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1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours



by Electric City EMERITUS
November 2nd, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1991 | Tracklist

So it's the late 1980's. The only people who know Green Day are the people they went to high school with and The Gilman. They're an unknown band with an uncanny knack for taking a 3 chord hook and making it fabulous. So Green Day at this point has had 3 EP's, 1000 Hours, 39 Smooth, and Slappy, and they have 10 new songs. So whaddya do" Throw them all together into one humongous album and call it... 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. Listening to this gives me a smile every time, because it makes me feel like Green Day's my little secret band. Even though this album went on to sell about a bagillion copies after they made it big, I feel like I'm across the street listening to my nextdoor neighbors. And that charm is what made this album what it is, even if it sounded like it was recorded in a tin can, Billie's voice is in some place I didn't think existed, and his hair.... wtf"

1039 is Green Day's only album with the bland John Kiftenmeyer. Now don't get me wrong his drumming is fine, sometimes great, but he's no Tre Cool, either in chops or charisma. His fills also seem to clog up some of the songs. On the standout track for me, I Was There, John's fills almost prevent one from keeping the beat. However, this is just avoided, and it leads to a magnificent piece of work. John actually sings on this beauty, on the bridge, with "Looking Back Upon My Life" which is followed by Billie hollering "On My Life". That nifty effect is a fantastic A+ effort. Billie's guitar work is constantly riffing during the verses, which anyone who says Billie is a loser who can play 3 chords, should definitely listen to. I Was There also sees some fantastic work done from Mike Dirnt, as usual. Gotta love Mikey. Always kicks muchos ass. Another highlight for any GD nerd out there is the song... Green Day. It's a song about being on a marijuana binge, and like all great songs about drugs, it is a beauty. It's harmonizing work done by Mike makes it's catchy chorus so damn catchy. The speedy beat done by John keeps the tempo up, even if it is at the same tempo as all 4 songs before it (Trend! Trend!)....

So you have a couple highlights and what else" The same song. 19 times. I mean each song has it's own little quirk that makes it a song and not a ripoff, but they're all basically the same. For example: Paper Lanterns=Don't Leave Me. So I've decided to go on and do an overall.

Throughout the album, Green Day's three chord punk masterpieces are a rousing instigator to any chronic masturbator out there. Surprisingly, many of the songs are not about boogers and flogging the log, but about girls. This is interesting considering Green Day is a band with a rap for singing about things that made the nineties the nineties. However pne would think that even 3 seventeen year olds could come out with at least 1 ballad. But you, my good sir would be dead wrong. Instead, we are treated to a humongous collage of songs using three power chords, a really fast-but-standard drum beats, and lyrics that are at times incomprehensible. Indeed 1039 is no great work of talent, but it's got some must haves for those diehard GD fans out there. To put it in perspective, You are the biggest GD fan in the world. You find the first song ever written by BillieWhy Do You Want Him, it's the equivalent to finding the Holy Grail.

Now those of you who think Green Day can't do anything guitar wise, you must listen to some of the later tracks upon the album. Let not a soul criticize these guys after you hear the crazy killer guitar solo on Only Of You. It's jumpiness will prove you all wrong. It's truly a work of art, making one think of the solos in.... metal" Yes good people I kid you not. The solo is worthy of a metal song, it's that good. There are other marvelous solos scattered about the album, so haha you haters.

So far I've hit on this albums charm and great solos and other highlights and such. But, being this is a review, I must take an objective standpoint. The negative points are: EVERY SONG IS THE ***ING SAME! Every time I hit the skip button, I hear the same three chords. EVERY SONG! I feel like I'm listening to the Ink Spots and all their repetetive glory. John's beat is always too fast for him, and Billie jumps in with some riff a 5 year old could have made up. Now this doesn't deteriorate from Mike's great basswork or the few gems, but it makes the cd a bore after a week or so. That truly is a killing experience for me. It pains me. Truly.


1039 is a charming little album. You feel like you really know Green Day, like they're your buddies. In comparison to their other albums, this one is the most "punk". It has some high points, but mostly it's just repetetive and boring. It's a must have for a Green Day eccentric, and also for the ***ers out there who say Green Day isn't "Real Punk".


Recommended Tracks

I Was There
Green Day
Only Of You


The Holy Grail for Green Day enthusiasts.
Some excellent works of punk.
Mike's bassing as usual
Billie's guitar work


Repetetive. Like Wow.

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November 2nd 2005


Something Vauge, have I ever told you, I love you?This Message Edited On 11.02.05

November 2nd 2005


Something Vague is right. Your reviews have really improved. But watch out for the fanboys man.

Electric City
November 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Let the fanboys come. I being one can argue fully. And so much for the 60 replies in 3 days. In one day I've got a grand total of three.

Electric City
November 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Would anyone shoot me if I did an American Idiot Review? I completely know that there's a bazillion already, but it's the only Green Day album I haven't yet reviewed.

November 3rd 2005


as long as it's a good review, i won't mind
dunno bout the mods but...

Electric City
November 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

thanks for the feedback and the positive votes I see. Hopefully this'll do justice to a Green Day album.

Electric City
November 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

hmmm... This truly didnt genrate thew feedback i was hoping for. Anyway I've decided that I'm not going to do American Idiot. Any suggestions though? I'm in a rut. Deciding between Enema Of The State or Straylight Run....

November 4th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

great review, and this comes from a greenday fan :P

December 16th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Going To Pasalacqua is probably my favourite Green Day song.

December 8th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

B- is a 4/5, Downer.

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