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Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Some facts about Smash:

- It is one of the only albums to sell four million copies on an independent label.
- Dexter had dreadlocks!
- This is one of the first Offspring albums I ever got

Now onto the album, this is a tidy collection of songs with the short songs at a good length and the longer songs at a good length. This is an album that you have to listen to the whole way through to get the meaning of it. The Offspring probably wouldnít be here without this album IMO. It is most certainly not their best I think. Though donít listen to me, the fanboys that come will tell you this is their best without any legitimate reason. This is a great beginner album to the Offspring. It has some punk roots with that little bit if a mainstream touch. People who listen to their other albums like Co1 and Splinter will think of this as a surprise how much they have changed.

To me, the first half of the album is the more ďsingle-orientedĒ and the other half is the punky section. I prefer the second one. So here is my summary.

First Half

Teh Mainstream Touch

After the 25 second intro, Nitro (Youth Energy) explodes into your stereo with a small drum roll. Dexter holds his notes during the verses which show the variety the man can use. There is a lot of ďWoahs.Ē in this song so if anybody doesnít like that stay away from this track. The track isnít much special but things pick up from now on when Bad Habit comes in. Itís about being peeved off when you get cut off in your car. The track is quite good for driving fast and I think thatís what itís supposed to be like. That means itís fast and energetic. My favourite lyric from the whole album is when Dexter sings ďSomethingís odd, feel like Iím god, you stupid dumb[beep] goddamm mother[beep]erĒ It is brilliance all the way through and is on of the albums most frantic. Gotta Get Away breaks away from the trend and is a more slower song with a melodic chorus. Some love this track but I admit, I donít really listen to this track. Maybe itís the odd track positioning putting it between a lot of fast songs. The only part I really like is the chorus, Dexter in the verses is boring though. Genocide picks up the pace with a riff that The Offspring has used billions of times in different pitches. This riff never gets old no matter how many times itís been used in their discography. The chorus is a more sing-a-long type of thing. The verses sound serious but it doesnít distract from the song. Something To Believe In is a downfall in the quality the album has shown since the start of the album. Donít worry, it is not a bad track in anyway but the annoying chorus and the generic verses make this a no-no. The last track in this section is the infamous Come Out To Play. It shows a eastern kind of guitar riff and the bass is backed-up with the rhythm guitar. The chorus is one of the most anthemic chorus I have seen. The song is brilliant though I usually just have to skip this track.

Second Half

Teh Punk section

This section is awesome. The first track Iím going to delve in is not exactly a punk track but we donít want the paragraph short do we" =) Well, this section kicks off with Self-Esteem which is a slow song but it has another sing-a-long chorus. The only part I donít like about the song is the Pre-chorus when Dexter just sings ďYeahĒ through it. It is a more slow song which doesnít show any fast bits in it. The bass is awesome yet simple in this brilliant classic Offspring song. Itíll Be A Long Time is a faster song yet itís actually serious. It is supposed to be a fast political-like song, nothing else. It is a song you canít help but listen to it again and again. It slows down near the middle to give off a verse but it slower builds up to make it faster and it has a two note guitar solo. Highly recommended. Killboy Powerhead is teh aw3s0m3. It is true punk. I think it is a cover though I donít remember by who. This song just clocks in at 2 minutes but I think if it was anymore longer then it would have just dragged. Next up is the ska song What Happened To You". It is a song about a bandís friend which was on drugs but itís not a sad serious song like a lyrical topic like that would be but itís a happy up-trip song. Again this is a short song at 2:12 but it is awesome for a band to cover (like my band has) and it shows a lot of punk kids some ska-like influences. The only filler on the album (except Time To Relax but thatís an intro) So Alone fails to delivery as a stand-alone song. It is a fast song a bit like Minor Threat but it sounds like it has filler written all over it. Not The One is the song that I skip a lot. I donít hate the track but it has nothing particular that stands out like all the other tracks has. This makes the song boring in places and would be better as a b-side or something. The final song self-titled Smash is a brilliant example of The Offspring making a meaningful song. The instruments are a bit generic in this song but itís punk! Who cares!"! It sounds like the perfect album closer. It is sheer quality. It ends with the guy that was from the beginning talk about how the album has ended. It then progresses into the classic Offspring riff. The song reads 10 minutes though it isnít 10 minutes. Near the end of that. It shows a ďtasterĒ. In other words, there is the riff in Pay The Man in the future album Americana.

None of the songs are really bad, just average ones.
Great bass and drum work

Guitar a bit generic
The drums in the fast songs are generic

Thank you for reading.


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October 30th 2005


Nice work mate.You get my vote

October 30th 2005


Yay, nice review.This Message Edited On 10.30.05

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks everyone, I'm really proud of this review.

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5


October 30th 2005


i'm gonna get this, you've convinced me to get more offspring albums

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

the last song also had the riff from the beggining of change the world

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I'm pretty sure that This is the Only album to sell that many on an independent label. I know it's sold more than anything else anyway. Killboy Powerhead is a cover of the Didjits.

My favorite songs: Nitro (Youth Energy), Self Esteem, and Smash. I rarely ever skip a track on this excellent album, but if i did it would be Killboy Powerhead. This is my favorite album of all time, and one of the only albums i'd ever give a 5/5.

Nice Review. The offspring is my favorite band. I tend to disagree with some minor parts, but I overall like the review.

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

well written review. And i agree with you on Gotta Get Away. I think for me it just doesn't have the integrity to hold up to massive amounts of playing. This album seriously is in my cd player about once or twice a week...And I've this album a long time and I also own about 600 discs. So yea, I think its damn good.

Although, Genocide is more punk than mainstream I think?This Message Edited On 10.30.05

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Great work, this album was great back in the 6th grade, and it isn't half bad when I listen to it today.

June 26th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

This album is so awesome

November 15th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0


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