of a*womans voice is laid*over. My only*criticism is that it's a bit*too short*4/5*

All in all if you're a fan of Japanese rock*music, or just looking for something a bit different, Osc-Dis could be for you. The music is generally simple, with most songs comprising drums, bass and vocals, so guitarists looking for complicated*musicianship may*be wary.*But if like me*you enjoy catchy melodies and sing-a-long choruses, you won't be dissapointed.*

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November 3rd 2005


Good review, I haven't heard of this but you convinced me to check this out.

November 4th 2005


Fuckin great album,fucking great review

November 4th 2005


I checked out some songs and thought it was so-so. The music gets a little sloppy at times but it was better than I expected.

November 5th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

This is not theyre best work, check out 010 OR cISTM kONFLIQT First, a better idea of what they are about. Id give this 3.5/5

November 5th 2005


I'm curious to check out more material, thanks for the recomendations.

September 21st 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Piece of genius this album!

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June 30th 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

I just found this album and listened to it for the first time in years. Criminally underrated band.

Staff Reviewer
April 8th 2021


Album Rating: 3.9

Yeah, too band they split. One of the best Japanese bands of the 00s.

010 is much better than this one though.

Digging: Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The LSO - Promises

April 8th 2021


oh lit

Digging: Prayer - In Your Arms

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