Mutiny Within
Mutiny Within



by MarkedFortune USER (6 Reviews)
February 4th, 2011 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This is my first attempt at a review, so play nice. Something new, but not so different. Roadrunner studios have found some potential here.

I was first introduced to Mutiny Within when I listened to the God Of War EP and was surprised at the quality I found there. I decided to look further into them. And with what i heard I actually anticipated the release of the album.

Mutiny Within starts strongly with AWAKE and after a short melodic piano introduction before leading into a quick-paced metal onslaught including melodic vocal lines (even if the vocal lines are somewhat korny). AWAKE is a strong track showing potential for the rest of the album.

IMAGES soon follows, and after listening to the introduction "riffage" and driving drum beats, you cant help yourself bobbing your head or tapping your feet. The dynamics of this song combined with its structure make it very listenable (for example, the pauses and tempo changes attracts the listener to the next part of the song).
The drum work and guitar patterns are the main highlights for this song.

FALLING FOREVER is definetly a main highlight for this album. Even from the belting "Yeahhhhh", you can tell straight away this is a song worth listening to while the vocal lines suggest a "feel-good" mood they remain catchy and tasteful. This song also contains great lead work and harmonies.

YEAR OF AFFLICTION while a quality song feels like a blend between songs, it is different to the other tracks, but shows little progression, sounds like a solid track but blends from one song to the next.

FORSAKEN is a catchy track with alot going on, uses vocal hooks during the chorus, and still contains korny lyric lines, with even phrasing patterns creating a solid song.

LETHEAN is a heavier, darker track, with heavier riff patterns, screaming vocal lines, and melodic, minor guitar patterns. However it maintains a high standard of song-writing that most metal fans will appreciate.

OBLIVION is an excellent follow-up after Lethean , however it feels like a filler blending from one song into the next. Still a great song for the metal enthusiasts.

UNDONE is a very melodic track, with more korny lyrics that remain tasteful to the mood of the song. It is a slightly slower tempo song. Highlights include: the layered vocals, and drum-work.

HOURS has a nice intro build upand driving riffs. This track is technical, melodic, dark and brutal all in just under 3 minutes.

SUFFOCATE Not one of my favourite tracks, however shows a very technical and melodic track. The melodic guitar lines are a highlight.

REFLECTIONS displays galloping rhythms and screaming vocals be harmonised with clean, melodic vocals. Even includes small amounts of blast beating. Also the "half time feel" creates another change to interest the listener.

LOSING SIGHT (Bonus Track)
Heavy but not out of the ordinary for Mutiny Within A high quality song.

Mutiny Within is a band with great potential, I look forward to the bands next effort and expect positive things form them in the future.

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February 5th 2011


Album Rating: 2.5

This is my first attempt at a review, so play nice.

Remove this. Also, stay away from track by tracks.



February 5th 2011


Why would you make that your summary

February 5th 2011


you have some work to do

February 5th 2011


Not too bad, but not outstanding. Track-by-tracks are generally considered low-culture here, so it's an idea to avoid them. Especially when you only write a sentence or two, like you did with some songs. It's much better going for a more cohesive look at the album as a whole. Also, clean up your transitions a bit; make them sound a bit more natural, and try not to refer to anything in the first or second person unless you're absolutely SURE it's going to work well.

Just some general tips.

February 5th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

Thanks guys, just a first so the TBT seemed a nice way to go. Will work on improving myself, and writing style.

February 5th 2011


this is meh

February 5th 2011


These guys were great live when I saw them open for Dark Tranquillity have yet to listen to the album though.

February 5th 2011


Albums good.

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