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Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

Since their humble beginning as a Boston area "noise" band, Anal Cunt has always served as a vehicle for Seth Putnam's thoughts and observations on modern society. Adding lyrics to his creations several years later, the group has had a long and productive run, despite several lineup changes and public spats with what would become ex-drummer Tim Morse. He and Putnam would have creative differences shortly after the release of this album, likely stemming from the pressure set upon them after releasing the critically acclaimed Everyone Should be Killed. Putnam would later document Morse's inner torment in the 1999 release It Just Gets Worse with the song Tim is Gay, a touching ode to his dearest friend's struggle to come out of the closet. A year before that, fans were treated with the timeless classic Picnic of Love during a particularly experimental period in the band's illustrious career, containing heartwarming ballads about feminism and remembering the greatest mother of all on Mother's Day-- mother Earth. Today, we take a trip back to 1995, to a simpler, yet still devilishly complex A.C.

Putnam has long been known for his bold, and often controversial lyrics. While he has managed to offend a great many people, he has also opened up the minds of young people across the world. Who could forget modern classics such as I Went Back in Time and Voted for Hitler-- a tongue-in-cheek, yet eye-opening insight as to how we as a society crave to be ruled over, to have the so-called "bad guys" do the things that we as individuals cannot bring ourselves to do"

However, Top 40 Hits serves as evidence of Mr. Putnam's history of touching upon sensitive topics, tackling such issues as gay and immigrant rights in Pepe, the Gay Waiter; a danceable tune not only featuring thought provoking lyrics on teaching tolerance in the workplace, but seemingly effortless gelling of the instruments. Which of course, is complemented by the phenomenal production values on this record. The subtle layering of the guitars, the carefully placed mics to capture the raw emotion and power of every drum fill, not to mention Seth's flat out refusal to use 'studio magic' to make him sound better-- the man's singing is all his own, and though many have tried, none can duplicate his truly unique vocal stylings.

One of the many strong points of the record is Old Lady Across the Hall With No Life, which talks about how women in their golden years are often given backseat treatment, due to western society's focus on the young and beautiful. #19 to Go contains witty, yet informed commentary on the Asian-American community and their struggles with keeping their small businesses afloat in the face of competitors such as McDonalds, which Seth has protested by locking the hardcore band Dropdead in. Don't Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore is another look at the Asian community, and the constant racism that they're on the receiving end of. You can really feel Putnam's conviction when he cries out "you racist bastards!". It's quite a stirring piece, and made me reflect on all the negative stereotypes that Asians are burdened with.

It's not all gloom and doom preaching, however. Art Fag takes a more lighthearted approach, and takes a gander at various niche groups attempts to defect from the mainstream, their encouragement of others to conform to their own set of standards, and the elitism that stems from such behavior. Still A Freshman After All These Years takes a look at the state of decline that the U.S. public education system is in, and Lives Ruined By Music discusses pop culture icons and how they've neglected to serve as positive role models for our young people. I for one am quite pleased to hear such bold, insightful commentary made by a man who actually cares about the issues he sings about, rather than pretending to be political by choosing to rip on political columns A or B. Whether it's criticism of the amount of sex and violence on prime time television, such as on Foreplay With A Tree Shredder, or simply hearing the lovely operatic vocals during Delicious Face Style, rest assured that the lyrics are always of the highest quality; wholesome, yet engaging.

Breastfeeding Jim J. Bollock's Toenail Collection starts off with a soft, mellow riff, with some excellent, chilling cleans by Putnam. However when the song finally kicks into high gear is when it truly becomes moving, ending in a fade-out that almost seems to gently whisper "you can let me go now, but please, don't forget me". Now, I won't claim to be on the same level of understanding as the gentlemen of A.C., but to me, I Liked Earache Better When Dig Answered the Phone appears to be about the cold sterility of record labels, or rather a rant against automated telephone operators and the sense of depersonalization they bring, perhaps"

In addition to the abundance of fresh material found on this record, Top 40 Hits also contains several cover songs. I don't know about you, but I dread covers on an album. It comes off as lazy, and often seems rushed. Thankfully, Putnam treats these classics with care, respect, and class, and the results are nothing short of superb. Stayin' Alive (Oi! Version) is a prime example of A.C.'s mastery of genre-blending, effortlessly fusing punk and disco as if they were long lost lovers. The gang also pays tribute to Rupert Holmes in their rendition of Escape (the PiƱa Colada Song). There is also a brief performance of Elton John's I'm Still Standing, but honestly it's lacking a certain, shall we say, gravitas. American Woman finishes up the album, and is another one the record's strong points. One could only deduce that Seth chose this song as sardonic commentary of sorts as to how sexism is still quite prevalent in American society, even in this day and age

Admittedly, Top 40 Hits isn't without its share of flaws, either. Some Hits, Some More Hits, and Even More Hits may be infectiously catchy, but the three singles were played to death on top 40 stations and TV commercials across the county when this album was released. The second single having been covered by artists ranging from Tori Amos to Seal, and don't even get me started on the Dance Dance Revolution remix. The lone filler track, Josue, is nothing but 11 seconds of irritating, senseless noise. Frankly, why this band would put something like that on one of their records is beyond me.

Pepe, the Gay Waiter
Stayin' Alive (Oi! Version)
Flower Shop Guy
Breastfeeding Jim J. Bollock's Toenail Collection
Brain Dead
Art Fag
Song #9 (Instrumental)
American Woman

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January 23rd 2011



January 23rd 2011


Hell yeah

January 23rd 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

the review was more in-depth than I'd like and I don't agree with the rating

however I will give this a solid 3.5 and say your review was alright

January 23rd 2011



January 23rd 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

Thanks, but really I saw this didn't have a review so I decided to write this on a whim.

I mean I like AC and everything but I take it for what it is.

January 24th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

more mystery negs plz

January 24th 2011


I think everyone took your review seriously.
I thought this was fukken hilarious, and a really enjoyable read. pos'd :]

January 24th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0


At least now I know one person got what I was going for, so it wasn't all for nothing.

January 24th 2011


Review is fantastic, negs are not at all deserved.


January 24th 2011


Have a pos for writing something meaningful about an absurd band hahahaha.

January 24th 2011


Band is terrible.
but you are a terrible user so wouldnt this be right up ur alley?

January 24th 2011



January 24th 2011


Hilarious review, the american woman cover has to be the funniest thing i've heard in a while.

January 24th 2011


Band is lol

January 24th 2011


Epic album

March 5th 2011


Words can't describe how funny this band is. If mean if a band made a song called 'All Our Fans Are Gay' with these lyrics:

Why do you think we throw stuff at you?

You own all our cd's- you're gay, you're gay
You own all our 7"s- you're gay, you're gay
You bought all our t-shirts- you're gay, you're gay
You go to all our shows- you're gay, you're gay

All our fans are gay [x4]

You think you know what we are singing about- you're wrong
You think we care about the underground- you're wrong
You think we won't fuck up your club- you're wrong
You think we care if you like us- you're wrong


If we're nice to you, it's because we're broke
Or unless you got some drugs to smoke
When the drugs are gone, then we are too
Then we'll go back to making fun of you

Fan voice:
"But I've supported you guys for so long"

They are win.

April 8th 2012


he listens to the smiths, HE'S GOT A MOUSTACHE!!!!!


February 20th 2017


'stealing Seth's Ideas' the New Book by John Chang

Digging: Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure

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